What do you know about childhood sexual abuse
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What do you know about childhood sexual abuse

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  • 1. Stop child abuse image. Retrieved fromhttp://www.zazzle.ca/stop_child_abuse_sticker- 217616261522784579 .
  • 2. B)Unusual or A) Sudden or excessivegradual change itching in the in behaviors genital area C) Age inappropriate play with toys, D) All the self or others above displaying explicit sexual acts
  • 3. A) Fondling a B) Intercourse child C) Rape D) All the above
  • 4. B) ChildrenA) Children who fabricate storiesare abused know about sexual their abuser abuse C) Children D) Children should not be are always theblamed for sexual abuse victim
  • 5. A) Child abuse is most often B)Girls are the only committed by victims of sexual strangers abuse C) Childhood D)Child abusesexual abuse can does not happen deeply affect in “good” homesthose in adult life
  • 6. A) 150 million B) 50 million girls,73 million boys, 100 million boys globally girls globally C) 150 thousand D) 200 milliongirls, 73 thousand boys, 100 million boys globally girls globally
  • 7. A) 2 in 5 Females, B) 5 in 10 females, 1 in 5 males 3 in 10 malesC) 1 in 5 females, D) 1 in 3 females, 1 in 4 males 1 in 6 males
  • 8. A) Do not say anything if you B)Think that this know it is cannot possibly happening, happen in your believe that it will community stop D) Do not want toC) Community and educate yourselfchildren education because you know it is not happening.
  • 9. A) Boost B) ABC AgencyC) Children’s Aid D) Both A and C Society
  • 10. Thank you for takingthe test to enhanceyour knowledge. Knowledge is power image. Retrieved from http://kelowna.cmha.bc.ca/how-we-can-help/public- education/knowledge-is-power