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Physikos 3: L Black

Physikos 3: L Black

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1.  Collect Graph Analyse Les Black Mobile 027-2211365
  • 2. David was a physics teacher, who:• Wrote software for PASCO.• Created “Graphical Analysis”.• Wanted to make datalogging available & affordable for all.• Makes probes for many datalogger companies.• Uses teachers to develop & test products.• Makes the most reliable and useful datalogging systems. David and Christine Vernier
  • 3. • USB connect•Loggerlite Software•Click & log Loggerlite
  • 4. Sensor LabQuest miniLoggerPro interface software LoggerPro
  • 5.  Install probe – auto recognition! Press start (adjust settings if necessary) Stop (graph will auto scale) Analyse (on colour screen or on computer) Totally portable …. Rechargeable battery …. Save files to the logger Full graphical analysis …. Colour screen LoggerPro
  • 6. Collect data on Labquest Save data file into LabQuest Connect to a computer. Connection will be recognised and data downloadedConnect to computer andautomatically download file. Or try the Wireless Dynamic System.
  • 7. Enter your data manually or via a logger then….Manual analysis Predict relationship from graph shape Change the power of a variable Convert to a linear graph y=mx + cSoftware modeling Get LoggerPro to do it for you. Eg Analyse / curve fit / define relationship Error bars– YES! percentage, absolute, variable LoggerPro
  • 8. Experiment manuals • Written by teachers for the US education system. • Supplied with disk of files in Word format (great for cutomising for our schools). • Each experiment has a file in LoggerPro which sets up data collection automatically
  • 9. Experiments with dataloggers .• Biology – “Cell Respiration video”• Chemistry – “Acid-BaseTitration video”• Physics – “Ball Toss video” From Vernier support disk All experiments in the manuals link to a file in LoggerPro software to automatically set up the collection rate & graph(s).
  • 10. • Prediction (drawing graph patterns)• Graph matching (walk the graph)• Comparisons• Defining a relationship• Voice printing (and FFT)• Interactive demonstrations• Video analysis• Use as an oscillosope & frequency generator
  • 11. • Why do voices sound different when singing the same note?• How can I accurately measure the speed of sound?• Would an adult or a baby suffer from hypothermia first?• How effective is penguin behaviour in keeping each other warm?• How quickly do streams cool in cold air temperatures?• Does the temperature of a fridge vary throughout a day?• What clothing fabrics best protect us from heat loss?• What rides give us the greatest acceleration?• What substances are the most radioactive?• How can I show standing waves?• How do transpiration rates differ between plants?
  • 12. • Appeal to many students• Remove the boredom of some measurements.• Improve accuracy of measurements• Improve analysis• Enable some measurements to be made (that couldn’t be done in any other way).• Makes results real and immediate• Tufts University research + interactive demonstrations * Outcomes * Strategies
  • 13. And now for some …. Interesting applications!
  • 14. Spectrophotometer SVIS-Plus - For spectral analysis Gas discharge tube Emission spectra
  • 15. Magnetic Field- Magnetic field through a slinky carrying a current •Shape of field •Variation of B with current •Turns density …. etc
  • 16. Is Acceleration related to thrill level? Check these out using an accelerometer!
  • 17. Rotational Dynamics- Rotational inertia of various shapes Outcome: Get the angular velocity- time graphs directly!
  • 18. Standing wavesusing the LabQuest’s output to drive a speaker and string in oscillation. Standing waves, modes of vibrations and wave speed
  • 19. Light Sensor-Inverse square Law-Light and reflection and heat absorption
  • 20. Sound waves Standing waves and speed of sound experiments Sound from a tuning fork Also excellent for BEATSUsing FFT to analyse a sound into its component frequencies
  • 21. Radioactivity• Detection (alpha, beta and gamma)• Spectrum of emission levels• Effectiveness of Shielding• Decay curve• Identification of radioactive materials