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NYA Communications Media Kit

  1. 1. Media Kit Nicole Y. Adams, M.A. • German/English Translator, Editor & Consultant • Translation Business Coach • PR, Marketing & Communications Specialist http://www.nyacommunications.com info@nyacommunications.com Language Expert, Linguist, Author, Public Speaker Based in beautiful subtropical Brisbane, communicating with the world.Multiple Award WinnerAustralian Excellence Award 2013Australian Business Quality Award 2012Women in Business Award Nominee 2013
  2. 2. Company PitchImagine if you could boost your business by offering your prospects a flawlessversion of your website and documentation in their local language?Solopreneurs, small businesses, and PR and communications agencies whoneed German/English translations or English language copy editing rely onNicole Y. Adams, a certified German/English translator, editor and publicrelations consultant, as their fully accredited reliable language services partnerto help them expand into foreign markets and grow their business.With a passion for languages and business, Nicole Y. Adams has providedflawless foreign-language copy and perfectly edited English texts since 2003,specialising in PR, marketing and communications.
  3. 3. ServicesNYA Communications offers the following services for clients:• Website and document translations between German andEnglish• Localisation and text adaptation between internationalvarieties of English (US to British, Australian and InternationalEnglish)• Proofreading and editing of texts in German and English• Review and adaptation of English texts written by non-nativespeakers or directed towards an international audienceNYA Communications offers consulting in the following areasfor freelance translation professionals:• Business development• CAT tool training (MemoQ and SDL Trados)• Productivity and time management• PR and social media marketing
  4. 4. Professional BioNicole Y. Adams is the owner and founder of NYA Communications, a Brisbane-basedboutique translation and language services company specialising in German/Englishbusiness, marketing, corporate communications and PR translations to help agencies andcompanies expand into new markets and grow their business through multilingualcommunication. NYA Communications was founded in the UK in 2003 and has beenoperating from Australia since 2010.Nicole Y. Adams founded NYA Communications in 2003 in the United Kingdom beforerelocating to Australia in 2010. The company, which offers services to companies around theworld, including German/English translation, editing, proofreading, and localisation, alsooffers workshops and coaching for translators.These innovative products and services are designed to allow the modern business tocommunicate across cultural and geographic barriers. Nicole’s passion for languages,translation and business development through marketing and public relations truly shows. In a2012 competition she scored 19th on the ranking of the Top 100 Language Twitterers, inaddition to being a gold winner at the 2012 Australian Business Quality Awards for ServiceExcellence scoring over 90% customer satisfaction.Prior to moving to Australia, Nicole was with Xerox GKLS, 2006, serving as its in-housetranslation project manager, followed by a position at SpinVox, UK, from 2006 to 2007 as theEnglish and German quality manager. She also served as an in-house multilingual accountmanager with Safenet, UK, from 2004 to 2006. Furthermore, Nicole has been a member ingood standing registered with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs in the UK,mentoring new freelance language professionals since 2009, and currently serves on severalcommittees of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators. She is also a member ingood standing of the German and American Translators Associations, and the CharteredInstitute of Linguists and the Chartered Public Relations Institute in the UK.With a Masters Degree in Linguistics from the University of Reading in the UK and hercertification in German/English translation, she is well positioned to help companies meet thedemands of the modern global economy. Coupled with certifications in public relations, adiploma in marketing communications and social media marketing, Nicole is well placed to besuccessful in helping businesses launch new multi-national marketing campaigns.
