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14.25 o14 i islah u-din
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14.25 o14 i islah u-din


Research 16: I Islah-u-din

Research 16: I Islah-u-din

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Implanting Alkali Metal Atoms in Nanosized Cavities of Metal Oxide Based Organic-Inorganic HybridsIslah-u-dinSupervisorsDr Jeff L. Tallon (IRL)Dr Mark R. Waterland(Massey)Dr Shane G. Telfer(Massey)
  • 2. Contents• Introduction and applications of hybrid materials• Research outline• Experimental work• Results• Future Directions
  • 3. Organic-Inorganic Materials Macroscopic Phase Micro or nanoscale building blocksA hybrid material is biphasic in nature with organic andinorganic components mixed together at very small scale.
  • 4. Types of Hybrid MaterialsClass-I Hybrid Materials Class-II Hybrid Materials(Mg,Al)2Si4O10(OH)·4(H2O) [CH3(CH2)11NH3]SnI3
  • 5. ApplicationsNanohybrid solar cell Protective coatings C. Sanchez, B. Julián, P. Belleville and M. Popall, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2005, 15, 3559-3592.
  • 6. Superconductivity Tc = 78 K before intercalation Tc = 82 K after intercalationS.-J. Kwon and J.-H. Choy, Inorg. Chem, 2003, 42, 8134-8136
  • 7. Superconductivity WO3 ( Na+) Tc = 125 K for Na+A. E. Aliev, Superconductor Science and Technology, 2008, 21, 115022
  • 8. Research Outline• Synthesize Crystalline W (or Mo)O3 Hybrids• Intercalation of metal species by Ion-Implantation• Structural Characterization Before and After Implantation• Fabrication of Films• Intercalation of metal species by Ion-Implantation• Physical Property Measurement
  • 9. Hydrothermal Synthesis• Self-assembly• Autogenous Pressure• 120-260 oC• Slow Cooling
  • 10. Single-Crystal XRD•Rigaku-Spider X-ray diffractometer,Massey University•Cu Kα (λ = 1.5428 Å)•Measurements on same crystalbefore and after implantation
  • 11. Ion-Implantation•Low energy lab-built ion-implanter, GNS Sciences•Na+, Ca2+ and K+•25 Kev•2% and 4% of atomicsites
  • 12. WO3(4,4-bipyridyl)0.5WONC
  • 13. Na+-WO3(4,4-bipyridyl)0.5 Ca2+-WO3(4,4-bipyridyl)0.5 K+-WO3(4,4-bipyridyl)0.5Islah-u-din, M. R. Fox, H. n. Martin, G. J. Gainsford, J. Kennedy, A. Markwitz, S. G. Telfer, G. B. Jameson and J.L. Tallon, Chemical Communications, 46, 4261-4263.
  • 14. WO3(4,4-bipyridyl)0.5 Thick Films•Physical PropertyMeasurements•Modified layer-by-layerdeposition•Characterization beforeand after implantation
  • 15. Structure of thick films
  • 16. Raman Measurements W =O O–W–O 4,4-bipyridyl
  • 17. X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  • 18. Raman Measurements
  • 19. Resistivity Measurements
  • 20. Conclusions• Incorporation of metal ions within small cavities of host materials• Structural agreement between bulk and thick films• Reduced tungsten species• Injection of charge carriers to conduction band upon implantation
  • 21. Future Directions• Synthezie new layered hybrids with different ligands• Seek Ion-Implantion• Fabricate thin films• Confirm insulator-to-metal transition
  • 22. Acknowledgement Funding  The Higher Education Commission, Pakistan  The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Collaborators  Dr Shen V. Chong, Industrial Research Limited  Ms Vivian Fang, GNS Sciences  Prof. Geoffery B. Jamseson, Massey University Supervisors  Dr Jeff L. Tallon, Dr Mark R. Waterland, Dr Shane G. Telfer
  • 23. Thanks