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Lva I Brochure

Lva I Brochure



Fair integrity assessment platform for HR needs

Fair integrity assessment platform for HR needs



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    Lva I Brochure Lva I Brochure Document Transcript

    • Precise information for better recruitmentLVA-i HR integrity assessment systems
    • Fair integrity assessment for your human resources needs LVA-i is an interactive evaluation platform using Nemesysco’s LVA7 technology for voice analysis, designed to assist management with their decision making process by providing accurate, unbiased and readily available information. LVA-i measures the emotional content and the “integrity risk” potential of a person being tested in various topics, allowing the tested parties to express themselves freely in a natural speaking form and in the language they are most comfortable with. The system supports both fully automated computerized testing, as well as operator assisted over-the-phone examination of remote parties using scripted protocols. The LVA-i test report includes a clear and easy to understand Integrity Risk score for each of the tested topics, with additional values and warnings that can be used as supportive indications for the eventual follow-up interviews. Made to fit all sizes LVA-i is a scalable system available in different conf igurations, designed to support any size and type of organization, from SMB’s to • Private businesses, network chains, medium size organizations multi-national scale networks, from special units to armed forces and • Banks, insurance companies and call centers police recruitment, from a stand- • Army, police and special units recruitment alone unit to multi-sites server • Guards and private security firms based solutions. • Government and recruiting agencies LVA-i is not a “Lie-Detector” LVA-i uses a structured questioning methodology and analyzes free speech answers (Not “Yes/No”) to generate an overall Risk Report per tested topic, based on plurality of repeating indications identified in the relevant questions. This analysis model ensures highly accurate information to be used in the follow-up interview. Looking for repeating indications - Illustration2
    • LVA-i tests modes & scriptsLVA-i can perform a test in What is an Integritytwo modes of operation: Test?• In the Automated Test mode the candidate is seated in a quiet room Integrity tests attempt to measure in front of the LVA-i computer terminal. Using the screen and the LVA-i the potential and personal phone-like handset, the system will present the selected questionnaire, acceptance of undesired or automatically advancing to the next question once a proper voice unlawful behaviors. LVA-i’s Integrity response was recorded. Risk result reflects the probable• In the Telephone Test mode an operator will assist the test procedure risk of the tested party acting in a manner that might expose your with a remote party, reading the script’s questions from his screen. organization to danger. Automated Test mode Telephone Test mode Use LVA-i for: • Pre-employment screening • Periodical veracity tests and “Honesty maintenance” • Special event tests in theThe LVA-i package contains several standard employment scripts for both organization (Theft, Confidentialthe phone and the automated modes. These scripts contain questions in information leakage, etc…)the classical and most relevant topics (theft, drug abuse, etc.). Custom • Security clearancemade scripts can be created as needed. • Employees satisfaction surveysThe LVA-i test report is automatically generated using the analysis of the LVA-i integrates unique voicesubject’s responses to the scripted questions in the different topics. analysis technology with carefully designed sets of investigative LVA-i Automated Report Logic questions to identify repeating emotional indications surrounding Topic 1 relevant questions to produce Question 1 its assessment. The system’s Question 2 standard questionnaires are Question 3 specifically designed to scan the candidates’ personal history, test Topic 2 the consistency of their opinions at Question 1 present and determine the level of Question 2 their commitment to the future. Question 3 Topic 3 Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 3
    • The Automated Test Mode LVA-i automated questionnaires are based on Adobe Flash™ technology, Conducting an automated test - providing flexible, rich multi-media step by step presentation and advanced options Preparing the applicant for the test Before any test procedure, it is increationofuniquequestionnaires. Each questionnaire is divided into important the tested party receives full instructions about the test different topics, each containing procedures and objectives. Test candidates are provided with a “consent a number of questions covering a form” explaining the topics and nature of questions to be asked, and allow specific issue. The questions are the candidate to ask any clarification questions or even quit. presented to the candidates both textually and vocally one after the Step 1: The LVA-i operator ensures that the testing room is clean and other. quiet, and initiates the test from the management panel. The operator fills in the candidate’s details and selects the relevant test questionnaire. The standard tests contain the A click on the “Start Test” button loads the testing interface and locks the following topics: management panel. • Confidentiality and Secrecy • Theft from Place of Employment • Credibility and Criminal Tendencies • Bribery and Kickbacks • Fraud and Deceit • Drug Usage • Alcohol Usage • Gambling Step 2: The candidate enters the examination room and sits in front of the LVA-i monitor. The operator explains the test procedure and leaves the room, allowing the candidate to complete the test in privacy. Step 3: The candidate selects the test language from the available set and confirm his personal details. As the test progresses, the candidate has to answer a series of questions, one after the other. Step 4: Once the test has been completed, the candidate leaves the room and the LVA-i returns to standby mode. At this time, the HR Manager can4 log in and review the test report in preparation for a follow-up interview. No further operation or analysis is required from the manager.