  5. 5. Memberships and Committee Positions• BDÜ (Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer –German Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association)• CIOL (Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK – CIOL German SocietyMember)• ATA (American Translators Association – German Language Divisionand Language Technology Division Member)• AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators –Marketing Committee Member, Qualifications & MembershipCommittee Member)• ALAA (Applied Linguistics Association of Australia)• The Society of Editors (Queensland)• Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand• DVÜD (Deutscher Verband der Übersetzer und Dolmetscher –German Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association)• Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, UK (Business Mentor)• Chartered Institute of Public Relations, UK (Global Affiliate Member)
  6. 6. Business Cards
  7. 7. Media Release (1) – Company Info, January 2013Translator helps bridge gap in market with unique language skillsA new Brisbane-based agency, NYA Communications, is helping Australian businesses breakinto foreign markets with expert translation and communication services.The brainchild of Nicole Y. Adams, a talented and passionate translator, writer and editor withUK, German and Australian qualifications and experience, NYA Communications works closelywith businesses and individuals worldwide using its unique English/German translation andcommunication solutions.As investors move into international markets, it becomes increasingly important to accuratelycommunicate business ideas without any local language barriers or problems with differentcommunication styles.More businesses are therefore seeking certified translators with writing flair to translate a widerange of documents, from letters to marketing collateral.NYA Communications assists organisations perfect their multilingual communications usingtheir extensive experience in marketing, PR, corporate communications, advertising andbusiness documentation.The agency also alters English language documents to suit localised idioms and spelling acrossthe United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.NYA Communications’ services also include business mentoring, public speaking and workshopsand helps organisations with business development, social media and computer-assistedtranslation (CAT) software training.The agency recently won Gold in the 2012 Australian Business Quality Awards and achieved19th place in the 2012 Top 100 Language Twitterers Competition. Nicole is also working on abook, Translation Means Business (to be published in early 2013), aimed at newly establishedsolopreneurs in the language industry.To deliver effective communications translated and tweaked for local language markets,contact NYA Communications today:info@nyacommunications.comAustralia: +61 (08) 8121 6095United Kingdom: +44 (0)20 8133 9012Germany: +49 (0)9131 8147 416
  8. 8. Media Release (2) – 20 January 2013Australian Translation Business Wins Australian Excellence Award 2013NYA Communications has been announced as the winner of the prestigious AustralianBusiness Excellence Award for Service Excellence. This award is given to businesses that havea proven track record of customer satisfaction.PRLog (Press Release) - Jan. 20, 2013 - For ten years, NYA Communications has helpedentrepreneurs to build their businesses and reach their goals. Whether youre a solopreneuror a small business owner, you can trust the experience and professionalism of NYACommunications.As the global economy continues to expand, it becomes increasingly important forentrepreneurs to take advantage of new markets and reach out across the world to attractnew clients. While social marketing and internet advertising are both great ways to begindoing this, these approaches are often limited due to language barriers which exist. In order tobreak through these limitations, many entrepreneurs have turned to the expertise oftranslation firms such as NYA Communications.Germany is the most robust economy in western Europe, with one of the highest per capitaincomes in the world and over eighty million consumers buying things daily. As such, it is awonderful market to tap for the motivated solopreneur. Reaching the German consumer,however, often requires speaking to them in their own native language. Fortunately, NYACommunications offers English to German translation services to entrepreneurs as well assmall businesses. Theyll be more than happy to translate press releases, help to develop asocial media strategy, and translate your website into the German language. As a result, thesolopreneur will have a better likelihood of success when communicating with a Germanaudience.Clients and customers, regardless of which country they originate, prefer to conduct businessin their own language; this is a proven fact. Doing so makes them feel more comfortable andtrusting. As a result, theyre more likely to do business with the company which mosteffectively communicates with them. If youre an entrepreneur who wishes to attractGerman-speaking customers yet doesnt have the effective language skills necessary to directyour own marketing efforts, then it is perhaps necessary to turn to a professional service suchas NYA Communications. Hundreds of business men and women such as yourself have foundsuccess by using this boutique translation service.For more information, contact the company through http://www.nyacommunications.com
  9. 9. Media Release (3) – 15 December 2012A Translation Business Wins Gold At The 2012 Australian Business Quality AwardsNYA Communications receives top ratings for outstanding service quality in national programrecognising success, innovation and ethics across all industry sectors.PRLog (Press Release) - Dec. 15, 2012 - Queensland, Australia -- As our global markets mature,there is a greater demand for quality translation services. This is especially true ofinternational marketing and advertising, where companies enter foreign markets in order toattract new customers. On the internet, companies must also ensure that translated pagesavailable on their websites are without potentially embarrassing mistranslations. There is littleroom for error in this highly competitive business world. Frustrating a potential customer bymaking communication difficult or impossible will only drive them to a competitor.Fortunately, NYA Communications is available for international clients seeking German andEnglish translations for business needs. This award-winning boutique business has just wonGold at the 2012 Australian Business Quality Awards, which means that clients have rated theservices offered by NYA Communications as being of high quality. Gold is the most prestigiousaward given to businesses in this category Australia and is only available to those companiesthat score 90% or higher in meeting customer service standards.NYA Communicationss translator and proprietor Nicole Y. Adams offers quality services forcompanies in Australia and elsewhere that need to translate text for public relations,marketing, advertising, corporate communications and general business purposes. She worksproactively as a partner with businesses to bring their message to a greater audience.Localisation services are also available, where a text such as an advertisement can actually betranslated and designed to appeal more to specific regions and cultures.In todays business environment, companies must seek out new ways of earning a competitiveadvantage. One of the best strategies used to accomplish this is to better understand theneeds of your customer base. For businesses who are just entering the global marketplace orfor those who are already firmly established, improving communications between thecompany and potential buyers is one of the proven ways to increase leads and sales.Entrusting the translation of your website and promotional materials to NYA Communications,who has a track record of success, will ensure the best results.NYA Communications is proud to have earned the distinction of Gold during this yearsawards. For the upcoming year, however, the business will strive to offer companies evenmore services, which will help new companies to gain a solid footing in the global marketplaceand established companies to increase market share. They do their part to make the dreamsof clients a reality.Those interested in learning more about NYA Communications by visiting the company’swebsite http://www.nyacommunications.com/en/ or calling Australia: +61 (08) 8121 6095,United Kingdom: +44 (0)20 8133 9012, or Germany: +49 (0)9131 8147 416.
