October 2010 MACA Newsletter


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October 2010 MACA Newsletter

  1. 1. The Collection Connection The Collection Connection Sept./Oct. 2010 Issue OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE MID-ATLANTIC COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION 2010 - 2011 Sept./Oct. BOARD OF DIRECTORSOFFICERS PRESIDENT 2010 Harry Strausser III The Remit Corporation 570-387-6470x202 VICE PRESIDENT EXPO ‘10 well attended in this issue David Winters Delmarva Collection Inc. MACA News P.1 Niagara Falls welcomed 410-546-3742 over 130 participants for NEDCC On the Hill P.4 SECRETARY EXPO held September 19-21. Harry Albert, Jr. This regional collection industry ACA News Modern Recovery Solutions P.6 event, known for drawing high- 610-823-0212 impact speakers, rolled out eight TREASURER education sessions during the 1.5 Jim Simmermon day program. Collection Service Center, Inc. Monday opened with Leading 724-594-1109 and Motivating in a Collection Environment presented by VilisDIRECTORS Ozols, and the event concluded Tuesday with the every-popular Trace Anderman NCO Financial Systems, Inc. Best Idea Session moderated 800-220-2274 by Dwayne Heisler (Remit Corporation). Attendees had John Fisher access to 28 companies in EXPO Keystone Credit Collections, Inc. 570-748-2981 Hall offering products and services of interest the collection industry. EXPO 2010: Harry Strausser, MACA president (left), John J. Kotula Monday night’s cocktail reception shares a light moment with Bobby Jones (Billing Tree). Commonwealth Financial Systems concluded with the ACPAC Bottle 570-342-1600x220 Auction raising over $2,000 in Steve C. Kusic donations. National Recovery Agency The planning committee 717-540-7636 led by Kathy Kelly, New York Donna A. Nicholson Stief State Collectors Association Credit Bureau of Lancaster County Executive Director, succeeded in 717-397-8144x132 bringing dynamic and meaningful programming and networking Tom Nusspickel SIMM Associates, Inc. opportunities to the 130 302-283-2884 attendees. Next year’s event will be held Ed Torchia at Caesars Atlantic City, September Denovus Corp. LTD 724-250-9162 18-20, 2011 and promises to be another must-attend event.ACA DIRECTORS EXPO 2010: Marc Trezza (Search Net) and Lacey Jensen (Client Access) recharge with a cup of coffee. Donna A. Nicholson Stief Harry Strausser III David Winters
  2. 2. MACA NEWS The Collection Connection Sept./Oct. 2010 IssuePresident’s Message We Get Emails In our last navigate using the wind as your power. Question: I would be interested issue I urged all Are you are looking for answers in knowing what MACA is doing of our MACA as a business owner or manager? Are towards reversing the Foti members to you are concerned about the future of decision. board the our industry and the legislative culture Membership that is developing? Would you like to Answer: Foti has been one that is setting meet other industry operators to learn of the top major concerns sail with new from their successes and failures? facing our industry along with direction toward Are improvements to the business TCPA. Foti is a matter of FDCPA bright horizons environment in your immediate reform, and ACA and MACA,for our industry. For many decades region something that would along with other ACA untis,we have been well served by ACA enhance your business? Is additional have joined full force seekingInternational on a national level industry-relevant training for your relief and clarity with the issue.relative to legislative matters, staff members’ part of your growth Earlier this year, MACAeducational opportunities, networking strategy? If you answer YES to any one made a substantial financialfunctions and an offering of countless The Collection of these questions, then MACA is the contribution to ACA’s legislativeproducts and services that enhance organization that can fulfill your needs. fund created to combatour operations. Today, as members of Connection Sept./ Many of our members/readers negative legislation.MACA, you are part of the third largest have never attended a MACA In July, over 250 ACAunit of ACA. Our new structure will Oct. 2010 Issue meeting. They have not taken part members covering almostallow us to develop more programs in our educational programs. They all 50 states hit Capitol Hill.and initiatives that will directly impact rely on others to do the legwork MACA members, along withyour business in a very positive way. in our respective state and federal other ACA members travelledBut, we need your help…. legislatures to promote and oppose to Washington D.C. and met Like any vessel that is embarking legislation impacting our industry. with Congressional leaders andon a long journey, we need the Please join us now, not as a passenger, staffers to educate them on ourproper crew to keep the ship headed but as an active Crew Member. I top issues including Foti.in the right direction, with wind in guarantee you that your allotment of a In September, U.S.our sails and a clear