Surgery To Stop Underarm Sweating - Is It Worth It_
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Surgery To Stop Underarm Sweating - Is It Worth It_






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Surgery To Stop Underarm Sweating - Is It Worth It_ Surgery To Stop Underarm Sweating - Is It Worth It_ Document Transcript

  • Surgery To Stop Underarm Sweating - Is It Worth It?Underarm sweating is always equivalent to body odor. Wet underarms are the best place for bacteriato thrive and this is a growing personal concern since body odor spells lack of hygiene. Althoughthere are deodorants out there specifically made to stop underarm sweating, there still those who donot get the desired results. They still sweat profusely and this condition causes so much vexation andlack of self-esteem.One way to permanently stop underarm sweating is surgery, the most popular of which is ETSsurgery. This is a non-invasive type of surgery in which the glands that produce the sweat arecontrolled. What happens during this type of surgery is that a small camera is placed after an incisionat the back. The doctor will look for your sympathetic nerves and burn them. These nerves are theones that signal your body to sweat more. After the surgery, the underarm is expected to sweatlesser, about 98% reduction, but the body will compensate by sweating in other areas. Keep in mindthat sweating is a necessary function of the body so one way or another, you will have to sweat.Another setback when you undergo surgery to stop underarm sweating is that you will no longersweat on your chest. This also reduces your heart rate and from a statistical standpoint, this happensto 50% of patients who have undergone the surgery. You should also expect to have a dry face andscalp. This can pose a problem since you need to be wet on the face at times to balance out the oiland dryness. Lastly, you are at risk of heart failure if you stop underarm sweating through surgery.You are in great risk of heatstroke because you cannot let out the heat inside your body, which isdone through sweating in several parts of the body.stop sweating fast