Webinar - Improve Corporate Performance with Manufacturing Intelligence


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The recent MESA study Performance Improvement and Metrics Practices highlighted the superior business performance by companies who actively leverage Manufacturing Intelligence (MI). The study’s author, Ted Bobkowski, reveals how forward-thinking manufacturers can prepare themselves to incorporate these gains into their own companies.

Mr. Bobkowski will discuss:
• The use of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and MI to yield larger increases in profit and quality;
• Aligning metrics across the organization to develop more productive management at all levels;
• Clear definition of the metrics and understanding the source data to ensure accuracy and buy in from all departments.

By developing “One Version of the Truth”, improving communications, and delivering real-time decision support, an organization will better understand the relationships and impact of one variable or metric on another and how to optimize production accordingly. The manufacturing intelligence ultimately results in increased process performance including higher throughput and quality.


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Webinar - Improve Corporate Performance with Manufacturing Intelligence

  1. 1. Improve Corporate Performance with Manufacturing Intelligence Webinar May 31, 2012
  2. 2. Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association MissionGlobal community for improving OperationsManagement capabilities with effective technology solutionsBest practices & guidance to drive greater productivity &overall profitability of manufacturing enterpriseGlobal education program to educate manufacturingoperations on best practicesFacilitate innovation, collaboration & understanding for real-time enterprise & Plant to Enterprise (P2E) integrationConnect members to contribute & exchange strategies foroperations excellence 2 Visit: www.mesa.org
  3. 3. MESA International Waiting for you in MESA is…  A world-class Resource Library of valuable articles, whitepapers, Guidebooks and more  Member companies and individuals in 89 countries  Industrys only independent, professional Global Education Program supported by the global MESA community  A seat at the table to contribute to the dialogue shaping the solutions to drive Operations Excellence for the next 20 years! 3
  4. 4. MOM/MES PreparationGood practice elements as revealed in MESA –Industry Week study  Metrics Alignment is critical  Real time info close to Decision Makers  Understand data at lowest level  Single use of data for multiple metrics/transactions
  5. 5. Metrics Alignment
  6. 6. Metrics AlignmentBuilt from bottom to top and related to what each levelis capable of managing/impacting* Five key metrics per area seen as a success factor* Not found to be normal* Focus and review Daily* Holding departments accountable for performance that they can impact, not what others do
  7. 7. Real Time Metrics
  8. 8. Understand the DataImplementing metrics on the plant floor is challenging and very beneficial  Language barriers  Adjustments to automated data  Start Manual is the most acknowledged success method  Review and focus DAILY!
  9. 9. Continual FocusStandards and discipline to follow, focus and useinformation Every Day  A measure that is routine and only reviewed & addressed when out of line is reactive  Knowing and ensuring the measure is met and practices in place to ensure it is proactive  Trends and proactive approaches/leading indicators are still opportunities for most companies  Rate of change  Trending toward the lower end of rate, but within expectations
  10. 10. Multiple Use of DataEnter once, use multiple times  Educating and validating source data usage  Bags consumed is for inventory and financials  Bags per minute is for efficiency, performance, improvement opportunities  Track and Trace for recall by lot number
  11. 11. Profit and Quality Increase* Companies report significant use of Lean and Six Sigma – data intensive efforts for success* Companies report Product Quality increases as well as profit – even with economy concerns/issues* Larger increase in profit and quality through use of MES/MOM/EMI
  12. 12. Infrastructure and Organization What is needed to have in place for EMI success  Discipline is Key – have it or prepare for it  Historian  Master Data organization and understanding  Data available near real time to the decision makers  More prevalent to have weekly/monthly report reviews  TOO LATE  Metrics that drive the Right Behaviors
  13. 13. Discipline Most successful implementation is having the policies and practices in place and consistent  Minimal adjustment to the rules Implementing MOM/MES to implement Discipline is manageable, but takes effort of all to drive to the final expectation
  14. 14. Historian* Master data structure, content, change management is the basis for success* Significant use and presence of MOM/MES data historians reported* Historian of detailed data, definition of point in time, average or high/low range and period measured over
  15. 15. Understanding from Top to Bottom Understanding from top to middle managers and to operators and vice versa * Perception is reality * Management not committed – operator * Infrastructure/resources needed – management * Both want same result * Communication is imperative
  16. 16. Right Behaviors for Results Expected  Reduced data entry/logs allowing more focus on process, cleaning and improvements  Reduced error correction  Reduced Learning Curve  Improved Profit  Quicker/better identification of Root Cause  Improved Quality  Track and Trace accuracy
  17. 17. Learning Curve* BOM, RECIPE * More consistent operations across shifts/days* PROCESS Alarms * Knowledge of variation from standard Real Time as opposed to Post Production
  18. 18. ProfitCompanies with MOM/MES increased profits morethan those without
  19. 19. Time to Root CauseImproved time to Root Cause and accuracy of solution * Mechanical * Training * Process Capability
  20. 20. One Version of the TruthA very powerful benefit for teamwork, communicationand problem solving* Correlated and related data to different metrics and process performance * Single data source in to multiple metrics * Increased process knowledge and understanding * Increased understanding of relationships and impact of one variable or metric on another, horizontally, vertically and aggregated
  21. 21. Gap Analysis/Conclusion Metrics Alignment Discipline One Version of the Truth Larger comparable increase  Profit  Quality  Response time
  22. 22. MESA Courses Designed To:• HELP !!!!!!! • Create Guidance – Federal regulation – Governance – Customer demands – Standards – The CFO demands better cost – Link business to Operations controlling measures metrics – We need better accountability – Models for guidance – We need to be greener – Transformation Road mapping – We MUST prove better quality – Foundational MES selection – Why do we need this? guidelines – How can we justify this? – Mfg 2.0 what’s next – Business justification
  23. 23. Options to Help MESA Metrics Guidebook MESA Global Education Program  MES/MOM Awareness and Certification MESA working group for MES ROI
  24. 24. Two Programs* MESA Certificate of Competency (CoC) for MES/MOM * 4-day, comprehensive program of MES/MOM Methodologies courses aimed at: * Systems Analysts, Architects, Programmers, Project Managers and Consultants* MESA Certificate of Competency (CoC) for MES/MOM * 2-day, high-level program of MES/MOM Business Awareness Functions courses geared for : * Executives, Manufacturing/operations, IT personnel and sales professionals * The CoA courses are higher level, short versions of the CoC program
  25. 25. Thank YouQuestions?