  10. 10. AwardsAustralian Business Quality Awards 2012– Gold Winner Australian Excellence Award Winner 2012 – Service Excellence Top 100 Language Twitterers 2012 competition – 19th place Top 100 Language Lovers 2012 competition – 56th place Small Business of the Year: Women in Business Award Nominee 2013 – Australian Excellence Awards
  11. 11. Speaking Engagements & Presentations Nicole Y. Adams regularly presents on topics related to • freelancing • social media marketing • PR for small businesses and solopreneurs • translation business development, and • translation technology (computer-assisted translation tools).Coaching & TrainingNicole Y. Adams can be booked for online and 1:1 coachingsessions, and for group CAT tool training sessions or workshopson the above topics.
  12. 12. Books & Books Reviews The Little Book of PR for Translators: Publicity for your business on a shoestring budget “If you think PR is just for large corporations and celebrities but not for freelancers, think again! This booklet will show you some tried and tested tips on how to create a buzz around your business and get your name out there on a shoestring budget. Successful PR is the biggest exposure you can get for the smallest possible outlay as it will drive traffic to your website and ultimately boost sales. So take a look at which simple steps you can take right now to get your business talked about.” Reviewed by Readers Favorite: 5 STARS “In this delightful, professionally presented "The Little Book of PR for Translators", Nicole Adams takes the reader on a whirlwind tour that differentiates PR from marketing, and then launches into a comprehensive checklist of things a freelance language translator should do to brand himself and his service. These include things that may appear obvious, but too often overlooked, such as a media kit, press release, tracking sheet, and social media contacts. Although the booklet is targeted at translators, the advice applies equally well to small business and other professionals, such as writers. Adams uses clear, succinct language in her descriptions that are easily understood and her points make a lot of sense.”Reviewed on Goodreads:5 STARS“A priceless little book for freelancetranslators who need to tell the world theyexist. Recommended to all my colleagues.”
  13. 13. Books & Books ReviewsTime Management for Freelancers: A Self-Paced Course forFreelance Translators and Other Solopreneurs“For freelancers, time management is crucial because time is your most valuable asset.This book is designed as a self-paced course and will show you the most useful techniquesfor setting and achieving goals, how to better organise yourself and your workspace foroptimum efficiency, identify the right things to do and develop plans for doing them, andtake control of things that can disrupt your workplace productivity.” Reviewed on Amazon: 5 STARS “For everyone who is struggling to cope with day-to- day "stuff" which threatens to sink them – this is the book for you. It gives you a method to ensure you carry out real work and not dither about doing non- important "stuff". I still have too much in my in tray, but now I have a much better way of dealing with it and I know its not me being inefficient, its just that there really is too much to do. Now Im getting more of it done and Im less stressed about it.”
  14. 14. Testimonials Client Testimonials High quality translations and very prompt with delivery. Excellent translator. — Agency client, SpainAs we’ve had very time criticaltranslations to do with very special A very professional linguist -financial/stock market wording, we thank you very much. —were very pleased to receive the Translation and SEO Nicole was professional, punctualtranslations within one day, often company, New Zealand and accurate. I will have nowithin an hour, in a perfect wording. hesitation in working with herThe communication with Nicole was again. — International Languagealways a pleasure. — Direct client Service Provider High quality, very(online payment solutions provider), reliable. — LanguageGermany service provider, Switzerland A skilled linguist. Very Reliable and punctual reliable, and honest. We translator. Positive have now worked on a Great feedback from Very reliable, very fast, very couple of projects communication and customers and thorough - one of the best together, and I hope to follow-up, very colleagues alike. — translators for German- work with Nicole again responsive, friendly, Translation agency, English, and very nice! — soon! — Market research and helpful. — Germany Communications and company, USA Agency client, business development Germany company, Germany Nicole has done several Nicole is absolutely translation for me over Very professional. Quality work. reliable and very the years. She always Great communication and professional. Its always a Reliable and delivers quality and on ability to meet deadlines. — pleasure to work with her! professional time. Thanks Nicole! — Globalisation and localisation — Agency client, translator. Global language service company, USA Switzerland Excellent provider cooperation! — Extremely quick turnaround, Language service provider, USA Highly reliable and fast great communication, friendly turnaround. Nice and professional. Thanks again,Very professional, friendly and contact. Super Nicole! — Private client, UKefficient! Looking forward to translation. Willcooperating with you again! — definitely work with Business English coaching A wonderful linguist to work with. Nicole was very NYA again! —provider, Germany helpful for not just translation, but also delivering Freelance translator, the meaning of sometimes cryptic responses — Switzerland Market research company, USA
