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Business Proposal for Soft Line Cafe to operate at Al Yamamah University
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Business Proposal for Soft Line Cafe to operate at Al Yamamah University



This is a proposal prepared by Naja Faysal for Softline Cafe. The objectives of the proposal was to open up a branch of Softline Cafe in Alyamamah university. The results were superb. Today, Softline ...

This is a proposal prepared by Naja Faysal for Softline Cafe. The objectives of the proposal was to open up a branch of Softline Cafe in Alyamamah university. The results were superb. Today, Softline Cafe are in successful operation as coffee shop on the campus of Al yamamah university, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.



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Business Proposal for Soft Line Cafe to operate at Al Yamamah University Presentation Transcript

  • 1. May 15th, 2008
    Proposal for Al Yamamah College Campus Outsourced Services
  • 2. I am often asked how I got into the business… I didn’t.
    The business got into me.
  • 3. Proposal Outline
    Proposal Summary
    • Our Products & Services
    • 4. Space & Price Quotation
    • 5. Comparable Successful Implementations
    Our Partnership
    • Core Principles
    • 6. Our Objectives
    • 7. Our Differentiator
    Soft line Café Profile
    • Our Mission, Vision & Values
    • 8. Our Environment & Spirit
    • 9. Company Structure and Contact Person
  • 10.
  • 11. I. Proposal Summary
  • 12. Executive Summary
    We are the Coffee Shop that serves JOY.
    This commitment to entertain our customers has placed us ahead in this business, especially when targeting schools and colleges. In the full dedication of a YOUNG yet EXPERIENCED management team, Soft Line Café promises to deliver what is DARING and what is beyond expectations.
    Choosing ALYAMAMAH to operate in
    was not by chance.
    This decision came from our high regard and respect to this college and what it stands for in the industry of building minds. The determination of the management team and the vision drawn for this college inspired us and gave us the motivation to extend our limits and stretch our potential.
  • 13. Our Product
    We placed a big importance on our Menu & made sure it is Healthy & Tasty
    Our Menu Includes:
    Sandwiches, Salads, & Food Bites
    Coffee & Coffee Related Drinks
    Syrups, Cold Beverages, Juices, and Soft Drinks
    Sweets & Desserts
    We employed the best chefs to design the ingredients and put them together to get a delicious peace-of-art meal in the healthiest way ever.
    Our food have the following attributes:
    Always Fresh
    Served Quickly
    We drafted our suppliers among the best in the kingdom &according to:
    Quality Measures
    Taste Preferences
    Cost to end consumer
  • 14. Our Service
    In acquaintance with our belief that not only quality & taste makes a difference but also the service associated with it, we have deployed the following:
    • Sufficient number of employees who are trained and qualified to deliver high-level service.
    • 15. Cleanliness & Neatness
    • 16. On-going Consumer Feedback
    • 17. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Programs
    • 18. Presentable & Graceful staff
    • 19. Continuous training and development programs
    • 20. Special Kiosk Design and Spirit
    • 21. Events and Activities
  • Space & Price Quotation
    We are glad to propose hereafter the space we require and how much we can afford to pay for the leasing per year. Kindly note that we are interested in operating in the Female Section ONLY.
    Space Required: 48 m2
    leasing price: SR 48000
    Moreover, please note the following:
    We are officially licensed in the Chamber of Commerce
    We have already obtained life and property insurance and applied all safety
    measures required.
  • 22. Comparable Successful Implementations
    Although Softline Café is considered “brand new”, it has conquered several challenges in the previous 2 years of its operation.
    Softline Café opened its doors in the Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter in 2006. Even though this was the first experience, Softline earned determination and respect. The people visiting were coming back. It was a massive success. The coffee shop has received many honors and certificates, please review Appendix “A” in the end of this presentation, that shows a recommendation letter signed by Mr. Abdulaziz Al Abedelgader – President of Public Establishments in DQ.
  • 23.
  • 24. II. Our Partnership
  • 25. Working Together as Partners requires Mutual Understanding and TRUST.
    Soft Line
    Al Yamamah
  • 26. Partners
  • 27. We “Walk our Talk” & We are Courageous behind our principles and values.
    Our Motivation, Agenda, and Behavior are Clear and Transparent
    We have what it takes to make success for both of us
