Garments industry


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Garments industry

  1. 1. Topic “Garments Industry in Bangladesh” Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the development of garments sector in Bangladesh. Central idea: The number one garments sector in Bangladesh has been increasing for its demand and opportunity. Introduction Attention getter: Life is a change our demand. Change our work, change our poverty. Developed our Economy, developed our commerce and industry. Bangladeshi garments industry is already going to reach of economic hill. Today this industry is providing the light of “Bangladesh Brand” in global market. Outside this development have many important subjects. Taking this helpful subject, I have already made a topic arrangement.
  2. 2. Topic: Today, I am going to talk about the cause and effect of development garments industry in Bangladesh. Credibility statement: From searching the internet and my own general skill, I made a successful structure of garments industry. This garments industry is making good change for our country. That I will discuss now. Preview statement: Today, I will discuss the development of garments industries cause and finally this industries important some effect. Body Transaction: Let’s start the development of garments industries cause. Internal preview: Garments industries idea divided into three important causes. There are people agreed invest, low labour cost and suitable environment. 1) First Cause is agreed of invest, when peoples depend and believe related with garments industry. The cause of this depend, not only our countries people but also foraners people agreed to see for invest. A) Our countries business man and general people are investing their resource in garments industry. At the same, many different financial institutions have been helping for development our garment sector.
  3. 3. B) Bangladeshi garments demand has been already increased in global market. So, foraners people agreed to see the investment of this industry. At the same, they are driving their business in Bangladesh into franchising. 2) Low labour cause is the second cause of garments industry development in Bangladesh. Labor’s are agreeing work in few salaries. This agreed is divided into two main cases. A) The population of Bangladesh is highly increased. At the same, Peoples work demand is also increased. For this work demand, labors are doing their work in a few salary. B) At present, the twenty million people are living in Bangladesh under low level poverty. This huge population is doing few salaries work in garments industry for eat and shelter. 3) Environment is not only society related, but also commerce and industries have in. This is said Business environment. Suitable environment is doing too developed our garments industry. A) Communication is related with environment. Beautiful communication is a cause for development of garments industry. This communication is related with human, transport, Govt. and private help etc. B) In Bangladesh, have many skillful hard workers. Giving their experience, they are doing work in garments industry for development. C) For catching garments industries development. Many helpful institutions are making in. Such as FBCCI, EPZ, Garments Industries Association, Merchandizing Association and So. D) The population of garments industry is increasing men and women attendance. At the same, Women’s are increasing their self employment in garments sector.
  4. 4. E) Outside this garments industries development has a very important subject. This is easily resource. This resource is getting from our natural resource and import in neighbor countries. F) Suitable environment garments industries demand is doing also developed. As this effect, Bangladeshi product is making competition in global market. Internal summary: Garments industries developed depend on the investment of this industry, the people’s dreams of this industry, the increasing population level of this industry, the suitable environment of this industries and so many important subject. Transaction: Now that, you know all industries have some major effect. What will this effect? Let’s go to hear this effect now. Internal preview: Garments industries are catching our economy, life cycle, brotherhood and so. That is the effect of garments industries development. Now, I will discuss these effects. A) The export of garments product is increasing for the development of garments industries effect. So our total economic event is too increased. B) For increasing Export-Import process, two middle countries relationship is huge developed. C) Build brotherhood with our countries people to any other countries people. This brotherhood is too developed, when other countries people were using Bangladeshi product (Garments). D) The economic development of Bangladeshi people is looking for foraner culture with owner culture. If this effect, our life cycle demand is also developed.
  5. 5. E) Bangladeshi Businessman’s are going to successful hill into our garments industries. The positions of Bangladeshi Businessman are developing in global market. Different group of company gate different demandable price. This is a proud subject of our country. Internal summary: Bangladesh is a peaceful country. Garments industries our country, our countries people, our countries economy with all state are huge development effect. At the same time, standard product quality build competition environment in global market. Conclusion At present, global big big countries when effect economic fever. That time, Bangladeshi garments industries are huge developed our economy. If we can catch this opportunity, Bangladeshi economy is also developed in case of garments industries. At the same, this industries production, export, job sector will increased. As a result, we can protect our poverty and cover our dream of a beautiful Bangladesh. Bibliography 1) 2) garmentsbangladesh. 3) 4)