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Emperor Corporate Reporting Portfolio
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Emperor Corporate Reporting Portfolio


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Overview of Emperor\'s experience in corporate reporting

Overview of Emperor\'s experience in corporate reporting

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  • 1. Our corporate reporting portfolio
  • 2. 1 Our corporate reporting portfolio Introduction Steve Kemp Emperor Design In the wake of the ‘credit crunch’ and ensuing global downturn, effective corporate reporting has never been more crucial. In addition to the challenging business environment, reporting requirements get ever more onerous, through ever increasing regulation, compliance and disclosure levels, a greater need for narrative explanation and tighter time frames. We are witnessing a much greater need to produce straightforward communications where accessibility of information, strong navigation, clarity of communication and value are the key objectives. Many of our customers are also placing a greater emphasis on their online reporting, but as a complementary medium to the printed annual report rather than a replacement. Very few have slashed their print run and shifted their focus completely to the online report. Having recently opened our third office in Birmingham, to complement our London and Edinburgh operations, Emperor is very well positioned to provide the consultancy, creativity and production expertise required for all companies, regardless of sector, size or status. This brochure showcases the very diverse work we have produced for our clients over the past year, both nationally and internationally. If you would like to discuss your printed and online annual reporting requirements we would be delighted to have a chat.
  • 3. 2 Our corporate reporting portfolio International oil and gas exploration Cairn Energy Stunning photography was used to capture the spirit and essence of Cairn as they celebrated 20 years of progress. For the oil and gas company, this was married with sound content and structure for a sector-leading read. Simplifying complex information Cairn have been through major change, after floating off their Indian production operation on the Bombay Stock Exchange. This inserted leaflet explains graphically the current shareholder structure and location of international assets.
  • 4. 3 Our corporate reporting portfolio Accessible navigation Differentiating and segmenting information into the divisional areas of activity greatly helps easy navigation. Clean lines A well developed grid allows for flexibility of design and layout, enabling the information to be absorbed efficiently. Corporate Responsibility Engaging imagery, and the ability to demonstrate performance against predetermined targets, explains Cairn’s CSR strategy to the full.
  • 5. 4 Our corporate reporting portfolio Telecommunications provider THUS Group Having gained shareholder approval to publish this report online, Emperor worked alongside THUS to design and develop a suite of complementary reporting materials that allowed the client to reduce their Annual Report run enormously. This report was also shortlisted for the Investor Relations Society Awards 2008. Three printed documents The final solution comprises a full annual report, an abridged summary report and an e-comms flier for shareholders who had elected to receive the report electronically.
  • 6. 5 Our corporate reporting portfolio Complementary web design To make the best use of the web environment, the design of the online report remains sympathetic to the printed document whilst maximising the benefits of easy navigation, segmented page design and downloadable files.
  • 7. 6 Our corporate reporting portfolio Diagnostics, alcohol and drug testing Concateno One of Europe’s leading drug and alcohol testing companies, the brief from Concateno was to clearly communicate their message; Growth, Progress, Leadership, Expertise and Efficiency. Clear snapshot of the business A fold-out flap on the front cover gives the reader an immediate understanding of Concateno’s products and services, along with clear financial and operational highlights.
  • 8. 7 Our corporate reporting portfolio Strategy and direction A year in review spread to demonstrate Concateno’s ability to deliver against objectives, as well as to measure progress. Client case studies Powerful imagery and explanatory text demonstrate the breadth, depth and international scale of Concateno’s offering.
  • 9. 8 Our corporate reporting portfolio Energy utility British Energy A FTSE 100 company until the recent takeover by EDF, British Energy Group is the UK’s largest producer of electricity and the lowest carbon emitter of the major UK electricity generators. The finished product needed to reflect this – pragmatism, appropriate design, and a targeted focus on web implementation resulted in anything but utilitarian communications with shareholders. Primary focus: Online Communicating with their shareholders in the most effective and efficient way. For British Energy this meant focusing on the user experience and segmenting the information into web-friendly and intuitive sections. Our vision: Simplicity and elegance Well structured and well designed pages make the user experience easier, quicker and more memorable.
  • 10. 9 Our corporate reporting portfolio Integrated: A cohesive communications package With the emphasis placed on web communications, our printed annual report brief was to create something simple, strong, well structured and complementary to the online report. Power in clarity: Strategy and KPIs The simplicity of design enhances the power of communication. Clear and consistent snippets aligned objectives with performance.
