Myths and facts about child abuse
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Myths and facts about child abuse






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    Myths and facts about child abuse Myths and facts about child abuse Presentation Transcript

    •  “Child abuse is most often committed by strangers” (Class notes, week 3). However, this is not true. Many children being abused know their abuser. For instance, “people that are most likely to abuse children are the people that have access to them” (Class notes, week 3).
    •  “Children fabricate  Fact: Children do stories about sexual not make up such abuse” (Class notes, stories. For example, week 3). “children do not have the cognitive capabilities to describe incest or intimate sexual behavior unless they’ve been exposed to it” (Class notes, week 3).
    •  “Incest only occurs  Incest can occur in in lower income any household and families. Incest only in any city. It does occurs in large cities not have a specific (or incest only occurs cut off in terms of in rural areas)” (Class economic, notes, week 3). education, or status.  It happens everywhere. (Class notes, week 3).
    •  “Girls are the only  This is not always the victims of child case. Even though sexual abuse or men “are the incest. Men are offenders in the always the majority of reported perpetrators” (Class cases, the notes, week 3). perpetrator of sexual abuse can be either a man or a woman” (Class notes, week 3).
    •  “The child is at fault  Children are not to for encouraging or be blamed for sexual allowing the abuse. abuse. A sexual abuser can  For example, be the victim of a “children are not seductive or sexually legally or cognitively promiscuous child” capable of giving (Class notes, week informed consent” 3). (Class notes, week 3). Thus, they cannot possibly encourage such behavior.
    •  “Only homosexuals  This is not the case, abuse children of many times abusers their own gender. choose a victim that Children who are is an easy target. abused by someone  “ There is no of their own gender connection between will group up to be sexual orientation homosexual” (Class and sexual abuse” notes, week 3). (Class notes, week 3).
    • Know the facts and speak out againstchildhood sexual abuse. We all need toprotect our children against any form ofabuse. Here is your chance to do so. Startnow
    •  Class notes, Myths and Facts about child abuse. Week 3 Image of banner. Retrieved from Climbers-The-Media-Continues-to-Get-it-Wrong Sexual Abuse image 1. Retrieved from bitter-truth/55316 Image of Family. Retrieved from clipart. Child holding stop sign. Retrieved from child-sexual-abuse Speak out image. Retrieved from 267724.