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Entertainment services
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Entertainment services


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  • 1. Welcome Service Marketing 20/11/2013
  • 2. Entertainment Services 7P’s Marketing Mix Team 11 Nagarjuna Adiga Nandipati Saiteja Srikant Neha Gupta Mrinal B Nagendra Prasad Nagarjuna MR
  • 3. What are Entertainment Services?  Story telling  Drama  Music  Dance  Films  Games
  • 4. Marketing Mix of The Multiplexes
  • 5. Service Product  Core service product are the MOVIES  Luxury Cinemas  E- booking, Tele booking and Mobile App  Movie Newsletters and vouchers
  • 6. Price  Depends on the day of the week  Morning shows, noon, evening shows and night shows  Weekend shows are priced higher  Prices start from Rs 70  Premium prices vary from Rs 300 – 500 on weekdays and Rs 600 on weekends  Multiplexes make use of all tangible elements to prove their pricing
  • 7. Place  All Multiplex cinema halls are stationed at good locations in the city  Housed inside shopping malls. This enables them to gather a number of footfalls everyday  Multiplexes are opened at eventful yet untapped locations  Multiplex cinema service is sold solely at their respective chains.  The only intermediary is the Indian as well as international movie distributors to procure their movie prints
  • 8. Promotion  Print advertisements on every Friday giving out the latest movie schedule  Any new developments are communicated to the customers via press releases  Collaboration with cellular services and FM Radio which have SMS and win contests which promote both brands significantly and give out free tickets to the lucky customers  Multiplexes host various premier shows with leading movie stars visiting the cinema
  • 9. People  Around 50 employees at the corporate level.  50-60 employees at each cinema headed by a Cinema General Manager.  For the customers convenience, The nature of all employees is very friendly, informed, helpful, reliable, soothing, cheerful and youth-like. Therefore, the audience can easily relate and communicate with them  Customers of all age groups are entertained
  • 10. Process  Computerized ticketing  Accept credit cards against tickets  Cinema tickets on Internet with online payment gateway for payment
  • 11. Physical Evidence  Ambient Factors like air quality, fragrance of the air and circulation  Design factors like aesthetics, architecture, color scheme, layout and comfort  Behavior and number of service personnel  Quality and quantity of other customers
  • 12. Service GAP Model
  • 13. Thank you for Listening