  • 11. 10 Our corporate reporting portfolio Food producer and processor Robert Wiseman Dairies For this leading UK dairy, the brief was concise and strong: take a corporate objective (communicate ‘less environmental impact’), and propagate this via an effective annual report with a strong environmental message alongside targeted marketing materials. Emperor’s work with Robert Wiseman Dairies was recognised by the Investor Relations Society for Best Practice Communication through the Annual Report 2008. Environmental responsibility Environmental impact is fundamental to this business, from the food miles travelled, to the amount of packaging manufactured and recycled.
  • 12. 11 Our corporate reporting portfolio Macro-economic information A key feature of the review is a detailed discussion of the market position, consumer trends, commodity prices and competitor environment, and how this affects Robert Wiseman Dairies. Talkbook Following on from the annual report, a sales and marketing tool has been created to explain the evolution of Wiseman’s packaging development and their whole-of-life ethos.
  • 13. 12 Our corporate reporting portfolio IT infrastructure services provider Computacenter Making information accessible is vital for effective communications. Working with this services company, a structure was created which clearly articulates strategy, operations, KPIs and customers. Strategy This spread sets out Computacenter’s strategy as a fundamental business objective to their audience. At a glance Give the reader the information to understand your business. Accessible, segmented content providing a comprehensive overview of the group sets the right level of knowledge for the executive narrative.
  • 14. 13 Our corporate reporting portfolio Clear KPIs Strong, graphic presentation of key performance indicators with supporting commentary. Business in action Demonstration of key account portfolios, an outline of business requirements and tangible evidence as to where Computacenter adds value.
  • 15. 14 Our corporate reporting portfolio International entertainment content and media distributor Entertainment One High octane design and a strong layout was appropriate for an action-packed maiden year for this international entertainment distributor. If you’ve got it, flaunt it Bold message statements are the key features that run throughout the report, using impactful imagery as playful juxtapositions.
  • 16. 15 Our corporate reporting portfolio Reflect the personality of the business The report seeks to accurately reflect the culture and dynamics of the entertainment world. First report, tell the whole story Discussion of the international marketplace helps the reader understand the true position and growth opportunity of the business.
  • 17. 16 Our corporate reporting portfolio European specialist holiday group Holidaybreak As a specialist international holiday and activity group, the increasing focus on environmental impact requires Holidaybreak to address strategy and performance in this sensitive area. Brand experience The report fuses Holidaybreak’s brand experience with a confident and professional presentation of detailed information.
  • 18. 17 Our corporate reporting portfolio Ethical investment Holidaybreak has again met the FTSE4Good criteria and continues to be a member of the FTSE4Good Index. KPIs and principal risks Tabular presentation of KPI figures with comparatives for previous years alongside identified risks to the business. Forward looking Corporate responsibility targets are outlined, along with performance measurements against previously stated objectives.
  • 19. 18 Our corporate reporting portfolio Indian media and entertainment distribution Eros International ‘Shaping the future of Indian entertainment’ involved us shaping the content and structure of this visually impactful annual report for one of Bollywood’s leading media distributors. Releases as heroes Focus is placed on successful releases from the year. Simplicity A clean operating review design and layout complements the image-rich feature spreads.
  • 20. 19 Our corporate reporting portfolio Proven delivery Year in review highlights milestones and achievements. Market opportunity Demographics and market size combine to show future growth potential. Underlying platform for success Outline of the key strengths of the group, showing depth and breadth of core value drivers.
  • 21. 20 Our corporate reporting portfolio Speciality plastics and fibre products supplier Filtrona Creating a report which highlighted diversity within this market-leading speciality plastics and fibre products supplier was important. With interests and operations worldwide, the report reflects a broad range of geographical subtleties. Graphic cover, bespoke format Fold-out cover allows the reader to gain an instant understanding of the group, its business and highlights, and performance for the year.
  • 22. 21 Our corporate reporting portfolio Business development Reporting performance and progress in a more engaging and visual way. Markets and trends, looking forward Divisional reviews are supported by contemporary information about latest trends in the sector and where Filtrona sees areas of potential development. Risk, impact and mitigation Clear presentation of the principal risks, clearly outlined by area of operation, the likely impact and the steps being taken to mitigate the likelihood of occurrences.
