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  1. 1. Car Auction© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  2. 2. IntroductionAbout Car AuctionLive URL : Not shared by clientDemo URL : website is completely an car auction application. Here user of the car canfirst register himself and then add details about his car he want to sell. user willpromote his auction online. The auction must have expiry date. Once theauction has expired user has to decide at which maximum price he has to sellhis car to which another user. All the details about the car like fuelefficiency, model, engine, kilometers are available. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  3. 3. IntroductionAudienceThe main target from the website are the users who wants to buy/sell cars. Alsothe users will be able to know the best present price of their vehicle directlyfrom the web. This website allow user to auction of large quantities of productsor services as part of a single auction. User who want to sell his car can adddetails of his car with image uploaded and then promote his auction in thewebsite. Then that auction is seen by another users of the website and theyplace their bids to get hold of that car. The person who places the highest bid isnormally given the product. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  4. 4. ScopeCar Auction ScopeThis project scope is to provide auction of cars on-line. User have to registerhimself for using the application. User can search any type of car he want tobuy and place a bid on it. The seller user advertise his product by addingnecessary details and uploaded image of the car. The application have a expirydate of the particular auction. The user has to place bid before the expiry dateof the auction. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  5. 5. FeaturesCar Auction Main Features•Products: In will include listing of various types and models of car, which areon auction. User can view the product detail such as:i. Kilometerii. Bodyiii. Fuel typeiv. Enginev. Stereo descriptionvi. Featuresvii. price© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  6. 6. Features•Searching: User can search any type and model of car he want to buy and canplace bid on it.•Latest car feature: User can view the latest cars on the home page and cansee their details by clicking on the image of car.•User login: User must have to register himself before using the application.•Multiple car auction: User is provided with the option of placing auction onmore than one car on single auction.•Category feature: User can view listing of different categories of car such asnew car, old car and machinery of car.© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  7. 7. Technology Stack Type Name Operating System windows Web Server Apache Database MySQL Server Side Scripting PHP CMS/Framework CakePHP Client Side Scripting HTML, CSS, jQuery,AJax© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  8. 8. Thank YouNetSet Software Pvt. LtdEmpowering Innovation With Excellence!!www.netsetsoftware.comPhone: +91-172-6541211Email: © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd