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the civil war

the civil war

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  • 1. The Civil War
    By: Dakota Hull, Dallas Hull, and Brianna Winton
  • 2. The advantages of the north
    The north had more of everything
    Best military, generals, and they were for fighting for something they believed in
    They had large numbers of men
  • 3. The south’s advantages
    • They were fighting defense
    • 4. They had a general named Robert E. Lee
    • 5. They knew the land
    • 6. And they were fighting for there rights on their land
  • The early years of the war
    • The south had won most of the battle due to the knowledge of the land and fighting skills
    • 7. Soon into the war the had been assigned a new general named Robert E. Lee
  • Anaconda plan
    This was the plan that the north was going to use during the civil war to win
    The north used blockades to the south with the north’s navy
    They also worked to shut down the Mississippi river where most of their imports and exports had been used
  • 8. Emancipation Proclamation
    • Was a document that freed slaves in states of rebellion
    • 9. Abraham Lincoln signed this document January 1, 1863
    • 10. It never freed one slave due to the could not read or write
  • Gettysburg and Vicksburg
    • The turning point of the civil war
    • 11. They where both union victories and where fought on the same day
  • Total war and Appomattox court house
    Total war was where everything was destroyed to punish the south.
    The court house was where Robert e. Lee surrendered to the north pretty much ending the civil war.
    Because the lack of supplies and resources
  • 12. Reconstruction
  • 13. 10% plan
    • Was Abraham Lincoln's plane to go easy on the south
    • 14. He did not want to punish the south he wanted the country to reunite
    • 15. And to end slavery
  • Freedman’s bureau restoration
    A government started to help ex. Slaves and poor rights
    It was made to help the slaves start their new lives and get on their feet
  • 16. Jim crow laws/ku klux klan
    • Was laws that was slavery in disguise
    • 17. And kept blacks from having and right’s
    • 18. They used violence to scare blacks from voting or other things