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How Did The Idea Of Manifest Destiny Help

How Did The Idea Of Manifest Destiny Help






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    How Did The Idea Of Manifest Destiny Help How Did The Idea Of Manifest Destiny Help Presentation Transcript

    • How did the idea of manifest destiny help bring out the expansion of the U.S. By: Andrez, Douglas, Jashaun, & Alexis
    • President James Polk
      • President Polk was a president that won the election because he believed in Manifest Destiny.
      • His major slogan was 54’40 or fight!
      • This slogan meant that he was willing to fight to make manifest destiny complete. 54’40 were the coordinates just right above the boarder between Canada and the U.S.
    • Manifest Destiny
      • The belief that the united states should go westward to the pacific ocean.
      • This also meant that states would soon be made all over the U.S.
      • This would soon lead to many problems along the way.
    • Achieving Texas
      • The Mexicans used to own Texas.
      • The Mexicans where lead by a leader known as Santa Anna.
      • He was a very cruel dictator and ruler.
    • Battle of the Alamo
      • There was only 108 of Americans ready to fight against the Mexican army, which had about 6,000 men.
      • They fought for 12 days, but on the 13 th day the Mexicans stormed them and every American there was killed by the Mexicans.
    • Sam Huston
      • Sam Huston had gathered an army of Americans at the city of Golden ridge.
      • They caught Santa Anna, and they forced him to sign a treaty stating that they had the right to own Texas.
      • People admired Huston as the leader of the army.
    • The Lone Star Country
      • Texas asked to become a state right after they had won the battle for the territory. The U.S. turned around and said no because they didn’t need another slaved state.
      • The people decided it would be their own country for a while. They nominated Sam to be the president.
    • The Gadsden Purchase
      • President Polk bought a state owned by Mexico, and this completed Manifest destiny.
      • President Polk Kept his word that if he were elected president, he would make Manifest Destiny happen.
    • That’s it
      • Thanks for viewing!