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Top uni global_1403

  1. 1. Top Global Universities14.03.13Nadeali ShahMcCannNadeali.shah@mccann.comTask: Based on report covering the top UK universities. Research the top global universitiesto uncover their league table status, % of international students in the UK & uncover thedecision making process along with university recruitment strategies.Appendix 1 – Top 100 global Universities& Location displays the top universities across theglobe. To sum up;Table 1 - % Global universities (The Times 2013)Australia 6%Belgium 1%Brazil 1%Canada 3%China 2%France 4%Germany 5%Hong Kong 3%Israel 1%Japan 5%Netherlands 5%R O Korea 2%Russia 1%Singapore 2%Sweden 3%Switzerland 2%Taiwan 1%Turkey 1%UK 9%US 43%Figure 1 – International student locations (of 435,230)357,16545,98025,270 6,820EnglandScotlandWalesNorthern IrelandTable 1 - % Global universities callously emphasises that the US(United States) holds 43% of the best universities across theglobe where the UK holds 9% and following shortly afterAustralia with 6%. Europe as whole only offers 16% of the topglobal universities &Asia 19% so clearly, the US serves upnearly 50% where the Times 2013 list, the top 2 positions areoccupied by American universities.Following from the first report,within the UK – The University of Bristol is ranked 92/100In regards to international students, they play a vital part instimulating the UK economy as they pay upto 40% more thanUK Home students. Therefore, understanding where thestudents come from, what percentages choose to study in theUK & what subjects they prefer.According to the previous report on the UK’s top universities,Keynote (2013) reported that there are approx. 4.2m students,and UK CISA (2012) report that 13% (435,230) of all UKstudents are International.Figure 1 show thatthe most populardestination forinternationalstudents is England(83.5%), Scotland(10%), Wales (5%)and N.I (1.5%)
  2. 2. Figure 2 – International student locations (of 435,230) per regionFigure 2 above shows that London is the most popular region for international students tostudy.Table 2 – Top Non-EU & EU Student originsTop 10 non-EU senders 2012China (PRC) 78,715India 29,900Nigeria 17,620United States of America 16,335Malaysia 14,545Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region) 11,335Saudi Arabia 9,860Pakistan 8,820Thailand 6,235Canada 6,115Table 2 above indicates that China and Germany exports the most international students toEngland although, the website holds some discrepancies in its data and therefore, statisticsare not 100% accurate.Figure 3 (next page) highlights the most popular subject type by far is Business whichtrumps other subjects by 150%, followed by Engineering and then social studies. The leastpopular course is Veterinary sciences followed by agriculture.020,00040,00060,00080,000100,000120,000Top 10 EU senders 2012Germany 15,985Republic of Ireland 15,075France 12,835Greece 11,790Cyprus 11,620Poland 6,295Italy 8,010Spain 5,935Romania 5,915Bulgaria 4,615
  3. 3. Figure 3 – Most popular subject types 2012 by international studentsTable 3 –England Universities recruiting international students020,00040,00060,00080,000100,000120,000140,000Institution Non-UK student nosThe University of Manchester 11,235University College London 10,075The University of Nottingham 8,985The University of Edinburgh 8,785The University of Warwick 8,785The City University 7,510University of the Arts, London 7,105The University of Oxford 7,055Kings College London 6,655Imperial College of Science,Technology & Medicine6,630The University of Birmingham 6,625University of Bedfordshire 6,555London School of Economicsand Political Science6,545The University of Sheffield 6,525The University of Coventry 6,420The University of Cambridge 6,100The University ofSouthampton5,955The University of Leeds 5,795Middlesex University 5,780The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 5,500Table 3 (left) shows thatLondon recruits more studentsthan any other region in the UKwhere it stands at 44,250,almost 30% of the entireinternational student group.