picture of our few hours a month to our association’s Senator Franken (D-MN)intended destination. Associations all initiatives will reward you ten fold over announced his intent to proposeacross America, in every industry, are the coming years. FDCPA reform. ACA has hadsuffering from membership reductions, Take the step today! Email preliminary discussions withresulting dues revenue setbacks, me at harry@remitcorp.com and Senator Franken regardingprogramming cutbacks, plummeting we can talk about your involvement. this much needed reform thatevent attendance and apathy among It’s not too late. We’ll dock in your will help consumers as well asmember volunteers. We don’t have local harbor to pick you up or send businesses.to follow this trend in MACA. A out a tender to transport you! Until We’d need to have morefriend who is an avid sailor recently next time, here is to smooth sailing, participants in our grassrootstold me about a condition in sailing business success and increased lobbying initiatives, and hopewhere the ship is referred to as being membership involvement in MACA! more MACA members realizein irons. Without the proper winds how important it is to beof motivation filling the ship’s sails it Sincerely, proactive in the legislativewill sit motionless in the water. You process. It will take all of uscan’t sail directly into the wind but Harry Strausser III, MACA President to have the proper impact inmust calculate the proper direction to The Remit Corporation Washington. Board of Directors, ACA International Want to receive the Collection Connection via e-mail? Visit midatlanticcollectors.org/html/press.html and use the easy sign-up option.
  3. 3. MACA Collection Connection the official newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association Welcome New Members 2010 MACA MEMBER Robert D. Wagman, Esq. PC Financial Resolution Services, Inc. AD RATES Rockville, MD (Rates are listed as amount per Issue) Feasterville, PA Commitment Mancing Associates Size 1x 6x Recover-ez LLC Moon Twp., PAFull Page 7.75” x 10” $400 $240 College Park, MD2/3 Page (V) 5” x 10” $300 $200Half Page (H) 7.75” x 4.875” $200 $120 Agency Spotlight (V) 3.75” x 10”1/3 Page $200 $120 CALENDAR OF EVENTS (H) 5” x 4.875” $150 $100 (V) 2.437” x 10” $150 $100 November 20101/4 Page November 10-12, 2010 (H) 7.75” x 2.3125” $100 $60 ACA’s Fall Forum (V) 3.75” x 4.875” $100 $60 Sixty six years ago, the Credit Bureau Wednesday-Friday of Lancaster County was established and Chicago, IL 2010 MACA NON-MEMBER incorporated, servicing businesses in acainternational.org/calendar Lancaster County. AD RATES (Rates are listed as amount per Issue) Many things have changed since then. December 2010 Commitment We now service most of the Mid-Atlantic Size 1x 6x region with a suite of products and services December 8, 2010 that help businesses stay productive and FDCPA: Facts, Fiction Reality Full Page 7.75” x 10” $600 $500 profitable. Harrisburg, PA 2/3 Page acainternational.org/calendar (V) 5” x 10” $400 $330 The Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Half Page Inc. has 5 major divisions: Debt Collections, December 9, 2010 (H) 7.75” x 4.875” $300 $250 a full service collection agency, The Loan Professional Telephone (V) 3.75” x 10” $300 $250 Solution, services banks and credit unions, Collectors’ Techniques (PTCT) 1/3 Page Employment Background Screening and Harrisburg, PA (H) 5” x 4.875” $200 $165 Tenant Screening, services employers acainternational.org/calendar (V) 2.437” x 10” $200 $165 and property managers and DataServe, 1/4 Page an Authorized Retailer of CLEAR wireless May 2011 (H) 7.75” x 2.3125” $160 $135 internet connections for businesses and (V) 3.75” x 4.875” $160 $135 consumers. May 2-3, 2011 Our clients appreciate the longevity MACA Spring Fling 2011 Prices are for color ads and stability of our establishment and are Sheraton Society Hill, equally impressed with our up-to-date Philadelphia, PA No bleed ads accepted midatlanticcollectors.org Send your color hi res PDF or eps technology and easy online automated processes. Our success is attributed (proportionately sized) along with the to the creative diversity of services we number of times ad is to appear to: offer as well as consistently growing and editor@midatlanticcollectors.org changing to keep abreast of the modern business climate. Our goal has always EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR been to provide fast and efficient top quality products and services that maximize Rose M. Jeffries business profitability.MID-ATLANTIC COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION Donna Nicholson Stief, Immediate Past 116 Forest Drive President of MACA runs the Collection Camp Hill, PA 17011 Services Division at the Credit Bureau of September 18-20, 2011 Lancaster County, Inc. NEDCC EXPO Phone: 717-730-9745 Caesars Atlantic City You can learn more about the Credit Fax: 717-730-6786 Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc. by visiting Atlantic City, NJ midatlanticcollectors.org www.cboflanc.com.
