Social media and social changes
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Social media and social changes



How Media can effect religion, education, politics and behavior ?

How Media can effect religion, education, politics and behavior ?



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    Social media and social changes Social media and social changes Presentation Transcript

    • Media and Cultural Changes Digital Media Literacy and Skills COM 230
    • Media and Cultural Changes • Impact of Social Media on Religion • Impact of Social Media on Behavior • Impact of Social Media on Politics • Impact of Social Media on Education
    • Impact of Media on Religion • Religious TVs • Religious Radios • Religious Websites • Facebook (Religious Group, Pages, Accounts) • Smartphones and Computers
    • Cont,,,Impact of Media on Religion Televisions • Many TV Channels working for Religion – Peace TV – Qur’an TV – Islamic TV – Ummah TV – Noor TV – Etc
    • Religious TVs in Afghanistan • Tamadon • Kawsar • Dawat
    • Impact of Radio on Religion • Islah radio (Reform Radio) • Shareeyat Radio • Aalim Radio (Scholar Radio) • Menbar Ghag Radio (Voice of Pulpit Radio) No music is played; instead some bird voice in background
    • Impact of Websites on Religion • • • • • •
    • Impact of Facebook on Religion • Khatiez Islamic Foundation (Eastern Islamic Foundation) • Understanding Tawheed (Understanding Monotheism) • Hadees Sharif Pa Pakhto Jbara (Hadiths of Prophet Mohamd (PBUH) in Pashto Language • Da Mor Dowawe (Prayers of Mom) • Islam Ghag (Voice of Islam) • Science and Islam, and Dawat-e-Tableegh (A Call for Propagation).
    • Impact of Smartphone and Computer on Religion • Software Packages – Listen – Read – Translation – Interpretation
    • Impact of Media on Behavior • Playing an important role on behavior – Influencing individual behavior – Behavior changes • Behavior is shaped by our interpersonal relationship and our perception of social norms. They are an integral part of the social web.
    • Cont,,,Impact of Media on Behavior • Social cognitive theory • Impact of violence filled programs • Impact of watching television in Afghanistan
    • Social Cognitive Theory: • People Learn more from the……….of others: – Thought – Affect – Action • Learning by observing others
    • Impact of Violence Filled TV Programs •Leads to aggregation •Exaggerates risks and insecurity •Increasing demand for more protection •Less trustful of fellow citizen •Influences human behavior •Observing world as dangerous place
    • Negative Impact of Television Interview with Mr. Kamran – Focusing on dramas and serials – Affecting children – Life style – Costume
    • Media’s Impact on Politics • Tool for exploring in politics • Used during protests, campaigns & elections • Can’t change politics, but influence
    • Twitter Revolution Arab Spring & Green Movement • Activists in Egypt, Tunisia & Yemen • Communication role of Social media • Facilitate overthrown of Dictatorships • Twitter for organizing protests
    • Election in US Media and Youth • Facebook & Twitter to vote preferred candidate • 18 -29 users changed mind • Social media platform of political activities and communication
    • Role of Social Media in Education Negative Effects Positive Effects Media in Educational Changes
    • Cont,,, Role of Media in Education • Expansion of Social Media in the recent past – Facebook – Twitter – Youtube – Etc • Nowadays, Social Media is the key part for Students • Lifelong impact on education
    • Negative Effects • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and YouTube ruin student’s career – obsession or addiction for students, they perform multi task while studying – Students tend to become less social the more they spend time on these sites. • TV, because the alcohol advertisements broadcasted on television especially on sports channels.
    • Positive Effects • Social awareness • Collaborate with each other. • Deeper discussion and arguments about their course materials via chat in Facebook. • Collaborate with Professionals and be familiarized with them via LinkedIn. • Educators can communicate instantly with other professors and leaders in their own field to compare notes on education techniques or other concepts.
    • Question?
    • Bibliography • byron , peter. (Young boy watching violence on television.. N.d. Photograph. n.p. Web. 27 Jun 2013. < ching_television_young_boy_watching_violence_on>. • Tiny, . untitled. N.d. Photograph. n.p. Web. 27 Jun 2013. <>. • insert/satlogos/afganistan/129-Tamadon-TV-4.jpg • Lefebvre, Craig . unjtitled. N.d. unkown. n.p. Web. 25 Jun 2013.
    • Rolff, Bruce . cognitive-development. N.d. Photograph. n.p. Web. 25 Jun 2013. Development.html :// 19Fr57VdjBo/s1600/AFG_IRIN_Telecom_crop.jpg