Excel presentation data validation


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Excel Data Validation

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Excel presentation data validation

  1. 1. Data Validationin Excel
  2. 2. What is Data Validation?Data validation is a feature available in Microsoft Excel. It allows you todo the following:• create a drop down list of items in a cell• restrict entries, such as a date range or whole numbers only• create custom rules for what can be entered• Create a prompt message explaining the kind of data allowed in acell.• Create messages that appear when incorrect data has beenentered.• Set a range of numeric values that can be entered in a cell.• Determine if an entry is valid based on calculation in another cell
  3. 3. When Data Validation is usedWhen Data Validation is appliedto a cellFrom the above screens shot wesee that we can used the only 4options which are given in thedrop down list. For a generalquestion like your role in theorganisation, we have multiplechoices. But here in this cell afterapplying data validation we haverestricted the options to 4 byadding a dropdown list.This helps the users to use only the dropdown list and not to getconfused about the answer or use some invalid options.
  4. 4. How to apply Data Validation on a cell:• Open an Excel worksheet where you want to apply datavalidation. Select a Table similar to the example in thenext slide and list the options in the area of excel which isoutside the table that you are using and list the optionsthat you want to restrict the users.• select a cell where you want to set validation.• In the "Data Tools" tab click on "Data validation".• The Data Validation window will be shown.• From the Data Validation window you can choose list.• Select the options that you have already listed outside thetable and click on ok button
  5. 5. Data ValidationSenior ManagementBoard MemberStaffCFOCEOPromoterOptions that we want to restrict theusers in the cell “Role in theorganisation”An Example of a Table
  6. 6. Data ValidationSelect the cell which we want to restrictGo to Data , DataValidationSelect Data Validation
  7. 7. Data ValidationYou will get a DataValidation pop upboxSelect List and Clickon OK button
  8. 8. Data ValidationWe get a pop up box toselect the source.Select the list which youhave added outside thetable , click on red arrowwhich takes back to theData Validation boxClick on source
  9. 9. End Product of Data Validation and Hiding therestrict list which is outside table.Click on OKNow you will be ableto dropdown box withthe option which youhad listed outside thetable of your interestNow that you havethe dropdown boxyou can hide thecolumn in which youlisted the options
  10. 10. Input MessageWe can also Input the Message.• Goto Data• Select Data Validation• Select Input Message• Type in the message and select showinput message when cell is selectedThis guides the users toselect from dropdown boxin case they are not aware
  11. 11. Error MessageWe can also Input the Message.• Goto Data• Select Data Validation• Select Error• Select the type of error message you wantto show "Stop, Warning or Information• Type in your error message and click onOK button
  12. 12. Conclusion• List is the most used format in Data Validation. Using the sameprocedure, we can restrict the user by the text length to be used in acell, time period, Decimal, whole number or you can also cutomise youoptions