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The 2009 Global Outsourcing
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The 2009 Global Outsourcing


In an economic environment where companies are cautious about every dollar they spend, finding new and creative ways to finance outsourcing projects has become critical.

In an economic environment where companies are cautious about every dollar they spend, finding new and creative ways to finance outsourcing projects has become critical.

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  • 1. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION100GLOBAL OUTsOURCInGInsIde: THe 2009The new Rules of the Game.................................s2Leading the League................................................. s9 .The 2009 Global Outsourcing 100 List..... s10 . In partnership with:
  • 2. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION The new Rules of the Game MThe business case ention the economic crisis innovation from their providers.” and you’re likely to get an It’s a phenomenon that’s reshapingfor outsourcing is opinion—and a forceful the industry’s landscape. Price warsbeing reevaluated. one, at that—on bailouts or bonuses. But at companies around the have begun. Gartner, the IT research and advisory company, estimates a dropnow companies are globe, another issue is getting lots of in IT outsourcing fees of up to 20%demanding more attention lately. Namely: What does the current financial climate mean for the by 2010. At the same time, companies are looking for new ways to financeflexibility, savings, future of outsourcing? large outsourcing projects. They wantand innovation from When the turmoil in the financial markets hit, many companies that had technology that allows them to ramp up a sales force when business is good,their providers. been outsourcing, or considering new and downsize when it’s not. They are outsourcing projects, took a step back. also looking for benchmarking tools They looked at the dismal economic that will allow them to track their forecasts—the World Bank expects a outsourcing projects, to make sure 1.7% drop in global GDP in 2009, which goals are being met. will be the first decline in industrial A November 2008 survey by the production since World War II—and Offshoring Research Network (ORN), realized they had to reengineer their an initiative of Duke University’s business models for a global recession. Center for International Business That meant reexamining their outsourc- Education and Research, shows just ing strategies. how demanding companies plan to be Make no mistake, though: Lull this year: 54% expect to push for more or not, outsourcing isn’t going away. efficient processes; 40% intend to Just the opposite. In some areas— pressure their providers to increase like the offshoring of knowledge- savings; 14% will urge them to relocate intensive services, such as software and to lower-cost economies like Egypt, product development—outsourcing is Nicaragua, and Sri Lanka. accelerating. And little wonder: Done It comes as good news, then, that in right, it is an effective way to reduce an environment where outsourcing rela- operating costs, access R&D, and tap tionships could quickly turn adversarial, into the global talent pool. some forward-looking providers are “We are seeing a lot of clients taking major steps to help clients do reevaluating the business cases for out- more for less. The following four trends sourcing,” says Patrick McArdle, global show how the most successful providers leader for shared services and outsourc- are weathering and prospering in the ing advisory services at Pricewater- midst of economic turmoil—and, impor- houseCoopers in London. “More are tantly, how they’re making it possible demanding flexibility, savings, and for their partners to do the same. S
  • 3. MOST BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Organizations that plunge into business process outsourcing IS BEDEVILED BY THE UNEXPECTED. without an advanced system to accurately monitor critical workflows can become mired in OCÉ MAX ADVANCED IS THE ONLY higher costs and lower productivity.SIX SIGMA BASED SYSTEM ESPECIALLY DESIGNED With Océ MAX™ Advanced you can seize bedevilment by the TO MOVE DOCUMENT PROCESSES CLOSER horns and raise performance TO ZERO DEFECTS. to a higher level. It is a unique, comprehensive system of software, services and data-driven Six Sigma® GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT. methodologies especially designed to achieve closer to zero defects in managed document processes. Océ MAX Advanced enables better decisions based on fact, by applying customized metrics that are precisely aligned with an organization’s key performance requirements. Users can measure print, copy, records management and mail processes as well as report, analyze and benchmark with remarkable ease. Regardless of volume or number of locations, the result is higher operational efficiency and ongoing savings. One final thought: while Océ MAX Advanced teams do their defect- defying work, you’ll enjoy return on investment with a state-of-the-art tool, and remain blissfully un-bedeviled. Call 1-888-623-2668 or visit Océ Business Services ADVANCING TO A HIGHER LEVEL © 2009 Océ. Océ MAX is a trademark of Océ-Technologies, B.V. Six Sigma is a trademark of Motorola.
