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  • 1. Unit 9.2 Learning Activity Sheet - page i ABC INDEPENDENT SWEEPSTAKES ORGANIZATION Congratulations! Dear Your name was entered in our sweepstakes contest, and we are happy to announce that you have won a prize of up to R7,500.00 in cash! This is an important document regarding your cash prize. This is your Judging Organization Cash Cheque Disbursement Authorization. Do not misplace it. Read it carefully. I regret that the enclosed cheque has not yet been signed, because of our strict regulation that we must hear from you before your prize can be awarded. You must contact us with your personal Security Code: I.D. Number: 128 047 387 Do not lose your Security Code I.D. Number, and DO NOT SHOW THIS NUMBER TO ANYONE UNTIL YOU HAVE REGISTERED IT WITH OUR OFFICE. Contact us as soon as possible by mail or phone to provide us with your Number and claim your prize. FOR IMMEDIATE CHEQUE PROCESSING CALL: 011-243-5678 (24 hr./day, 7 days/week, 19 years or older, cell phone rates apply, R4.99/min) Provide the correct answer to this skill-testing question, and we will promptly confirm the amount of your cash award. Your cheque will then be rushed to you, at your home address. 100 x 10 + 100 - 25 = Because of the large amount of money involved in this sweepstakes, you must correctly answer this skill-testing question within three minutes, without any assistance. To respond by mail, cut your name, Security Code I.D. Number, and the box containing the answer to your skill- testing question and attach it to a 10cm x 15 cm postcard. Do not use staples and do not place in an envelope. Mail to: ABC Disbursements, P.O. Box 5350, Johannesburg, 0003. Entries must be received before the deadline. Improper, incomplete and illegible entries are disqualified. We hope to hear from you soon. Joe Borat P.S. Remember we cannot act until we hear from you. Contact us without delay. Consumer Disclosure: Awards and odds are: (1) R7,500 (1:2,949,679); (1) R2,500 (1:2929,679); (1) R1,000 (1:2,949,679); (1) R750 (1:2,949,679); (1) R175 (1:2,949,679); R1.37 (approximately 1:1). Not responsible for lost or late mail; or malfunctions in telephone transmissions. Grade 9 | Unit 9.2 | Page 13
  • 2. Learning Activity Sheet - page ii SO WHAT ARE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING MONEY? - WOULD YOU ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES? Answer the following questions based on the “Congratulations Letter”. 1. How does the letter try and make you feel important - like a winner? 2. How does the letter try to impress you with the seriousness of the offer? 3. What is the letter asking you to do? 4. If the ABC organization gives away all these prizes, how does it make money to stay in business? 5. What do you think will happen when you call the company? 6. How does the letter try to discourage you from answering by mail? 7. What are the chances of winning R7,500 in this “sweepstakes” lottery? What “prize” will you probably win? (See small print at bottom of letter.) 8. Would you respond to this offer? 2 Taken from Gambling: Reducing the Risks, Grade 9, p. 111-115. Saskatchewan Health, 1999. Grade 9 | Unit 9.2 | Page 14