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Chapter 12 Vocab
Chapter 12 Vocab
Chapter 12 Vocab
Chapter 12 Vocab
Chapter 12 Vocab
Chapter 12 Vocab
Chapter 12 Vocab
Chapter 12 Vocab
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Chapter 12 Vocab


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  • 1. Manifest Destiny 1818- 1853 Tamera, Ashton, Dylan, Jaimen
  • 2. How did the idea of Manifest Destiny help bring about the expansion of the United States?
    • During the 1840’s the quest for a better chance and more living room, continued to excite the American imagination. By 1860 some 4.3 million people had settled in the trans-Mississippi West.
    • Most of these settlers and adventures sought out to exploit the many economic opportunities afforded by the new lands.
    • Local Trappers and farmers, miners and merchants, hunters, ranchers, teachers, domestics, and prostitutes, among others headed westward seeking their fortunes.  Others sought religious freedom of new converts to Christianity.
  • 3. Manifest Destiny
    • The idea that the U.S. needed to make a move to fulfill their destiny in extending the U.S. boundaries from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
    • In the 1840’s a New York newspaper editor, John O’Sullivan published this idea of a national mission
  • 4. Manifest Destiny Above: 1848 print, General Lewis Cass Left: Mistress of Manifest Destiny
  • 5. Emigrant
    • People who leave the United States to live in another country are called Emigrants.
    • After the depression of the late 1830’s, people formed societies to make plans to emigrate to the Oregon Country .
  • 6. Decree
    • A decree is an official order by the government.
    • In 1830, the Mexican government issued a decree that stopped all immigration from the U.S.
  • 7. Boomtown
    • Boomtown is a community experiencing a sudden growth in business or population.
    • 1849: Big Boom of gold diggers, speculators and merchants move to California.
    • Most who kept the money were merchants.
    • Levis 1873.
    • 80% of people who came to CA during the gold rush were American. There were also people form Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia & China.
  • 8. Vigilante
    • Vigilantes are citizens who take the law into their own hands.
    • Gold Mining Camps in California had no organized government. Therefore, vigilantes acted as police, judge, jury & sometimes executioner.
    • California would not form official governments until after it became a state in 1850.