  • 4. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTIONAccording to aduke survey, thisyear 54% of users $ 1 Leveraging Technology It’s an old rule of thumb that technology, implemented wisely, can save time and money. But there’s another advantage it brings to the table: flexibility. That’s Australia, the U.S., and Britain. Within minutes, TeleTech brought the first of 175 TeleTech@Home workers online to support customers, in place of the snow- stranded staff. By the end of the week,will push their out- a lesson TeleTech, a leading global busi- 700 extra customer orders had been pro-sourcing providers ness process and customer interaction cessed, resulting in sales that were 33% management provider, has effectively above the company’s weekly adopt more leveraged to create a virtual work-at- “With a virtual workforce, compa-efficient processes. home solution to help its clients provide nies can rapidly adjust their staffing innovative service delivery. levels as circumstances warrant,” says In January, while businesses through- Nancy Metzger, vice president for global out the world were wrestling with the marketing at TeleTech. “And the tech- fallout of a rapidly deteriorating econ- nology lets us hire the best possible tal- omy, a TeleTech client in Britain had a ent—people who might not be able to more imminent catastrophe on its plate. commute into a traditional call center. A major snowstorm had just hit, prevent- It means companies are able to improve 2 ing 40% of the workforce in London and costs without cutting service.” South East England from getting to their jobs. For the client, a large international Big Providers, Big Benefits company, that meant trouble: A large In an economic environment where com- number of its sales associates would be panies are cautious about every dollar unavailable to take customer calls, which they spend, finding new and creative meant a lot of unhappy customers and ways to finance outsourcing projects a potential loss of business. Worried has become critical. This trend is clearly managers made a call of their own to seen in the Duke survey: 23% of respon- TeleTech’s headquarters in Englewood, dents reported they are spreading the Colo. Fortunately, the outsourcing pro- implementation of projects over a lon- vider had a technology-based solution. ger period, and 9% said they are getting Using an innovative Internet- their providers to finance project invest- based platform—called TeleTech@ ment costs in return for guaranteed cash Home—TeleTech worked with the client flow over the length of the partnership. to quickly mobilize its far-flung virtual “Where it had been unusual to see a workforce. With the push of a button contract for even seven years, now we’re the company engaged its sales associ- seeing them for ten,” says McArdle. “If a ates who work out of their homes in provider is going to make a $50 million S4
  • 5. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTIONinvestment, it needs assurance that it is popularity, and proponents point to agoing to get an income.” host of advantages: “You get integrated Since only the largest providers typi- services, one invoice, a better cost struc-cally have the resources to go this route, ture, and a single point of contact forit makes them more attractive to compa- support,” says Jørgen Lindegaard, CEOnies looking to outsource the financing of ISS, one of the world’s largest provid-along with the project. The big provid- ers of facility services. A 108-year-olders, too, are the most likely to purchase company whose clients include Lloyd’sso-called “captives”—offshore entities of London, UBS, Daimler, and Hewlett-that function like an outsourcing pro- Packard, ISS has more than 470,000vider but are, in fact, owned by the com- employees in 50 countries. Over the lastpany sending over the work. Spinning few months, the company has “defi-off captives, and obtaining cash injec- nitely seen an uptick in its integratedtions from their sale, has been another services business due to increased out-new strategy companies have been using sourcing,” Lindegaard notes.since the financial crisis struck. Last Octo- One-stop shopping hasn’t always egypt, nicaragua, andber, for example, Citigroup raised $505 been an easy sell. “For a long time, com-million through the sale of its Global Ser- panies were happy using different pro- sri Lanka are lower-vices unit to Tata Consultancy Services, a viders for different functions and didn’t cost economies thatleading outsourcing firm based in India. see the need to change,” says Linde- The largest providers are also in the gaard. But they were worried about risk: are attracting the nextbest position to offer multiple services Relying on one provider for ten services wave of their clients. One-stop shopping is meant if anything happened to that pro-something that’s also seeing increasing vider, many corporate functions could Being ahead of the curve is no longer enough. In today’s environment, you must accelerate performance to exceed the expectations of your customers at every touchpoint. That’s where we come in. TeleTech’s business process solutions transform your customer care into a true strategic asset. Together, we can accelerate your strategic advantage beyond the curve. See how we do it…
  • 6. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION be affected. The economic environment, of document process management however, is changing the picture. “Com- services and technology. panies are now taking a closer look at New performance management how efficient their current service setup systems don’t just track KPIs, they do so is, and they are discovering that there in real time and enterprise-wide. Océ are real benefits to integrated facility MAX is an advanced system from service outsourcing.” With the proper Océ that combines Six Sigma–based due diligence—looking at a provider’s methodologies with document process track record and client list, for instance— expertise and Web-based performance clients can put their minds at ease about monitoring. An Océ employee using Océ 3 the risks and reap the benefits. MAX helped a major telecommunica- tions company discover that it was send-some companies Monitoring Made easy ing many non-urgent materials betweenare getting their Companies are increasingly centralizing the management of outsourcing proj- offices via expensive overnight courier. After engaging Océ for a Six Sigma proj-outsourcing pro- ects, even bringing it to the C-suite, but ect, the company implemented a new that doesn’t mean much if they don’t process to send these materials via inter-viders to finance have the full picture of how well, or office pouch. The new approach savedproject investment poorly, their projects are faring. They $500,000 in the first year. need to see where goals are being met, “Few service providers can offer cli-costs in return for where they are lagging, and potential ents a performance management toolguaranteed long- trouble spots. To do this they need to to see key operational metrics that are monitor the right metrics—or, as they’re aligned with their unique strategies. Thisterm contracts. called in the trade, the Key Performance leads to greater accountability, ongoing Indicators (KPIs). “A company that out- improvement, and closer partnership,” sources copy or print services can mea- says Halaki. “In an economic downturn, sure and benchmark the cost per page, every area where companies can reduce job types produced, and the number of costs and increase efficiency makes a 4 service calls, so they can identify areas big difference.” that need attention,” says Elizabeth Halaki, chief marketing officer at Océ Reengineering the Corporation Business Services Inc., a leading provider Putting the screws to providers to cut costs isn’t the only way companies get more bang for their outsourcing buck. They can also enhance efficiency through business process redesign. And the tweaks aren’t always technical. “If you are processing expense claims for a company, perhaps you used to get the receipts in a bag because companies wanted to keep their salespeople happy, and letting them avoid paperwork helped do that,” says Dr. Shan Nair, co- founder of Nair & Co., an international provider that handles accounting, HR, legal, and other tasks for startup and established businesses in more than 40 countries. “Now companies are saying, ‘No, if employees want to get paid, they need to make the effort to produce a claim.’ They don’t want us preparing it S
  • 7. A World of Service7 Reasons for choosing ISS as your outsourcing partnerISS is 1 of the largest Facility Service companies in the world. Our With more than 100 years of of experience in the service industryvision has 2 aspects; Lead Facility Services globally - by leading and half a million devoted employees, we “in-source” the peopleFacility Services locally. Services are organized through 3 delivery you outsource allowing us to utilize their competencies the bestmodels: Single Service, Multi Service or Integrated Facility Services way possible.- common for all 3 models is our ability to self-perform all of ourservices. Everyday ISS employees work as an integrated part of our clients’ organizations, ensuring that service value is created through TheISS is the 4th largest private employer in Europe and ninth ISS Way of customizing and delivering our service solutions.largest worldwide - with operations in fifty-two countries on 5continents. To find out how you can reduce service costs by outsourcing,ISS provide services within 6 different service lines: Property visit www.issworld.comServices, Security Services, Cleaning Services, Office Support,Catering Services & Facility Management.Now ISS has been ranked 7th in The Global Outsourcing 100.
