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New York’s lush and fertile landscape provides the perfect growing conditions for grapes, making some regions idyllic for wineries to flourish. New York has the third largest grape production in the country, right behind California and Washington. Because of this, it’s no wonder that visitors flock to New York’s wine regions to partake in fun wine trail tours and tastings.

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New york wine trails trip

  1. 1. New York’s lush and fertile landscape provides theperfect growing conditions for grapes, makingsome regions idyllic for wineries to flourish. NewYork has the third largest grape production in thecountry, right behind California and Washington.Because of this, it’s no wonder that visitors flock toNew York’s wine regions to partake in fun winetrail tours and tastings.
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  4. 4. Wines made in New York include Cabernet Sauvignon, PinotNoir, Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, Riesling, sparkling winesand a variety of hybrid wines. Different growing regionsfeature different types of grapes, with certain regionsspecializing in particular types of wine. Among the mostnotable growing regions include the Hudson Valley, FingerLakes region, Long Island region, and Lake Erie region. Otherregions have some smaller growing and production facilities,such as Lake Placid and Alexandria Bay.Wine lovers who want to experience the best of New Yorkwine can take wine trail tours as a part of a vacation to agrowing region, or tailor a trip specifically to hitting a few ofthe top wineries in the state. No matter what type of wine youenjoy, New York is sure to have a variety that will delightyour palette.
  5. 5. Finger Lakes Wine Country is one of the topdestinations for New York wine trails trips. Withso many wineries packed in close proximity, it’seasy to experience a variety of different wines andwinery experiences over the course of a day ortwo. The Finger Lakes region is also home to anumber of small towns and scenic nature areasthat compliment any wine trails trip. There are fivemain wine trails in the Finger Lakes region, theCayuga Lake wine trail, Canandaigua Lake winetrail, Seneca Lake wine trail, Cayuga Lake winetrail and Keuka Lake wine trail. Pick any of theseto tour and you’re sure to be delighted with thetastes of the trail.
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  7. 7. With over 25 wineries in the region, the HudsonValley Wine Country consistently ranks highlyamong wine lovers looking to experience greatNew York wines. The Hudson Valley is also inclose proximity to New York City, making it agreat day trip for those looking to escape thebusiness of city life. Wine trails like the DutchessWine Trail and Shawangunk Wine Trail give afine sampling of the most popular New Yorkwines, along with other fun activities likehorseback riding, hiking and boating. A visit tothe beautiful Hudson Valley is sure to be anexperience you remember for a lifetime.
  8. 8. Although Long Island is a small part of New York, theirwine country competes with larger regions without aproblem. Long Island is home to over 30 quality wineriesthat make up some great wine trails. Wine trail toursmake a great day trip from the Hamptons, Sag Harborand any other Long Island destination. The North ForkWine Trail and The Hamptons Wine Trail give anexcellent introduction to Long Island wine.
  9. 9. On the opposite side of the state, the Lake ErieWine Country is a refreshingly beautiful region ofNew York, featuring 23 wineries that grow andproduce a diverse variety of grapes. Because theregion is so compact, the area is organized intoone central Chautauqua-Lake Erie Wine Trail. Thewineries on this trail are mostly boutique winerieswhere visitors will feel right at home in thevineyards and tasting rooms. Lime and bus toursare available to take visitors on any one of thewine tours mentioned above. Long Islandvacation rentals and Finger Lakes cabin rentalsmake great options for accommodations whileexploring New York’s wine countries.