  4. 4. FDCPA and PTCT seminars slated for HarrisburgMACA members can take advantage December 9 - Harrisburgof our 2-for-1 enrollment this Professional Telephone Collectors’December when ACA’s FDCPA Techniques (PTCT)and PTCT seminars are offered in ACA Instructor Dwayne Heisler Ask Dr. DebtHarrisburg on December 8 and 9. Collection professionals receive Consumers seeking solutions to debt problems have a the necessary tools to answer a critical new online resource through Ask Dr. Debt, a financial The 2-for-1 seminar enrollment question, “How do I collect more on education Web site that ACA International -- a nonprofit credit association unveiled. “It’s essentiallyremains one of the most popular consumer accounts?” Learn about the an online version of ‘Dear Abby’ for consumers withunit benefits. Watch for the circumstances of consumer debt and credit and debt questions,” John Nemo, public relationsannouncement via email in the next what real issues prevent consumers director for ACA International, said in an e-mail.few weeks, or visit ACA’s Events page from paying through lecture, small Nemo said visitors to the site will be able to search aat http://www.acainternational.org/ group discussions, activities and case database of frequently asked questions and submit their own. Ask Doctor Debt also contains interactive toolscalendar.aspx studies. to educate consumers, such as budget calculators and a Note: To qualify for the 2-for-1 free personal financial management Web course.December 8 - Harrisburg pricing, you will need to visit ACA’sFDCPA: Facts, Fiction Reality Event Calendar web page, downloadACA Instructor Dwayne Heisler the paper enrollment form, and Learn the facts and submit to ACA.requirements of the FDCPA, crushany fallacies you have and learnwhat impact the Act has on youragency’s future. This opportunityfor discussion, instruction, activities,evaluation and true-to-life applicationof the law will stimulate and energizeyou. NEDCC EXPO 2010
  5. 5. CAPITOL HILL The Collection Connection Sept./Oct. 2010 IssueThe Business Case for Data Security by Leslie Bender, Esq., CIPP Leslie C. Bender, P.A. that their personal information is Americans seek more convenient Over four years after the states exposed to as a palatable trade- ways to stay in touch or get theirbegan passing data security breach off for the various conveniences work done on the fly, the data thatnotification laws, companies consumers can avail themselves of is now readily transportable is leftare devoting more resources to offered by educational institutions, vulnerable.surviving those mishaps rather than banks, or retailers, to name a few. Until the magnitude of the TJXpreventing them. Lessons learned Only 43% of U.S. businesses data security event established itin the aftermath of the TJX incident, report they have an incident as the largest data security breachwhere court documents indicate response plan and 82% of businesses in history, topping the Veteransthat since 2003 more than 96 million admit they failed to consult with Administration breach whichconsumers’ personal financial legal counsel before responding to compromised the data of overtransactions may have been affected an incident. These dismal statistics 26 million veterans and activeor compromised, include the painful emerge against a backdrop of duty personnel, and until all but 10 states passed data securityone that as companies work toremain competitive by deploying The Collection consumerism and a floundering housing market – placing increased breach notification laws, the public was largely in the dark regardingnewer and better technologies,no company is 100% protected Connection Sept./ and often conflicting pressures on the American consumer. Javelin situations in which their sensitive personal or financial data was put atand therefore immune from thethreat of a breach. Emerging data Oct. 2010 Issue Strategy Research issued a report in December, 2007 noting that three risk. Consumer advocates complainfrom the Ponemon Institute and out of four American consumers that in the face of