    We take pride of our Track Record to build Ongoing Growth
  • 28. Our Objectives
    (What do we want this partnership to do)
    We think it is important for you to know our objectives from this partnership:
    Enjoy ourselves
    Entertain and serve the students
    Create positive perception about our brand
    Gain experience at educational institutions
    Build a BRAND NAME that is emotionally engaging to the youth in and off campus
  • 29. Our Differentiator
    (What makes us a strong candidate)
    Although we are young in the market place, we have something that non of the suppliers we are competing with EVER have:
    We would be so grateful to get an opportunity to show you, by ACTs and not by WORDs, how passionate we are and how strong our ambition is to create an impact & win the heart of the students and the management...
    We understood that today’s business is not about money but about people and their engagement/relationship with the brand.
  • 30. III. Softline Café Profile
  • 31. Our Profile
    Soft Line Café was founded in 2006
    Establish Softline as a dynamic full of life coffee shop that serves excellence and joy to the people, while maintaining an engaging spirit associated to the brand.
    To grow with the people and according to the guiding principles that maintain healthy societies and business environment.
    Engage, educate, entertain, interact
    Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, roasting and fresh delivery of our products
    Be socially and environmentally responsible
    Keep healthy work environment
  • 32. The Story
    Since its start, Soft Line Café has associated it products and services with International Standards Quality. This commitment to provide premium quality of hot and cold beverages, healthy and tasty sandwiches, salads, deserts and others, was taken as our only Guide Book in this Business.
    The People
    From our belief that putting people before products is the right thing to do, Soft Line Café went further in delivering the finest service by sending the employees to intensive training sessions and lectures with an International Coffee Shop Brand (Café Moro – Italy).
    Social Responsibility
    SOFT LINE Café will promote Social Welfare and will be SUPER Active in educating students about Smoking, Drugs, Human Rights, Speeding, and others. This commitment to be socially responsible is driven by our humanitarian role, and serving what is far BEYOND than FOOD.
  • 33. Our Environment & Spirit
    We know that students get bored easily. We know that they spend around 4 years in the same place and they need to see and feel something new every now and then.
    …We believe we are part of their desire for change.
    To cater the above, we will implement the following:
    • Impressive Kiosk Design inspired from the spirit and colors of our logo / corporate identity (Please check Appendix “B-1” & “B-2”)
    • 34. Themes: Every quarter of a year, the THEME in our kiosk will change.
    • 35. Extra-Curricular Activities: We are greedy to perform and organize events & activities that interacts with students, of course with cooperation and support of the college. All this is to draw a smile on their faces and give them an exciting break from their studies
  • Our Themes
    The idea is to have one theme each Semester. This
    theme might be:
    Celebrity Oriented
    Activity Oriented
    Health Oriented
    Socially Oriented
    Technologically Oriented
  • 36. Company Structure
    & Contact Person
    Soft Line Café is a trade mark registered in the Chamber of Commerce with file number: 1010224736
    Soft Line Café is already employing 5 people between kitchen and management.
    Soft line Café is owned by Mrs. Alya Al Shiekh, she is as well the General Manager.
    Head Office: Olaya Street
    P.O. Box: 1253 Riyadh 11322
    Tel: 4563936
    Fax: 4563936
    Soft Line Contact Person: NajaFaysal
    Title: Business Consultant
    Tel: +966 502570072
    Email: naja.faysal@saudi.leoburnett.com, naja.faysal@gmail.com
  • 37.
  • 38. IV. References
  • 39. Our References
    We are in partnership with Sun Café. Sun Café is a leading Coffee and Syrups trading company. Sun Café is an Exclusive Agent of many international brands like ESSSE CAFFEE (Italy), SUPERIOR CAPPUCCINO (USA), and TEISSEIRE (France) and owns branches in Riyadh and Jeddah.
    Sun Café main office is in Prince Sultan Street-Olaya, registered in the Chamber of Commerce with file number: 1010217032
    Sun Café Contact Person: HAMAD BIN IBRAHIM AL SALAMAH
    Title: General Manager
    P.O. Box: 24 Riyadh 11342
    Tel: +966 1 4601555
    Fax: +966 1 4191999
    Email: suncafe_sa@hotmail.com
    For more information, please check Appendix “C”.
  • 40.
  • 41. www.superiorcappuccino.com
  • 42. www.teisseire.com/international/en/
  • 43. V. Appendix
  • 44. Appendix “A”
  • 45. Appendix “B-1”
  • 46. Appendix “B-2”
  • 47. Appendix “B-3”
  • 48. Appendix “B-4”
  • 49. Appendix “C”