Irish Dairy


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Short presentation of the Irish dairy sector and its main USP\’s

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Irish Dairy

  1. 1. Irish Dairy Producethe cream of the cropKnown around the world as the “Green Isle”, Ireland’s temperate climate and lushpasturelands combine to create an environment perfectly suited to dairy farming.For over three thousand years Irish farmers have refined their methods and, given ahelping hand by nature, today they maintain the highest environmental and animalwelfare standards on their farms.Irish dairy cattle spend their time grazing on some of the country’s 3.5 million hectaresof pasture land, and thanks to the warming influence of the Gulf Stream they can dothis almost year-round.The end result is dairy products that are high in quality, rich in flavour and sought afterin over 90 countries around the world, to which Ireland exports over €2 billion of itsdairy output annually. Cheese Every year Ireland exports some 180,000 tonnes of rich, buttery and creamy cheeses, and with a long tradition of local production, it boasts some of the finest farmhouse cheeses around the world. While the cheese-making process itself is very important, the high standard of Irish milk contributes greatly to the distinctive flavour and overall quality of the end product. Consumers and retailers alike value Ireland’s green, eco- friendly farming, where the dairy herds are fed primarily on natural grass. The Irish dairy industry compliments these natural advantages by giving farmers access to cutting-edge research and training, and by advising them on how to get the best out of their herd. This careful combination of tradition and technology are proving an exciting and successful recipe for high-quality cheese production – and a hit on the international market.
  2. 2. Butter For several hundred years, Irish butter has been famed around the world for its taste and quality. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries Ireland was the major exporter of butter to Europe and the Americas, and the famous English market in Cork was to butter what Amsterdam is to tulips - the centre of trade and a byword for excellent quality. The legacy of the Cork Butter Market lives on, and today Ireland exports over 130,000 tonnes of butter each year to buyers all over the world.Like their ancestors before them, these discerning customers value the unrivalled purity,flavour, colour and softness of Irish butter. Flavoured by every drop of rain and everyblade of green grass, it is a unique taste of Ireland.Other products and ingredientsMany will be surprised to learn that Ireland supplies around 10% of theworld’s infant milk formula, helping to give children everywhere agreat start in life.The country serves as a production base for three of the topinternational infant formula manufacturers- Pfizer Nutrition,Abbott Nutrition and Danone.Irish dairy ingredients are also much sought-after in nutritionalproducts for all ages and categories, from sports and lifestylesupplements to products for those with medical or age-related needs.Dairy farminga green industry Ireland exports over 85% of its output to over 80 countries around the world. Despite taking up just 2% of the land surface of the EU it provides 4% of its milk. Together with Austria, Ireland produces the EU’s most environmentally friendly milk, with a carbon footprint of 1kg CO2-EQ/kg milk.* The unique climatic conditions mean that Irish milk production costs are kept low, and Ireland’s grass-fed, outdoor herd reflects a natural, wholesome production method that strikes a chord with consumers.*Source: European Commission report: “Evaluation of the livestock sector’s contribution to the EU greenhouse gasemissions”, November 2010
  3. 3. Statistics For the very latest agriculture statistics from Ireland, visit Links Bord Bia- Irish Food Board ................................................... Food and Drink Industry Ireland ......................................... Teagasc- Agriculture and Food Development Authority ... Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association .......................... Cork Butter Museum ............................................................ Bord Bia Bord Bia – The Irish Food Board - is the state agency responsible for the market development and promotion of Irish food, drink & horticulture. Bord Bia acts as a link between Irish suppliers and existing and potential customers throughout the world. Our objective is to develop markets for Irish suppliers and to bring the great taste of Irish food to more tables world-wide.BORD BIA Contact:Embassy of Ireland - Hovslagargatan 5 - 11148 Stockholm - Sweden Nicolas RanningerTel: +46 8 54 50 40 58 Nordic Market