    • LVA-i Phone Test modeSpecially designed questionnaires for telephone interviews are also included with the LVA-i software. Unlikethe automatic questionnaire, this questionnaire is designed in a form of conversation script where the operatorreads through the pre-scripted questions one after the other, leading the candidate throughout the entire testprocedure.Step 1: The operator ensures the candidate on the otherend of the line is in a quiet location and understands thenature of the test.Step 2: The operator fills in the candidate’s details andselects the test to be performed.Step 3: LVA-i opens the “Conversation Management”screen and loads the selected script. The operatorreads through the script as it appears on his screen,one question after the other. The system monitors theconversation and analyzes the candidate’s answers.Step 4: Once the test has been completed, the LVA-ireport is created and added to the database. No further 5operation or analysis is required from the manager.
    • LVA-i Reports and Management System Selecting a case file from the different database views opens the relevant LVA-i report. The analyses records use a risk scoring and color codes for easy review of the results: Test results LVA-i report screen is made of several tabs, providing different levels of information. The General Info tab displays the candidates’ details and a clear color coded reading of the topics’ risk analysis results. In addition, the main tab displays the operator’s assessment (if applicable) and a highlighted “Warnings Log”. The risk analysis results are based on the specific script topics, summarizing the analysis indications from all the specific topic’s questions. The 5 risk level indications range from low (a single green block) to high risk (5 red blocks). The Details tab This screen provides the user with a deeper analysis of the test results, divided into the topics and questions. Use this screen to further examine “High Risk” answers, and cross references in topics that may reveal additional information. Final reports tab Following review, managers can add their comments and observations to be included in the test file and printed reports. Playback (optional) Where applicable by law, LVA-i allows you to record the whole test. When selecting a specific answer or segment the player will play the relevant section, and will show the selected portion location on the bar below the slider. Who can operate LVA-i? The LVA-i analysis process is fully automated. It was designed to operate with minimal training and requires no specific technical or theoretical6 expertise for standard operation.
    • Periodical clearance and Automated postspre-employment screeningfor security organizationsLVA-i tests offer a very flexible, highly accurate and cost-effective solutionfor veracity and psychological evaluation of operational forces andsensitive positions’ recruitment. Used for threat estimation in selectedtopics of interest with current employees and employment candidates,LVA-i is an essential recruiting tool for any security organizations/agenciesand for in-house security departments conducting periodical clearances. Phone posts• Highly cost-effective solution for integrity assessment• Completely automated assessment process• Customized questionnaires designed for various specific needs• Can detect unsuitable emotional profiles for sensitive tasks and positions (when using specially designed questionnaires)• Intuitive and easy to understand reports• Enhance security and safety of the employees and the organization’s Manager seat environment• Promote fair hiring practices by providing unbiased assessments• Language-independent: analyzes responses in any language• Easily operated by everyone - Full training of the LVA-i platform operation takes less than a single day! Professional seats WEB Suitable for all sizes of organizations From a single post service provider to multi-sites international installations Remote centersLegal noteRisk detection using LVA technology has been found to be effective inreducing organization’s exposure to unlawful acts and deter fraudsters;however, this kind of testing should only be performed in accordance withthe pertinent local laws and regulations.Please consult with your legal advisor for the applicable regulations inyour region. 7
    • About Nemesysco Nemesysco Ltd. is the leading provider of voice analysis and emotion detection technologies, for defense and civilian markets. Nemesysco’s LVA (Layered Voice Analysis) technology detects the emotional content of a conversation, in real-time or from recorded materials, enabling analysis of different types of stress, cognitive processes and various emotional reactions. Nemesysco’s products are implemented in a wide variety of applications for law enforcement, homeland security, insurance and banks fraud prevention, employee screening, call center quality monitoring, healthcare and entertainment. Nemesysco is a privately held company, founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Netanya, Israel. Nemesysco Service Centre Africa (Pty) Ltd.: +27 21 851 5859 | : +27 82 698 1369 |: jkvd@nemesysco.co.za PO Box 3932 Somerset West 7129, South Africa © Copyright 2011 Nemesysco Ltd. All rights reserved.