  • 8. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION for them. They want us only to check for ronment of protectionism? When reports inappropriate items, and once these are surfaced in mid-March that JPMorgan resolved and the claim is approved by Chase planned to spend $400 million of the client, to pay it and move on.” its $25 billion in bailout funds to out- Perhaps the most interesting part of source IT work to India, 43 members of the reengineer-the-way-we-work trend Congress wrote Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, is that it is spurring some companies to demanding that he explain the compa- outsource processes they had previously ny’s plans, given that there are plenty kept in-house. For example, clients clos- of trained but unemployed workers in ing down their internal finance and HR the U.S. Some outsourcing experts worry functions are assigning these tasks to that the backlash against plans like these Nair & Co. “It is changing the way we may be an overreaction, losing sight of work,” says Dr. Nair. “Instead of helping the big picture. a company expand, we’re helping it con- “What will happen if countries setFunctions being tract, at the same time ensuring that ex- out to protect today’s jobs at the ex- isting processes continue to be smoothly pense of tomorrow’s global economy?”outsourced have supported. Either way, the goal is the asks Michael Corbett, chairman of themoved up the food same: helping companies operate as effi- International Association of Outsourcing ciently as possible, while reducing costs.” Professionals (IAOP). “We need to keepchain and include The big question is whether politics in mind that we got into this togetherHR and product will hinder that path to efficiency. With so many jobs lost here at home, will pub- and we’ll only get out of it together. We have a shared challenge and a shareddevelopment. lic and political pressure create an envi- opportunity.” —Alan CohenMeeTInG CROss-CULTURAL CHALLenGesC ompanies that expand over- to get companies up and running quickly seas are looking for oppor- and safely.” tunities, not problems. Yet Nair & Co.’s clients range from major local laws and procedures companies like Hawker Beechcraftthat come into play when setting up shop and Exigen Services to startups. For aabroad—everything from hiring and firing U.S. client that acquired a company into tax filings—can be a minefield. China, Nair & Co. ensured that post- That’s where Nair & Co. comes in. By acquisition financial controls that compliedproviding HR, finance, tax, compliance, with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations wereand legal services in over 40 countries in implemented. For a software company thatEurope, the Americas, Asia, and Africa, hired an executive who had complicatedit takes the risks, distractions, and de- overseas taxation and immigration issues,lays out of overseas moves. “For a lot of Nair & Co. ensured compliance with theemerging companies, overseas expansion foreign regulations. For adoesn’t mean setting up a big, new office. company that recently downsized, it tookIt means hiring one salesperson,” says over the financial tasks that had been han-Nair & Co.’s co-founder, Dr. Shan Nair. “Managers may not know dled by its European controller.that U.S. offer letters are not binding on employees in Europe; or Whether a company is looking to exploit an opportunityhow to treat stock options in Germany. They may not fully grasp or tackle a challenge, it’s not only the work that getsthe language or culture. And they don’t have time to learn. We’ve outsourced to Nair & Co.—spent two decades mastering it. That is knowledge we can leverage it’s also the headaches. S
  • 9. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION100 big moves this year. Convergys, the Cincinnati-based customer relation- ship management expert, grabbed the sixth spot, rising from No. 57 last year. It was followed by Denmark-based ISS and real estate giant CB THe 2009 Richard Ellis, which catapulted from 29th to eighth place, fueled in partGLOBAL OUTsOURCInG by its December 2006 acquisition of Trammell Crow. This year’s Rising Stars list—the smaller outsourcing companies with breakneck growth rates—is led by four newcomers from different parts of the world: Synygy Inc. (USA), China Data Group (China), Grupo ASSA (Argentina), and Xceed (Egypt). To make the list, companies submitted applications covering some 18 criteria. They were judged not just on the size of their revenues, work- force, and global presence, but also on customer satisfaction and theirLeAdInG THe LeAGUe approach to corporate social responsibility. The applications were thenA look at how the Global Outsourcing 100 lists are compiled. reviewed and scored by a panel of independent judges, all industry ex- perts that use outsourcing services.The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) fourth an- The same methodology was used to compile the list of the world’snual ranking of the world’s best outsourcing service providers—plus its first- best outsourcing advisors (below)—firms that provide consulting andever ranking of the world’s top outsourcing advisors—shines the spotlight on legal advice to the industry’s buyers and sellers. Here, it is split into Lead-an industry that is still robust despite the global recession. Provider revenues ers—firms with large global practices of more than 50 professionals orgrew 13% in 2008, down just slightly from 14% the prior year. Although the re- $25 million in revenue—and the more specialized niche players, calledcession’s impact on outsourcing consulting and legal firms was more dramatic, Boutiques. Topping the list in their respective categories are Pricewater-their 2008 revenues still grew 5%, down from 14% in 2007. houseCoopers, the global tax, assurance, and advisory firm, and Quint Accenture and IBM held the top two spots, but a number of providers made Wellington Redwood, the Netherlands-based consultant.IAOP World’sBest OutsourcingAdvisors Fill in the piece that’s been missing in your most difficultLEADERS outsourcing puzzles – The International Association of1 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS Outsourcing Professionals™2 EQUATERRA3 GARTNER4 KPMG5 TPI6 BOOz & COMPANy7 GLOBAL SOURCING ADvISORy GROUP8 MAyER BROWN9 AvASANT10 QUINT WELLINGTON REDWOODBOUTIQUES BOUTIQUES11 KIRKLAND & ELLIS12 EXPENSE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS13 BIERCE & KENERSON14 vANTAGE PARTNERS15 RAMPRATE SOURCING ADvISORS16 ALSBRIDGE Congratulations to our 2009 Outsourcing Hall of17 NEOIT Fame inductees, who epitomize the outsourcing leadership and excellence that IAOP fosters.18 ARCHSTONE CONSULTING Marty Chuck, COP, founder and managing partner,19 zINNOv MANAGEMENT CONSULTING The CXOs LLC; Rick Wartzman, director of the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University, accepting To find out how IAOP can help20 HIMfORMATICS for the late Peter F. Drucker, management consultant and increase the value of your company’s author; and Lynn Blodgett, president and chief executive outsourcing relationships, go to officer of Affiliated Computer Services (ACS).
  • 10. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 LeadersScoring was based on a review of applications by an independent panel of judges with some additional fact-checking. final ranking was based on a weightedaverage of four distinguishing characteristics: size and growth rate; customer references; demonstrated competencies; and management capabilities.No. CompaNy Website Key streNgth serviCes 1 Accenture Management Capabilities IT & Comm. Mgmt.; financial Mgmt.; HR Mgmt. 2 IBM Demonstrated Competencies IT & Comm. Mgmt.; CRM; financial Mgmt. 3 Sodexo Customer References Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; facility Svcs.; Svc. vouchers & Cards 4 Tata Consultancy Services Customer References IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Engineering Svcs.; Infrastructure Svcs. 5 Wipro Technologies Demonstrated Competencies IT & Comm. Mgmt.; R&D; financial Mgmt. 6 Convergys Customer References CRM; HR Mgmt.; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 7 ISS Balanced Performance facility Svcs. 8 CB Richard Ellis Customer References Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; facility Svcs. 9 Infosys Technologies Management Capabilities IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; IT & Strategic Consulting 10 Capgemini Customer References IT & Comm. Mgmt.; financial Mgmt.; CRM 11 Genpact Customer References financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 12 Colliers International Customer References Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; Corporate Svcs.; facility Svcs. 13 CSC Customer References IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; CRM 14 NCR Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Consulting Svcs.; eCommerce Svcs. 15 Jones Lang LaSalle Management Capabilities Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; facility Svcs.; Transaction Proc. 16 CGI Group Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; HR Mgmt. 17 Sitel Size & Growth CRM; Sales; Transaction Proc. 18 Unisys Customer References IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; Logistics 19 EDS, an HP Company Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; CRM; Transaction Proc. 20 HCL Technologies Management Capabilities CRM; financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 21 ADP Management Capabilities Transaction Proc.; HR Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs. 22 Ceridian Management Capabilities HR Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 23 Intelenet Global Services Balanced Performance CRM; Transaction Proc.; Travel Svcs. 24 Williams Lea Demonstrated Competencies Document Mgmt.; Marketing; facility Svcs. 25 ACS Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; HR Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs. 26 Aegis Customer References CRM; financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 27 ARAMARK Management Capabilities facility Svcs.; food & facilities Mgmt. Svcs.; Work Apparel Supply 28 CPM Braxis Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt. 29 Inspur Customer References IT & Comm. Mgmt. 30 Tech Mahindra Customer References IT & Comm. Mgmt. 31 Hewitt Associates Management Capabilities HR Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs. 32 Lionbridge Management Capabilities R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 33 NIIT Technologies Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 34 Softtek Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 35 Diebold Balanced Performance CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 36 firstsource Solutions Customer References CRM; Transaction Proc.; financial Mgmt. 37 EMCOR Group Balanced Performance Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; facility Svcs.; Indus.-Specific Svcs. 38 L&T Infotech Demonstrated Competencies IT & Comm. Mgmt.; IT Product Engineering 39 TeleTech Holdings Demonstrated Competencies CRM; Transaction Proc.; Sales 40 Amdocs Demonstrated Competencies IT & Comm. Mgmt.; financial Mgmt. for Comm.; CRM 41 SPi Balanced Performance CRM; Document Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs. 42 Mastek Management Capabilities IT & Comm. Mgmt.; financial Mgmt. 43 Concentrix Customer References CRM; Sales; Transaction Proc. 44 Johnson Controls Balanced Performance Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; facility Svcs.; Indus.-Specific Svcs. 45 MindTree Management Capabilities IT & Comm. Mgmt.; R&D; Legal 46 Océ Business Services Demonstrated Competencies Document Mgmt.; facility Svcs.; Administrative Svcs. 47 Patni Computer Systems Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt. 48 NCO Group Demonstrated Competencies CRM 49 EXL Service Demonstrated Competencies Indus.-Specific Svcs.–Insur.; Transaction Proc.; financial Mgmt. 50 Neusoft Balanced Performance Indus.-Specific Svcs.; R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 51 EPAM Systems Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt. S10
