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Analysis Of My Music Video
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Analysis Of My Music Video



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  • 1. Analysis of My Music Video 1. Relationship between lyrics and visuals… There is a relationship between the lyrics of the song and the visuals of the video and what Elliot is doing. He illustrates the lyrics to do with ADHD by showing that he is always getting distracted by things around him like eating cakes and messing about on the chalk board. He also amplifies some parts of the video by getting up close to the camera and singing the lyrics boldly. 2. Relationship between the music and the visuals… There is a relationship between the music and the visuals as the style of music is indie punk and is very upbeat, and the visuals show the fast pace of the music as there is always something different happening like the waving around of the umbrellas. Also the visuals and styling of Elliot shows that it isn’t a slow classical song because the background and props do not suit this. Through Goodwin's Terminology
  • 2. 5. Star Iconography… 4. The Demand for Close Ups… The video has a variety of shots but includes many close ups, some which are emphasised by the magnified circle in the centre of some shots, done through editing. They aren’t always just of Elliot’s face and sometimes include props and different camera angles to achieve a good close up look. Elliot has his own style and look which suits the video. The video also supports his look and the genre of the music. It may develop into something more…