  • 23. 22 Our corporate reporting portfolio Mining and metals processor Vedanta Resources Creating a financial reporting brand to transcend multiple print and online media maximises impact and makes the most of the corporate identity. Highlighting business synergies complements the client’s ultimate goal of creating a world-class metals and mining group. Suite of documents To give the appropriate level of disclosure necessary for a company of Vedanta’s size and complexity, a separate Sustainable Development report was produced for the first time.
  • 24. 23 Our corporate reporting portfolio Online reporting Simplicity, intuitive navigation and recognisable synergy with all printed materials. Values A series of five illustrations were commissioned to reflect Vedanta’s key values.
  • 25. 24 Our corporate reporting portfolio Electrical consumer goods retailer DSG international One of Europe’s leading specialist electrical retailing groups, DSG utilised a smaller than average format to communicate a big message. The result is powerful and effective. Direct messaging In the spirit of high street retailing, the visual approach is attention grabbing and straight to the point.
  • 26. 25 Our corporate reporting portfolio Clear group profile Segmental breakdown by activity showing highlights, revenues, size and average selling area. Forward looking Clear overview of Five Point Plan for the Renewal and Transformation of the business. People reporting Non-financial KPIs are used to report DSG’s commitment to employee and community issues. Supporting information is made available through the Group website.
  • 27. 26 Our corporate reporting portfolio Stem cell science Epistem Having created a brand for this dynamic biotechnology company, our challenge was to bring the company’s new identity to life both offline and online, initially through the maiden annual report. Older and wiser Striking black and white imagery punches home the impact of the human ageing process. Clear web communications The corporate website complements the look and feel of the Annual Report.
  • 28. 27 Our corporate reporting portfolio Jargonbusting Simple plain English demystifies the complex language of epithelial stem cell science, so that the reader can gain a basic understanding of a highly technical business in a few paragraphs. Measurements of success As a fledgling public company, not long previously a university spin out, choosing appropriate and sustainable KPIs requires careful thought. A model description Simple graphics, combined with easy to understand text, allow the reader a quick appreciation of the commercialisation model as well as the technical and financial strategy for achieving the company’s long term goal of value creation.
  • 29. 28 Our corporate reporting portfolio Financial services Close Brothers Group Close Brothers operates a portfolio of leading financial services businesses. In the past four years we have worked with the Group team and a number of subsidiaries on a wide variety of corporate communications. A different approach This was the first annual report in 20 years to move away from Close Brothers’ corporate blue as the headline colour.
  • 30. 29 Our corporate reporting portfolio Business overview Clear breakdown of the Group business.
  • 31. 30 Our corporate reporting portfolio Price comparison website Moneysupermarket This was Moneysupermarket’s first Annual Report after their full listing on the London Stock Exchange. The objective was to provide an uncomplicated, straightforward report that achieved PLC standards of reporting and would serve as a springboard for future reports. Clean and striking cover A simple clean cover that identifies the two primary websites and How the company works Segmentation is of great interest for investors in Moneysupermarket, this double spread detailing the activities and performance of the verticals provides a powerful overview.
  • 32. 31 Our corporate reporting portfolio A clear message A common misunderstanding about Moneysupermarket’s revenue generating model led to the inclusion of a feature spread entitled ‘How we do it’‚ detailing strategy, business model and consumer attraction and retention.
  • 33. 32 Our corporate reporting portfolio Emperor is a design and communications company, specialising in corporate, marketing and investor communications. We deliver outstanding results for our clients by combining creative design, thought provoking advice and exceptional service. We are passionate about building long-term relationships with our clients, based on listening, understanding and trust.
  • 34. London Edinburgh Birmingham Zetland House 32 Castle Street Studio 11, The Cogent Works 5–25 Scrutton Street Edinburgh 50–54 St Paul’s Square London EC2A 4HJ EH2 3HT Birmingham B3 1QS Steve Kemp Neil Reynolds Claire Forrest Leon Milligan Noel O’Connor Steve Mason T +44 (0)20 7729 9090 T +44 (0)131 220 7990 T +44 (0)121 262 3830 F +44 (0)20 7729 9091 F +44 (0)131 220 7999 F +44 (0)121 262 3839