How Well Do You Know God?For some people, God isnt very real. Its sad, but true, that many people go through life without ...
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How Well Do You Know God_


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How Well Do You Know God_

  1. 1. How Well Do You Know God?For some people, God isnt very real. Its sad, but true, that many people go through life without reallyknowing God.Yet God longs for you to know Him. He can be more real to you.Knowing God is tied in with being aware of His presence. To become more aware, all you have to dois learn to listen to the Holy Spirits promptings and use your spiritual senses. Your spiritual sensesgrow as you use them.There is a spiritual kingdom all around you waiting for you to recognise it. The spiritual realm is just asreal as the physical realm but most people arent aware of it. Their spiritual senses are dull from lackof use.Most people know that the spiritual world exits but dont think its real in the accepted sense of theword. People are so earth bound that they find it hard to see the spiritual reality all around them.Yet, belief in the invisible lies at the heart of your walk with God. To have faith, is to be sure of thethings you hope for and to be certain of the things you cant see.People separate the physical and the spiritual in their thinking when really there isnt any separation.To grow in God and the things of the Spirit you need to move your attention from the seen to theunseen.Its time to become other-worldly. If you really want to follow God you need to become more spirituallyminded, even if that means being thought a bit strange.A.W. Tozer said,"We must avoid the common fault of pushing the other world into the future. It is not future, butpresent. It parallels our familiar physical world, and the doors between the two worlds are open."Yourspiritual eyes and ears are weak because you havent used them much but it doesnt have to be thatway. You can train yourself to use them. If youre a Christian, you are in Christ and with the HolySpirits help you can have eyes to see and ears to hear. As you begin to focus more on God, you willbegin to see the things of the Spirit.God is waiting for you to respond to His presence.Are you ready to begin a closer walk with God? Its time to spend more time with God in the secretplace.Lord, give me eyes to see and ears to hear. Enable me to see with your eyes. Help me to be moreaware of your presence. Make yourself known to me. Let me be one of those who are as at home inthe spiritual realm as in the earthly realm. Help me to live more and more in the power of Your Spirit. Ilong to have continual fellowship with you. Lead me Lord, show me how.How Can You Jump Higher