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KLC Workshop

  1. 1. Welcome to the New Hybrid KLC! Fall 2009
  2. 2. Searching 3 types of searches: * Keyword * Browse *Advanced
  3. 4. Searching New (or unfamiliar) features: * check boxes * info bubbles
  4. 6. Searching Best search types for Z targets: * Title * Author * Subject * ISBN
  5. 8. Searching For faster searching: * try Kansas Main Catalog first * then try other resources * use ISBNs whenever possible
  6. 9. Searching Use these only in Kansas Main and other AG resources: * Browse * Scoping * Limit by material type, language, date, etc. * Number searches other than ISBN
  7. 11. Searching On results screen: * Zeros means target is down or doesn't have any matching items * To check if a site is down, try Keyword Title search for KANSAS * Don't report sites that are down unless down several days
  8. 13. Searching * Once results are back, combine results using Results Display Mode drop-down * Will only combine results on initial screen, not all records for title/ISBN * After combining results, clicking on title will show first library listed; see different versions by clicking on other libraries
  9. 16. Searching Main thing to remember for ILL: Find a record with an ISBN and AGent will do the rest
  10. 17. Customizing Screens 3 main places to customize: *My Preferences *PAC Admin – Search Resources *PAC Admin – Manage Search Settings
  11. 18. Customizing Screens My Preferences – use this to set: * # of items on brief display list * default sort within resources * default search type * default search indexes * locally-useful web links Can be different for each user
  12. 21. Customizing Screens PAC Admin: Search Resources – use this to: * select/deselect resources * set default search resources * add reference databases * set order in which resources appear
  13. 25. Customizing Screens PAC Admin: Manage Search Settings - use to customize left pane on search results screen *width *elements to display *whether elements are expanded or collapsed
  14. 27. ILL Requesting When a request is submitted: * goes to Awaiting Lenders while AG searches behind the scenes for other lenders * then to Awaiting Approval (mediated) or Pending at the first lender (unmediated)
  15. 29. ILL Requesting Requesting multiple copies: * instead of Request This Item , use Multi-copy Request on left side under ILL Options * AGent will search for all potential lenders - may take several seconds * enter # of copies needed in box under Lender List box * # of copies needed must be < or = number of holders
  16. 32. ILL Requesting Handy hint! If you really want to know what lenders will be on the lender list for a request, use Multi-Copy Request and leave # of copies needed at 1.
  17. 33. ILL Requesting A note to Z target lenders: If we access you as a Z target and requests with ISBNs for items checked out (or otherwise unavailable for ILL) aren't bypassing you, let us know: * your library code * the ISBN in the request * the exact status in your local system (including capitalization and punctuation)
  18. 34. Cataloging For libraries in Kansas Main, find records in this order : * Kansas Main, use Add a Holding * Library of Congress, use Add a Record * other Z targets, use Add a Record
  19. 38. Cataloging For libraries who are not Z-targets (cont.): After you add your holding and copy the record to Kansas Main (if needed), you can add to your cart to download to your local catalog.
  20. 39. Cataloging For libraries who are Z-targets: Follow standard practice, especially in * 020 * 1xx * 24x * 6xx Use local notes (59x) & local subject headings (69x)
  21. 40. Cataloging For libraries who are Z targets (cont.): You can access Kansas Main as a Z target; e-mail Rhonda or Jeff If you want to access other Kansas Z targets, contact each library for info.
  22. 41. More Questions? Contact: Rhonda <rmachlan@kslib.info> Jeff <jeffh@kslib.info> Patti <pattib@kslib.info> 800/296-3296