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  • 1. Short Film Research Naomi Billington
  • 2. Where people access short film - Youtube – 13/13 - Vimeo – 7/13 - Short film websites - 8/13 - Film makers website – 6/13 - Film Festivals – 1/13 - DVD – 0/13
  • 3. Questionnaire Results My survey also found that people are open to watching either one-offs or collections with 11/13 people selecting the option ‘collection’ or ‘either’ Storyline, style, soundtrack, originality and camera and editing are all important in short film with average ratings of 7-10 People generally like artistic, drama, quirky, comedy and music video genres in short film, at least 2 of which my films fall into
  • 4. Responses to questionnaire – ‘Would you be interested in watching a collection of films which share the theme interpretations of the human mind? This collection contains 4 films which all use metaphors to express ideas of thoughts, feelings, childhood, memories and dreams.’‘I access short film to look at new promising talent and find new and original pieces, I also like there to be a theme orinterpretation and the idea of metaphors really interests me’ ‘They seem to fit the type of short film I like to watch’ ‘They sound interesting’ ‘They are good themes for a short film’ ‘The idea sounds fairly original and different from what I’ve seen before’ ‘I’ll watch them depending on what the opening shot looks like, that way I can tell whether it’s the style of film I watch’ ‘Its interesting and I would like to learn more about it’ A topic which everyone can relate to in some way, like the idea interpretation of the human mind, could be very complicated but interesting!