Ryde Nursing Practice Network: Web 2.0 in action
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Ryde Nursing Practice Network (Joseph, Hunt, & Elsmore)


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AIM: To provide Ryde Hospital Nursing staff with a Web 2.0 site to disseminate information from Ryde Hospital Nurse Educators and Ryde Library Staff to be linked through the NSCCAHS Internet site for interactive information access.

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Ryde Nursing Practice Network (Joseph, Hunt, & Elsmore)

  1. 1. Ryde Nursing Practice Network: Web 2.0 in action References Kenneth Joseph Verena Hunt 1 and Valerie Elsmore 1 2 , Bertulis, R & Lord, J. The Royal College of Nursing’s information needs survey of nurses and health professionals. Library & Information Research 2006; 30(94): 74-76. 1 Douglas Piper (RNSH) & Ryde Hospital Library Service, IM&T, Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Bradley, P. How to use Web 2.0 in your library. London: Facet Publishing; 2007:122-131. Brisco, S. Which wiki is right for you: a close look at the three top software choices. School Library Journal 2007; 2 Nurse Education Unit, Ryde Hospital, Northern Sydney Central Coast Health 53(5):78-79. Which Web 2.0 tool? Pros and Cons of PBwiki Why was this resource developed? (Bradley, 2007) (Brisco, 2007) 1. We wanted to provide a dynamic resource via First consideration was which Web 2.0 tool would be the new “point and click” editing option - interface most suitable. ‘mirrors’ a word processor which pertinent information could be disseminated “one click ability” to backup the entire wiki from nurse educators/ library staff to nurses em- Key aspects considered included the following: recent inclusion of new plugins and widgets such as ployed on the Ryde campus. We wanted the user spreadsheet and calendar – required by nursing edu- group to become pro-active and ‘shape’ the re- cation staff to organise journal club etc. • opportunity for participants to add, edit and comment on choice of advertisement free content source to their collective liking and preferences. use of password to regulate access and track editing • simplicity of use (e.g. user interface) 2. Nursing staff are ‘time-poor’ (Bertulis & Lord, email notification of changes • requirement to know HTML 2006). Therefore, this user group would serve as a ‘geared’ towards educators eg quick creation of syl- • price suitable ‘test case’ to examine the feasibility, labi for courses • ability to regulate access for addition and editing of con- it is free value and effectiveness of the use of Web 2.0 re- tent sources in a health library environment. only 10MB worth of space allocated on free hosted It was decided that a wiki would be the Web 2.0 tool of 3. Opportunity for library staff to gain experience in wikis – insert a number of multimedia files and allo- choice in the creation of this resource. Next choice was to examination, evaluation and creation of Web 2.0 cation disappears rapidly choose a wiki hosting site as it was not feasible to set up not quite WYSIWYG particularly with required and resources. our own wiki on our server Some of the above mentioned desired presence of side bar aspects were again used to decide which wiki hosting site available toolbars seem to be limited with regards to should be used. Therefore, we chose PBwiki (Peanut Butter accessible features (eg absence of full justification) wiki) as host. Where to next? • Provide nursing staff with access to wiki via NUMs/Nurse Educators at Ryde • Obtain feedback as to their need, suitability of medium, ease of access • Assess feedback and if necessary change Web 2.0 tool of use to another eg a blog and create a new template • Once resource tool is finalised discuss with Knowledge Manager, IM&T with regards to standardisation and feasibility of incorporation into NSCCH Intranet Acknowledgements Thanks to Agnes Wroblewski for obtaining ILLs, Mary Grimmond for proofreading and organising access to Microsoft Publisher and Alyson Dalby for advice and assistance regarding content and layout. kjoseph@nsccahs.health.nsw.gov.au | vahunt@nsccahs.health.nsw.gov.au | velsmore@nsccahs.health.nsw.gov.au