How to access your spiritual bank account of plenty


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How to access your spiritual bank account of plenty

  1. 1. How to access your Spiritual bank account of plenty, so you can manifest anything and everything.All human beings have a Benevolent, Unlimited Spiritual bank account of plenty at their disposal The word Benevolent means: “Having or showing a desire to promote the happiness and prosperity of others. Having a kindly disposition, through generosity and showing pleasure in doing good works.”Every person that chooses to be born into this earthly reality, has this energy bank account of plenty. Its hidden inthe particles of light that are all around us.These light particles are vibrating on a higher frequency.How do we learn to control our individual manifestations?If our focus is on financial abundance in this reality, then there are many teachers out there from business coaches tocorporate institutions aiming to interpret this spiritual bank account. They do this by mostly by coming up withpositive thinking methods. The movie The Secret is a good example. Many people have been emphasising thispositive thinking technique, but has it worked?Up to a point it does work. Especially if a person is good at focusing on their projected goals. Their sheerone-track-mindfulness will, up to a certain point, attract the lifestyles they aim for, especially if they go together withfeelings of joy, happiness and gratitude for what they already have. But, this approach does have itslimitations.Why? It has to do the the vibrational rate of our awareness levels.Experience the Great AwakeningWe all live in special times. Whoever reads this article will know what the meaning of the phrase our times is. Wewill soon move into a higher vibrational field, where our original abilities of telepathy, (hearing thoughts)clairvoyance, (seeing energy beings from other realities) and connecting in harmony with our plant and animalkingdoms will develop. At the moment Planet Earth still vibrates at a lower pace, therefore feelings of fear,disappointments, lack of trust and every other negative disposition will keep influencing our lives. Many feel trappedinto this lower vibrating mind. Some call this lower mind the Matrix. That is why these people are reacting orlacking in integrity, benevolent ideas, and knowledge of deeper spiritual wisdom.Let say that we are living in a movie that is created by the Matrix.The Matrix most probably represents the Group soul library of each and every human being on the planet. Letsalways remember that each individual spirit is the divine creative expression of the one and only Godhead. Wordscannot really describe the truth behind ALL THAT IS.Lets contemplate this further. Some say that The Matrix ( Intercellular substance) works in a way that it influencespeople through fear mechanisms to keep them held within its structure. It feeds off of the consciousness that remainscontained within this structure.As co-creators we are subject to the laws of the "Matrix" until we understand how to rise beyond it. We are living in amovie that is created by the Matrix. If we just react to the outside world we are in a way being controlled by theMatrix. The Matrix influences us to operate through fear. It keeps most souls operating at a low vibration and unableto realize their vast potential power.The human brain is only an INTERFACE for thought. It is not the creator of thought! Real thought only happenswhen we move beyond TIME. Therefore undesirable experiences that are projected upon mankind are happening inorder to push souls to ascend to higher levels. It pushes us to bypass the Matrix! Its the Matrix that created Time.Why?We are spiritual light being - co-creators - and therefore whatever we think, we can manifest, if there was no TIME.Its due to the experience of TIME, that we experience limitations.
  2. 2. Our Higher Self knows what you will experience before it happens, but your brain needs TIME to perceive it. Theshorter or narrower you can manipulate TIME, the quicker you can manifest your desires; the faster you will haveaccess to your Spiritual bank account of plenty. This is where intuition comes in, that "gut-feeling" warningsensation.We are far more powerful than the "Matrix." To influence your world, you must heal your mind through acorrectional process.What do we know or understand behind the laws of consciousness?We are all light energy & spiritual beings, playing the human-being game through our consciousness. Consciousness is an umbrella term that may refer to a variety of mental, emotional and psychic phenomena. "Consciousness" is a realisation by self-reflection. It is mirroring itself back, by what it is experiencing at the moment. It realises itself.Our Creator is experiencing and learning through us, through this illusionary universe.Neither history, nor time, is linear. There has always been only one moment: the fleeting Now. Zen Buddhism is "towalk on the razors edge of time." (Eckhart Tolle)We are here for a reason. To experience Joy and overcome fear-vibrations of mass-consciousness.We can manifesteverything in our mind, as long as no living creature gets hurt and if we understand the reasons why this reality seemsso real.David R Hawkins in his book Power vs Force has added a significant contribution to mapping the data base ofconsciousness. Our data base of consciousness behaves like a electrostatic condenser within our energy field ofpotentiality, rather than a battery with a storage charge. (the human brain)Yes, we all need to start waking up to the fact that we live in an illusion. Everything we see, smell, touch, hear andtaste are electrical impulses and it is not real even though it feels real. We see with our mind and what we see is beingcreated for us - unless we start to think for ourselves.Therefore our difficulties are opportunities to experience and then to transform what we have undergone into anotherreality: the one we choose to manifest consciously.The virtue of Balance in everything is another major key to manifest.Men and women all have dominant sides of the brain, but in general, women are more creative, emotional andintuitive (right brain dominancy) and men are more analytical (left brain dominancy)Verbalizing, decreeing or writing down affirmation is a Left brain function. To bring the Right brain mode into actionwe must visualize or picture the outcome as if it has already manifested. We must Feel the gratitude throughout ourwhole being!How do we do that?We need to move ourselves into a creative space and lower our brain-waves. The higher our electric brain-waves are,the more we are trapped into the program of the Matrix. Entering lower brainwave levels like alpha theta and deltamake it possible to bypass the Matrix and connect to the higher universal mind, and hence we can influence theoutcome. Then we can dictate what our outer world will look like. Only then can we truly access our Spiritual bankaccount of plenty.How to lower our brainwave activities on a regular basis.
  3. 3. Meditation has been used as a technique to calm you down, empty your mind and experience relaxation at levelsnot possible when under stress or in Beta. Its proven to be highly beneficial state for your mind to be in. Withcutting edge science, we can now stimulate our brain waves with audio visual entrainment tools, achieving states ofmind that monks need decades of practice to achieve.Example: Doing creative doodling, by allowing your mind to get bored, has proven to be very successful for manypeople in my workshops. In every opportunity, situation or position you find yourself in, when you doodle aboutthem, you will find that a part of you that takes charge. It is a symbolic art form that grew from those exercises I sawas a language; a Language of Light. These light particle codes can be translated in the form of numbers in yourabundant bank account.This virtual bank account is plentiful. It can never run dry. Feel this FREE energy as an unlimited, abundant forcethat can only do good. It is timeless! It is the energy of LOVE.Real love is to be conscious of what we manifest and how to correct the errors of not knowing consciously when werealise how it really works.Real love is to consciously accept and believe in doing better for the good of every living being.Real love is experienced when the frequencies of love elevate our whole being within and it then will influenceoutwards to the capacity to discover the truth of who you truly are.May the following statement help you on your journey:“My soul is important for me now, and I will live accordingly. I am happy, with harmony, peace and love in myheart. Everything is vibrating pure love and light. I will embody as many particles of light as I manage during myjourney. These particles I call my very own Language of Light. I feel it, pulsating, and so be it.Nadine May is a workshop facilitator and author. Contact her at 078 221 5145