  4. 4. Table 1 – Top UK & Global UniversitiesC.U.G / 116 G / 120 NSS /146 TTUniversity of Buckingham 55 16 4 N/ALancaster University 9 7 9 N/AUniversity of Kent 33 22 13 N/AHarper Adams University College N/A N/A 25 N/AUniversity of East Anglia 27 N/A 34 N/AUniversity of Nottingham [RG] 19 26 36 N/AUniversity of Sussex 21 28 39 N/AUniversity of York [RG] 12 17 40 N/AUoLBirkbeck College N/A N/A 41 N/ASwansea University 49 89 48 N/AUniversity of Winchester 76 87 54 N/ABrunel University 41 44 56 N/ACoventry University 65 46 57 N/ALeeds Trinity University College N/A 113 59 N/AUniversity of Bristol [RG] 11 18 64 92University of Huddersfield 57 48 66 N/AUniversity of Chester 68 52 76 N/AUniversity of Roehampton 88 109 79 N/ABangor University 66 63 83 N/ADe Montfort University 80 85 84 N/AUniversity of Bradford 71 91 85 N/AEdge Hill University 94 75 93 N/ANottingham Trent University 62 80 96 N/AUniversity of Derby 99 70 98 N/AAston University 34 27 111 N/AManchester Metropolitan University 86 108 112 N/AUniversity of Brighton 70 64 113 N/ACity University 38 21 116 N/AUniversity of Bolton N/A 120 120 N/AUniversity of Bedfordshire 82 103 128 N/AUniversity College Falmouth N/A 57 131 N/ABuckinghamshire New University 93 116 136 N/AReferences:UCAS (No Date) How many universities are there in the UK? [Online]. [11 march 2013]Available from: complete university guide (2013) universities league table [Online]. [11 march 2013]Available from: Guardian (2013) University guide 2012[Online]. [11 march 2013] Available from:
  5. 5. Top University league tables (2012) National student survey [Online]. [11 march 2013]Available from: (2012) UK Universities: More students awarded firsts and upper seconds. [Online][March 11 2013] Available from: (2012) Highest ever satisfaction rates in 2012 survey. [Online] [March 11 2013]Available from:,75522,en.htmlRobert Hucker. (2013). Further & Higher Education.Keynote Market Report 2013. 8 (1), 47.Available from: KeynoteThe Times. (2013) World university Rankings. Global Rankings 2013.[Accessed 13 October][Online] Available from: CISA (2012) International Students[Online]. [14 march 2013] Available from: 1 – Top 100 global Universities& Location1 Harvard University United States2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States3 University of Cambridge United Kingdom4 University of Oxford United Kingdom5 University of California, Berkeley United States6 Stanford University United States7 Princeton University United States8 University of California, Los Angeles United States9 University of Tokyo Japan10 Yale University United States11 California Institute of Technology United States12 University of Michigan United States13 Columbia University United States14 University of Chicago United States15 Imperial College London United Kingdom16 University of Toronto Canada17 Cornell University United States18 University of Pennsylvania United States19 Johns Hopkins University United States20 University College London United Kingdom21 ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich Switzerland22 National University of Singapore Singapore23 Kyoto University Japan24 University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign United States25 London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom26 Carnegie Mellon University United States27 University of Texas at Austin United States28 University of Washington United States29 New York University United States30 University of Wisconsin-Madison United States
  6. 6. 31 University of British Columbia Canada32 Duke University United States33 McGill University Canada34 University of California, San Diego United States35 Tsinghua University China36 The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong37 Northwestern University United States38 Georgia Institute of Technology United States39 University of Melbourne Australia40 University of California, San Francisco United States41 Seoul National UniversityRepublic ofKorea42 Australian National University Australia43 University of Massachusetts United States44 Ludwig-Maximilians-UniversitätMünchen Germany45 Peking University China46 University of Edinburgh United Kingdom47 University of Manchester United Kingdom48 University of California, Davis United States49 University of Sydney Australia50 Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityRussianFederation51 Purdue University United States52 Delft University of Technology Netherlands53 ÉcolePolytechniqueFédérale de Lausanne Switzerland54 Middle East Technical University Turkey55 University of Minnesota United States56 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill United States57 Ohio State University United States58 Osaka University Japan59 Pennsylvania State University United States60 University of California, Santa Barbara United States61 National Taiwan University Taiwan62 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong63 Karolinska Institute Sweden64 Kings College London United Kingdom65 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyRepublic ofKorea66 Leiden University Netherlands67 University of São Paulo Brazil68 University of Southern California United States69 TechnischeUniversitätMünchen Germany70 Tohoku University Japan71 Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan72 Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel73 Humboldt-Universitätzu Berlin Germany74 KU Leuven Belgium75 Michigan State University United States76 Nanyang Technological University Singapore77 Université Paris-Sorbonne France78 University of Pittsburgh United States79 University of Queensland Australia Australia80 Universität Heidelberg Germany
  7. 7. 81 University of Amsterdam Netherlands82 Boston University United States83 Brown University United States84 Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong85 ÉcolePolytechnique France86 University of Florida United States87 University of New South Wales Australia88 Université Pierre et Marie Curie France89 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey United States90 Utrecht University Netherlands91 Washington University in St Louis United States92 University of Bristol United Kingdom93 FreieUniversität Berlin Germany94 Lund University Sweden95 University of Maryland, College Park United States96 Monash University Australia97 Université Paris-Sud France98 Texas A&M University United States99 Uppsala University Sweden100 Wageningen University and Research Center Netherlands