growing numbersother reputable surveys of United believe identity theft is on the rise of data security breaches, companiesStates businesses show that the despite steady declines in the crime are reactive rather than proactive.time has arrived for developing over the past three years.better response plans and marrying Disturbing is data showing thatinformation technology objectives the source of 49% of today’s datawith a business’ operational security breaches relate to lost or 2 Associated Press, 12/30/07, reportingobjectives. stolen laptops or other removable on Linda Foley, founder of Identity Theft Making a business case for media like USB flash drives. As Resource Centerdevoting dollars to response plan development rests on a Continued to page delicate calculus of importantfactors. Studies show that themost significant quantifiable costof a data security breach is loss ofbusiness. Recent studies documentthat despite the publicity associatedwith coverage of hundreds of datasecurity breaches which put thenumber of U.S. citizens’ personalrecords at risk at nearly 217 millionby the end of 2007, consumersare not growing immune to thesestories and do not perceive the risk1 Ponemon Institute, LLC, http:// EXPO 2010: Eric Najork, NY president, talks with Bonnie Finley (EFT).www.ponemon.org/
  6. 6. CAPITOL HILL The Collection Connection Sept./Oct. 2010 Issue Continued from page Credit and collections businesses Do not allow your vendors to be deal in significant quantities of less secure than your clients would individuals’ personal and financial want you to be. data every day. They are compelled 7. Be assured that when to assure that they have taken weighing the costs associated with proper stock of their means for a data security breach, the indirect safeguarding the information costs (e.g., reputation, customer entrusted to their care. confidence) will outweigh the direct Refining the lessons from these ones. breaches, the following are steps 8. Appropriate incident that can be taken to assure your response processes can control organized is poised to prevent or and minimize the extent of damage respond to a data security breach: you may experience and under all 1. Decide that information circumstances must include prompt security is a true business issue. communication with your customers, Do not leave dealing with security stakeholders, consumers and the The Collection to your IT department. Instead, news media. educate all your business leads so 9. Awareness is the key. Take Connection Sept./ they have a working knowledge of stock of what works and repeat it basic information security concepts. over and again. Make sure each and Oct. 2010 Issue 2 Conduct organization wide every member of your workforce risk assessments and maintain a gets data security as it applies to her business focus when doing so. or him. 3. Know that under no 10. Learn from other’s mistakes and circumstances will compliance equal do not repeat them. Media coverage security. Human nature suggests of data security breaches is readily that errors in judgment will occur available. Avail yourself of it and and be prepared. keep up with the trends in incident 4. Believe that consumers will response protocols. implicitly expect security and privacy, perhaps more so from a bank or one of its agents. Act accordingly. 5. Technology tools alone cannotRose Jeffries guarantee your business will beExecutive Director secure. Keep pace with technologyMid-Atlantic Collectors Assoc. developments but make certain that116 Forest DriveCamp Hill, PA 17011 applications and tools you use are suited for your business and helpPhone (717) 730-9745Fax (717) 730-6786 enable a secure environment forrjeffries@midatlanticcollectors.org you. 6. Trust but always proof yourPublished by: Tiffany Riser safeguards. When relying upontriser@nationalrecovery.com outside contractors and otherWWW.MIDATLANTICCOLLECTORS.ORG vendors do not step in and assure their security but ask questions and EXPO 2010: Bobby Jones (Billing Tree) talks with Velma cause them to do so as well. Altland (CBY).