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Gdi Media Kit

  1. 1. global document imaging Superior Service for Superior Clients.
  2. 2. Mission Statement Global Document Imaging strives to lead the industry stan- dards in digital imagining by providing the highest degree of customer care and superior quality of service for our clients. We vow that every endeavor will be treated with the utmost care, respect and confidentially. What is Digital Imaging/Data Management/ Digital Archiving and what can it do for you? • Digital Imaging is the process of converting paper files and documentation into digital Images. • Data Management is the process of categorization of paper or electronic documents creating a archive of data which is organized and accessible for your business. • Digital Archiving is the process of arranging digital images or documents in a manner that is easily retrievable and securely stored for future reference. The advantages of these options all offer significant benefits for your business. • Optimal efficiency of data access. • Reduction of wasted time and labor. • Elimination of document degradation. • Protection from catastrophe whether it be earthquake, fire, flood, or other type of disaster. • Reduction or elimination of on-site physical storage. global 315 Meigs Road, Suite 265 • Santa Barbara, CA 93109 805.585.3751 x 301 • document imaging
  3. 3. Alarming Facts Services Rendered • The average document gets copied 19 times Digital Imaging • It costs an average of $20 in labor to file a • All paper documents and records converted into digital data document, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document and $220 in labor to reproduce a lost files in format of client’s choice document. o Searchable PDF • 7.5% percent of all documents get lost, 3 percent of the remainder get misfiled. o JPEG • Staffs spend 5 to 15 percent of their time o Tiff reading information and up to 50 percent of their time looking for it. • Files are catalogued and indexed per client’s specifications to • There are over 4 trillion paper documents in the allow for maximum ease of document retrieval & utilization U.S. alone – growing at a rate of 22 percent per year. • Secure , online access 24/7 365 days a year of all documents • The average worker spends 400 hours a year archived into digital format per client’s request searching for lost documents. • Off-Site retention of all digital archives in state of the art data * Sources: Cooper & Lybrand, Inc. Magazine, Fujitsu warehousing facility with multiple daily backups to ensure safety and preservation of all records The Bottom Line • DOD level destruction and shredding of all paper documents GDI provides: per client’s request • Advanced technology • Off-Site, Secure physical storage of client’s documents in a • Expert Staff maximum security facility utilizing state of the art Physical and Electronic Security including electronic access control, high • High level security servers definition security cameras, and climate controlled storage • Customer dedication of the highest degree Company Benefits: • Time saved • Labor saved • Digital abilities (email, search, etc) • Highly secured data • Remote access from anywhere there is internet • Data backed up to protect from any incidents that may occur. global 315 Meigs Road, Suite 265 • Santa Barbara, CA 93109 805.585.3751 x 301 • document imaging
  4. 4. The Global Document Imaging Process Global Document Imaging provides a solution at any point of digital imaging for your business. The GDI process: GDI will provide a complimentary demonstration conversion for up to 200 sheets of documentation in your required format. Your sample will be converted in accordance with the exact protocol utilized for large-scale production projects. The physical process of conversion: 1) Prior to shipping, the document storage containers are handled with the utmost care. Packing tape is used to secure the storage container and then labeled with a unique bar code which is tracked through our proprietary database creating a Chain of Custody for your documentation. 2) Documents would then be transported by GDI to the processing center. If any documentation is needed for active use, GDI will immediately scan and email the requested document back to the client. 3) Before processing the documents into digital form, the data will be organized and indexed per client specifications with each storage container inspected by a manager and prepped for scanning. After electronic conversion of the document, the client can have the documents returned, stored, or shredded. 4) GDI uses Enterprise level electronic conversion equipment to provide optimal digitization of your documentation. This results in extremely high accuracy levels. 5) According to the clients needs, documents can be indexed for easy search. 6) All processed information is reviewed by a production manager for quality before progressing. Processed data is reviewed at regular intervals to maintain accuracy. 7) The finalized processed data is converted according to the client’s desired format (PDF, JPEG, Tiff, etc...) 8) The information is delivered by CD, DVD, Portable hard drive or direct download from our secure servers. 9) The documents are then shredded, stored, or returned as per clients instructions* *Shredding of documentation is placed on hold for 30 days prior to destruction to give clients time to review the information. Off Site Back-Up and Web Access Backing up all of your digital information onto GDI managed secure 128 bit encrypted servers mirrors your database. Your information is protected from any failure or incidents that might occur to your office or data infrastructure. This service will ensure against catastrophes, accidents, daily human error, etc. This feature also allow for remote access and search of your secured data. GDI utilizes the same security practices and technology as banks and other online financial institutions. global 315 Meigs Road, Suite 265 • Santa Barbara, CA 93109 805.585.3751 x 301 • document imaging
  5. 5. Flow Chart TRAnSPORT TRACkInG ✓ COnFIRMATIOn OF InTAkE PROCESS FOR PRODUCTIOn Physical prep Page counting Index & computer prep PRODUCTIOn QUALITY ASSURAnCE Page verification, Common word search, proper formatting DOCUMEnTATIOn IS hAnDLED PER CLIEnTS’ InSTRUCTIOn (ShREDDED, RETURnED, OR STORED) The data is converted to the proper format per client specification *Shredding of documentation is placed on hold for 30 days prior to destruction to give clients time to review the information global 315 Meigs Road, Suite 265 • Santa Barbara, CA 93109 805.585.3751 x 301 • document imaging
  6. 6. Thank you. On behalf of Global Document Imaging, we would like to thank you for considering us to fulfill your Digital Imaging needs and hope that a relationship of efficiency and growth will develop from our collaboration. global 315 Meigs Road, Suite 265 • Santa Barbara, CA 93109 805.585.3751 x 301 • document imaging