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AS Graphic Art Powerpoint

  1. 1. Covert and Obscured Jared Lagden
  2. 2. Words for the Exam Concealed transformation distant mystery secret urban/rural isolated/distant anonymity underwater dense shadows treasure hidden puzzles codes demolition derelict torn wrap thrill mask talisman beneath decayed layers reveal x-ray private beauty in the ordinary domestic claustraphobic compact camouflage inner emotions adventure lost idenity decoration shells & cocoons protect masquerade package & overpackage riddles codes symbols stenography labryrinth
  3. 3. What does covert mean?• Covert – Covert means to be secretive or not openly practiced. Contextual example for covert: Covert actions by the special forces etc. Covert is particularly associated with the Army and Police; covert is to kept in the dark about something or to be covert means you don’t want to openly tell or show people something i.e.: you want to be left alone. Words that are similar to covert: Undisclosed, secret, invisible, concealed etc.
  4. 4. Obscured• Obscured – Being Obscure has a variation of different meanings, in one sense it means to be remote Physically and socially to people, not famous or acclaimed, difficult to find, unclear/not clearly understood, less visible etc. the difference between Covert and Obscured is that covert means to secret deliberately, for the protection of others; and obscured is to be kept secret for personal reasons also meaning for something to be unclear, like work.
  5. 5. Covert Brainstorm Guerrilla Warfare Hidden Camouflage Special Forces/police/Army Covert Secrets Science Animal Testing: Drugs: Penicillin etc. the public Destructive: doesn’t know when Military rockets, products are being Nuclear Rockets tested on animals. etc.
  6. 6. Obscure Brainstorm Astronauts Animal Testing: Drugs: Penicillin etc. the public doesn’t know when Space Travel products are being tested on animals. Science Camouflage Mentality Obscure Invisible
  7. 7. Images to do with Covert
  8. 8. Images to do with Obscure
  9. 9. Distant/Isolated History – Far Time away in time Space Travel Science Physics Distant: Travel, i.e.: London to Far away in space/time. Manchester – A long After a specified ‘Distance’ distance. Distant/Isolated Isolated: Far away form other places, Solitary people and buildings Confinement (civilisation). Having minimal contact or little in common with others Anthropophobia: The fear of people. This fear restricts people from interacting with others who are new, but can talk to people close to them i.e.: Family and Friends.
  10. 10. Final Choice• I have chosen Distant/Isolated for my final idea, and example that I could use to create around this idea is space travel. This fits in with the title of ‘Covert and Obscure’ and ‘Distant/Isolated’; the reason is, is that the Astronauts are Isolated and Distant from other human beings and the reason it fit with the title is because the Astronauts have a gold tinted facemask that obscures their face from the other Astronauts and that once the space shuttle is out of Stratosphere it is masked by the blue sky; hence fitting in with the title and the Exam words I have chosen.
  11. 11. Artist one: Mario Wagner• Mario Wagner is a 39 year old illustrator from San Francisco USA. He has been advertising for many different companies varying from ABSOLUT VODKA, Cheerios and IKEA. I like his work because he uses a mixed variation of illustrator, Photoshop and real textures like paint. His fine art has been shown in various different exhibitions in Berlin, Los Angles, San Francisco and London for art fairs like SCOPE, NADA and Art Basel.• Some of his work is below:
  12. 12. Dawn Gardener• Dawn gardener is a 2011 graduate with a First Class Honours Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design she is new and upcoming the Graphic Design world but uses a very nice style of art that could be implemented into my final artwork. Her work is below: