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Social & Search - Uncover New Truths To Drive Results - Lisa Williams, Director of Paid, Owned & Earned, Rosetta

Social & Search - Uncover New Truths To Drive Results - Lisa Williams, Director of Paid, Owned & Earned, Rosetta






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    Social & Search - Uncover New Truths To Drive Results - Lisa Williams, Director of Paid, Owned & Earned, Rosetta Social & Search - Uncover New Truths To Drive Results - Lisa Williams, Director of Paid, Owned & Earned, Rosetta Presentation Transcript

    • ©2013 | BrightEdge Technologies History (and Future) of Marketing – Best of Both Worlds with Content, Search & Social Or Mad Men were Wussies Lisa Williams Director | Paid, Owned & Earned Media Rosetta @SEOPollyAnna
    • WHO WE ARE Rose%a  is  a  consul'ng-­‐centered  interac-ve  agency  engineered  to  transform   marke-ng  for  the  connected  world.   Our  mission  is  to  be  catalyst  for  growth,  driving  material  business  impact  by   transla-ng  deep  consumer  insights  into  personally  relevant  brand  experiences   across  touch  points  over  -me.   Our  unique  capabili-es  and  the  way  we  ac-vate  them  have  enabled  our   market  leadership  posi-on,  opera-ng  as  an  independent  brand  in  the  Publicis   Groupe  of  global  agencies.    
    • Consumer  Products     &  Retail     Healthcare     Financial  Services     Manufacturing/Distribu-on     Technology  &  Telecoms   HEALTHCARE   TECHNOLOGY  &   TELCO   DISTRIBUTION  &   MANUFACTURING   CONSUMER   PRODUCTS  &  RETAIL   FINANCIAL   SERVICES   ENTERTAINMENT  &   TRAVEL   Ad  Age  US  Digital  Agencies/   Forrester  “Strong  Performer”:     §  Global  Commerce   §  Customer  Engagement  Agency   §  Search     §  Mobile  Marke-ng   §  Interac-ve  Design   AT A GLANCE
    • §  Mad Men had this… CHANNEL COMPARISONS @SEOPollyAnna §  We have this…
    • §  Their clients measured success like this… SUCCESS METRIC COMPARISONS @SEOPollyAnna §  Our clients or CMO’s measure success like this…
    • §  They could count on viewers tuning in §  Our visitors are inundated (average person exposed to 3K advertising messages per day) and they expect seamless experience across channels §  TV watching has recently been outpaced by digital consumption §  Customer journey involves multiple platforms, multiple devices and we can’t choose which channel in which they consume our content CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT COMPARISONS @SEOPollyAnna
    • CONTENT & STORYTELLING COMPARISIONS @SEOPollyAnna §  Our storytelling looks like this…
    • §  Their storytelling looked like this… CONTENT & STORYTELLING COMPARISIONS
    • WHY AND HOW WE CREATE CONTENT COMPARISONS @SEOPollyAnna Raymond Rubicam of Y&R said about 80 years ago that every advertiser should “try to know more than your competitors do about the market, and put that knowledge into the hands of writers and artists with imagination and broad human sympathies.” §  They drove content to create experiences like this… §  We drive content to rank (but not engage) like this… Write some SEO content
    • §  They dealt with stress like this… COPING WITH STRESS COMPARISONS @SEOPollyAnna §  We deal with stress like this…
    • §  Redefine what you message §  Integrate content, search, branding and social §  70/20/10 §  Redefine how you execute §  Siloed teams get us siloed messaging §  Content (words, images, video) is the mission critical asset that binds §  Redefine ROI §  Agree to create strategy first, channel second §  Acknowledge that search-discovery happens on more than just search engines (social networks, other devices, wherever consumers choose to consume your content) §  Acknowledge that if customers are in a channel you should be there too §  Acknowledge metrics are more complex and not just transactional §  Recalibrate expectations on measurement §  Search-discovery isn’t PPC/Paid §  Search and social impact each other §  Search-discovery is an investment (Owned and Earned) SO WHAT’S A MODERN DAY MAD MAN (OR WOMAN) TO DO? @SEOPollyAnna
    • BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – CHANNELS @SEOPollyAnna §  Leverage that story in multiple channels. Plan, execute and measure.
    • BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – ROI MODELING @SEOPollyAnna Used to be… §  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. Problem is I don’t know which half.” Now we have… §  “If I give you $1 dollar I need you to make it into $5.” §  “I need you to measure each channel separately.” §  Current estimate is 30% of advertising is wasted §  18% of TV ad campaigns generate a positive ROI §  Search is the most cost-effective channel over time WE CAN AGREE THERE’S SOMETHING IN BETWEEN THESE 2 MODELS
    • Define campaign success with hard and soft metric analysis to define performance success §  Return on investment §  Return on impression §  Return on ignoring §  80% of customer messaging to brands in social is ignored §  Return on engagement §  What is the value of a fan/follower §  How does shared and endorsed content increase rankings, search- discovery & community BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - HARD AND SOFT ROI METRIC ANALYSIS @SEOPollyAnna
    • §  Owning and Earning market share is cost-effective and a good investment. Results will be as good as the planning, execution and measurement, commit budget to testing. §  Leverage storytelling & content strategy to make journey cohesive and analyze the value of the campaign not the siloed channel §  Blend marketing dashboards to reflect full customer journey §  Connect FB to BrightEdge to gather conversion data and define value of a fan §  Links driven by content §  Track how content is shared, linked to and endorsed (BTW-Google cares about that) §  Track SEO influence, Social influence (your customers choose where to consume your content) §  Endorsement and sharing of content that drives community engagement §  Implement search-informed Rich Pins on Pinterest to increase CTR and track conversion, launched price alerts §  Analyze content, search & social holistically to find your wins HOW DO I KNOW IT WILL WORK? @SEOPollyAnna Test Learn Suck less every time
    • §  Integrate great storytelling and content strategy in multiple marketing channels & on multiple devices with realistic measuring to meet our challenge of the seamless customer journey and business success. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – HISTORY AND FUTURE @SEOPollyAnna
    • Thank you! Lisa Williams @SEOPollyAnna