  15. 15. Testimonials Speaking and Coaching Testimonials I attended Nicoles workshop on Social Nicole presented a clear and well-organised Media Marketing yesterday and was overview of the social media most relevant to very impressed by the quality of her our needs, Proz, LinkedIn, Facebook and presentation as well as the contents Twitter, showing how to best use these to and material delivered. I would become visible to potential clients and agencies definitely attend another of her as well as to maintain a more business-like workshops and recommend her association with colleagues globally. [...] This services to any language professional. workshop gave beginners and initiated users — Social media workshop participant alike valuable tips plus structured notes to follow from home. — Social media workshop participant, review published in NAATI News Ive enjoyed attending Nicoles workshop on Social Media Marketing, it was informative, veryNicole is an excellent mentor and has well documented and lively. During the workshop,taught me so much over the previous I identified a few ideas I could act on rapidly andyear by supporting me to establish my food for thought for later too. I definitelyown business. She is a true professional recommend Nicole as a trainer, she was open,with creativity, who is always open to thorough, attentive to her audience andshare her expertise and experience convincing. One of her advantages is that she talkswith colleagues and peers. — P. Junge, from experience, she is walking the talk, whichAustralia makes her presentation even more interesting. — Social media workshop participant Nicole has been a great help getting my business off the Nicole gave a very ground back in 2009 and has informative and provided me with invaluable comprehensive support throughout the process presentation on social Nicole Adams presents demonstrations of and beyond. Her business and media marketing for computer-aided translation (CAT) tools to marketing insights were language professionals small groups. This workshop demonstrated extremely useful, and I can’t yesterday [...] in the popular market newcomer, MemoQ. recommend her highly enough Adelaide. — Social Attendees were treated to an excellent as a mentor for new translators. media workshop summary of the tool’s features with screen- — M. Mueller, UK participant by-screen explanations, information on what the tool can do and how it compares with similar products in performance and support.Thanks very much. [...] The presentation was quite clear, Those who had not yet used CAT tools leftsmoothly presented and understandable. You planned it with a gleam in their eye! — MemoQ trainingwell and delivered it well. — Social media workshop participant, review published in NAATI Newsparticipant
  16. 16. ArticlesThe following articles by Nicole Y. Adams have been published inrenowned translation trade journals, specialist online publications andwebsites: • ‘Self-management for freelancers’, published in the July 2012 issue of the ATA Chronicle (PDF) • ‘Translating in the age of social media’, published in AUSIT’s InTouch Winter 2012 issue (PDF) • ‘Unterwegs übersetzen’, published in Issue 2/2012 of BayernInfo, the magazine of the Bavarian branch of the German Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association (BDÜ) (PDF) • ‘Networking to boost your business’, published in the Summer 2012 issue of ‘interaktiv’, the newsletter of the German Language Division of the American Translators Association (ATA) (PDF) • ‘Ten typical mistakes start-up freelance translators should avoid’, published in AUSIT’s InTouch Spring 2012 issue (PDF) • ‘Zehn typische Fehler’, published on the DVÜD website • ‘Getting things done – a simple step to boost your efficiency’, published on Proz.com • ‘So what do you do? Top tips for professional translators’, guest post on Polaron Language Services’ blog
  17. 17. Interviews & PressNicole Y. Adams has been interviewed for and featured in the followingpublications:• ‘Meet the Professionals – The Translator: Nicole Y. Adams’, published inBabel – The Language Magazine, Issue No. 2, February 2013 (PDF)• Interviewed for the Flying Solo ‘Spotlight’ series• Featured on ‘A Mentor’s Story’ on the Institute of Enterprise andEntrepreneurs’ Get Mentoring website• ’1 Linguist, 3 Questions with Nicole Y. Adams’, featured on the SpeechMarks Translation blog• Featured member story on SavvyySME• Featured in the Saturday Small Business Chat series published byLibroEditing• Interviewed about corporate branding on BrandingYouBetter• Guest post on using social media for business on the Plonked socialmedia blog• Interviewed by leading business ethics expert and professional speakerC. Gallagher• Proz.com August 2012 Newsletter, featured my article on ‘Networkingto boost your business’
  18. 18. Photos
  19. 19. ContactNicole Y. Adams, M.A.Email: info@nyacommunications.comWeb: www.nyacommunications.comTwitter: @NYAcommFacebook: facebook.com/NYAcommunicationsLinkedIn: linkedin.com/nya78Telephone (direct): +61 (0)488 050902