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NY Senate Open Source NY Senate Open Source Presentation Transcript

  • NY Senate Open Source Open Source initiatives for the New York State Senate
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Motivation and Goals The New York Senate has traditionally been a closed body, lending credence to the term, “Three men in a room.” Under the new majority, the Office of the CIO was created and empowered to bring government to the citizens of New York. We have three main goals:
    • Transparency
    • Participation
    • Efficiency
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Areas of Focus
    • Senate websites (public and internal)
    • Internal E-mail/Calendaring/Collaboration
    • Constituent Relationship Management
    • Legislative data
    • Help Desk and Problem Tracking
    • Software development and code management
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Senate websites - Internet
    • Original external website:
    • Minimal interactive features
    • Difficult to maintain
    • No direct control for member offices
    • New website:
    • Drupal-based
    • Highly interactive
    • Each member is empowered
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Senate websites - Intranet
    • Current internal website:
    • Lotus-based
    • Difficult to locate information
    • Proposed Intranet website:
    • Drupal-based
    • Advanced indexing and search capabilities
    • Better integration with CRM and OpenLeg
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Internal E-mail/Groupware
    • Currently: Lotus Notes/Domino
    • Investigating alternatives, including:
    • Google Apps
    • Zimbra
    • Open-Xchange
    • Spicebird
    • Scalix
    • CollabSuite, Zarafa, Unison, Bynari, PostPath, Kolab
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Constituent Relationship Mgmt
    • Currently: OMIS (mainframe-based application)
    • Investigating alternatives, including:
    • CiviCRM (open source)
    • Lockheed-Martin IQ (best-of-breed proprietary)
    • Orange Leap (formerly, MPower)
    • SugarCRM, SpendidCRM, CentricCRM, Vtiger, XRMS
    • iConstituent
    • Aristotle
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Legislative Data
    • Originally: LBDC public website
    • Now: OpenLeg bill data service
    • Written in Java using Jetty servlet engine
    • Hourly updates from LBDC via FTP
    • RESTful API
    • Examples of API usage: Drupal site, IM client
    • Data formats: XML, CSV, RSS, JSON
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Help Desk and Problem Tracking
    • Currently: Mainframe-based help desk app
    • Investigating open source solutions:
    • Redmine
    • Bugzilla
    • Trac
    • eTicket, Eventum, Savane, OpenCSM
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Software Development and Source Code Management
    • Originally: No standards
    • Development environment:
    • Java6, servlets, Jetty
    • Eclipse IDE
    • Source code management:
    • Subversion
    • Github
    • Subversive (Eclipse plugin)
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 Copyright Policies
    • Website: Creative Commons By-NC-ND
    • Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works
    • Source Code: Dual-license BSD and GPLv3
    • Open source repository:
    • open.nysenate.gov
  • NYSenate2.0 and Gov2.0 How you can help
    • Connect with open source community
    • Revolutionary opportunity to reinvent government
    • Products utilized by millions of New Yorkers
    • Rensselaer and NY Senate – a perfect match!
    • Contact: Ken Zalewski, zalewski@senate.state.ny.us