  • 11. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION No. CompaNy Website Key streNgth serviCes 52 Newmark Knight frank Balanced Performance Corporate Svcs.; Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; facility Svcs. 53 Syntel Demonstrated Competencies IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; Indus.-Specific Svcs. 54 vanceInfo Customer References R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 55 HOv Services Customer References financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; Document Mgmt. 56 Hexaware Technologies Customer References IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; Corporate Svcs. 57 Headstrong Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Real Estate & Asset Mgmt. 58 Donlen Management Capabilities Corporate Svcs.; CRM; fleet Svcs. 59 iGATE Demonstrated Competencies IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 60 CPA Global Balanced Performance Legal 61 ChinaSoft International Size & Growth R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 62 Grubb & Ellis Balanced Performance Real Estate & Asset Mgmt. 63 WNS Global Services Balanced Performance financial Mgmt.; CRM 64 NCS Management Capabilities IT & Comm. Mgmt.; financial Mgmt.; Corporate Svcs. 65 Luxoft Management Capabilities Product Manufacturing 66 TIvIT Size & Growth IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; facility Svcs. 67 AppLabs Demonstrated Competencies IT & Comm. Mgmt. 68 Sutherland Global Services Demonstrated Competencies Sales; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 69 Pitney Bowes Management Capabilities facility Svcs.; Document Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 70 Outsource Partners International Customer References financial Mgmt.; Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; Legal 71 SEI Management Capabilities financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 72 Cushman & Wakefield Management Capabilities Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; facility Svcs.; financial Mgmt. 73 Aditya Birla Minacs Size & Growth CRM; Sales; Marketing 74 hiSoft Technology International Customer References R&D; Product Manufacturing; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 75 Quatrro BPO Solutions Demonstrated Competencies Transaction Proc.; Indus.-Specific Svcs.; CRM IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 Rising stars No. CompaNy Website Key streNgth serviCes 76 Synygy Demonstrated Competencies Transaction Proc.; Sales; facility Svcs. 77 China Data Group Size & Growth Transaction Proc.; Administrative Svcs.; CRM 78 Grupo ASSA Customer References IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Logistics; financial Mgmt. 79 Xceed Demonstrated Competencies Transaction Proc.; CRM 80 Emerio Customer References IT & Comm. Mgmt.; HR Mgmt. 81 ePerformax Contact Centers Customer References CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 82 Beyondsoft (Beijing) Balanced Performance R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs. 83 InterGlobe Technologies Demonstrated Competencies IT & Comm. Mgmt.; CRM; Indus.-Specific Svcs.–Air Trans. 84 Nair & Co. Balanced Performance financial Mgmt.; HR Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 85 Bleum Size & Growth IT & Comm. Mgmt. 86 Ci&T Management Capabilities IT & Comm. Mgmt.; R&D; Marketing 87 Auriga Customer References R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 88 M&y Data Solutions Customer References Transaction Proc.–Banking/Insur.; Document Mgmt. 89 SaM Solutions Balanced Performance R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; HR Mgmt. 90 Knoah Solutions Management Capabilities CRM; Transaction Proc. 91 Microland Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt. 92 Grupo Prominente Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; CRM 93 DataArt Balanced Performance R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 94 Reksoft Demonstrated Competencies IT & Comm. Mgmt.; R&D 95 The Symbio Group Balanced Performance R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Product Manufacturing 96 Corbus Management Capabilities IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Logistics 97 MERA Networks Demonstrated Competencies R&D; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 98 Itransition Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; R&D; Indus.-Specific Svcs. 99 CIeNET International Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; R&D; Indus.-Specific Svcs. 100 Mindcrest Size & Growth Legal; HR S11