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  1. 1. VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1 The Official Newsletter of National Recovery Agency January 2012NRA Today“A Responsible Revenue Recovery Company™” 2007 thru 2011New Study Shows Third-Party Debt Collection Positively Impacts the National and State EconomiesPublished on 30. Jan, 2012 by savings on average per householdCollections Recon in Collection by keeping the costs of goods and Inside this issue:News, Press Releases services lower. * Job Creation: Third- Third Party Debt CollectionMINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 30, 2012 / party collection agencies directly Positively ImpactsPRNewswire-USNewswire/ — employed 148,272 people with a the Economy P.1Third-party debt collection has payroll of $5 billion. Indirectly, thean important impact on America’s industry influenced creation of more Top 25 Most Influentialnational, state and local economies, than 300,000 jobs with a payroll of Collection Professionals P.2according to a new study by ACA $10 billion.International and global advisory * Paying Taxes: Third- NRA Blood Drive P.2firm Ernst and Young (www. party collection agencies and their NRA Toy Drive P.3acainternational.org/impact) based employees paid $495 million inon 2010 data. federal taxes, and $509 million in DBA International “These findings reinforce state and local taxes. The ancillary Member Alert P.3the critical role the third-party impact of the industry generated adebt collection industry plays as total $970 million in federal taxes Upcoming Events P.3a service provider in recovering paid and $1 billion in state and localunpaid consumer debt on behalf of taxes. Sustainable Paper Practicesthe public, private and non-profit * Giving Back: Third-party In the Office P.4sectors,” said ACA International collection agencies and theirCEO Pat Morris. “Moreover, employees contributed $85.2 millionthird-party collectors are actively and volunteered 652,000 hours to / Ernst and Young report, “The Impactengaged in their local communities charitable community causes. of Third-Party Debt Collection toas employers, volunteers, “Our nation was built on the premise the National and State Economies,”philanthropists and taxpayers.” that those who provide credit, goods please visit www.acainternational.org/ Key national findings of this and services to consumers have the impact.landmark survey include: expectation of being repaid,” said ACA International is the* Recovering Assets: A total of $55 ACA International President Mark comprehensive, knowledge-basedbillion was recovered on behalf Neeb. “Recovering these debts helps resource for success in the creditof creditor clients. The collection organizations survive; prevents and collection industry. Founded inof consumer debt also provides layoffs; keeps cost down and credit, 1939, ACA brings together more thana valuable benefit to American goods and services available; and 5,000 members in the United Stateshouseholds. Based on a net of $44.6 reduces the need for tax increases to and abroad, and their employees,billion recovered, third-party debt cover government budget shortfalls.” including third-party collectioncollection efforts represent $396 in To review the complete ACA Continued to page 3 1 © 2009-2012 National Recovery Agency. All Rights Reserved.®
  2. 2. NRA TODAY January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 1 Steve Kusic, CEO of NRA Group, LLC Named to Top 25 Most Influential Collection Professionals 2011 Published by Collection Advisor Magazine Harrisburg, PA, December 2011 - NRA Group LLC, a Harrisburg-based receivables management company, announces that Chief Executive Officer Steve Kusic has been named one of the Most Influential Collection Professionals of 2011 by Collection Advisor Magazine. Kusic was one of 25 industry specialist honored by the national collection magazine for his outstanding accomplishments, performance and contributions to the collection industry.An influential professional is not only driven by a powerful return on investment but the methods by which it isachieved. An influential professional knows that in successfully settling a debt, three parties must be satisfied: thedebtor, the account holder and the governing body that protects both parties. This in mind, an influential professionalunderstands that compliance is not the most loudly spoken party but is ever looming and must be respected andembodied through the entire collection process. It is for this reason that the Top 25 Most Influential CollectionProfessionals of 2011 have provided their personal creed on compliance.The Top 25 Most Influential Collection Professionals of 2011 is the summation of many conversations withprofessionals all over the country. These conversations have taken place at conventions, for various articles and forthe creation of lists such as this. The Collection Advisor staff has reviewed previous top professionals from the last sixyears and professional profiles from the last two years. We have also approached ACA International’s unit presidentsfor recommendations based on their dealings as presidents and as collection professionals themselves.The list does not include every collection professional that embodies these virtues as the industry’s current level ofprofessionalism is due to the collective decision to continually raise that level through the adversity of a recession.Rather, the list is an assemblage of professionals who have without cue and often recognition, led the way for thecollective. UPCOMING EVENTSPLATTS visit us on Linked in.February 29th - March 2ndOrlando Florida The Art of Collections 282 Members and growing STAY TUNED FOR MORE EVENTS COMING http://www.linkedin.com/ groups?gid=2403635&trk=hb_side_g IN 2012!! 2 © 2009-2012 National Recovery Agency. All Rights Reserved.®
  3. 3. NRA TODAY January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 1Continued from page 1 DBA International Member Alertagencies, asset buyers, attorneys, creditors 1/11/12and vendor affiliates. ACA establishes a widevariety of products, services and publications. California Increases Small Claims Jurisdiction to $10,000For more information on ACA International, As of January 1, 2012, the state of California increased its smallvisit www.acainternational.org. Information claims jurisdiction to $10,000, from $7,500, and the new limitson consumer rights is available at www. may result in more California consumers challenging debtaskdoctordebt.org. obligations in the Small Claims Court.Contact: Mark Schiffman, PR Director In 2011, California saw an increase in small claims filings,Tel. (952) 259-2124 or schiffman@ especially in the Los Angeles area, involving allegations ofacainternational.org insufficient validation or improper credit reporting. However,SOURCE ACA International since attorneys cannot appear in Small Claims Court, DBAhttp://www.acainternational.org International expects that the vast majority of cases involving the FDCPA and FCRA will continue to be brought in either the California Superior Court or Federal Court. DBA International would welcome any additional feedback on the experiences that members are having in small claims venues so we may assess whether there are any trends similar to those in the Los Angeles area. Please feel free to contact DBA Director of Government Affairs David Reid at dreid@dbainternational.org if you have insight you would like to share about this topic. The text of Chapter 64 of the laws of 2011 can be found at: http:// www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/sen/sb_0201-0250/sb_221_ bill_20110708_chaptered.pdf On January 17, 2012 - 45 individuals registered to donate blood at our Paxton Street office. 27 pints of blood were collected On January 26, 2012 - 21 individuals registered to donate blood at our Crossgate Office. 13 pints of blood were collected Become an every day supporter Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. In fact, 44,000 units of blood are needed every day to meet these needs 3 © 2009-2012 National Recovery Agency. All Rights Reserved.®
  4. 4. NRA TODAY January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 1Sustainable Paper Practices in the Office 5. Use Misprints as NotepaperTop Ten Tips to Go Green with Paper Mistakes happen and not even printers are perfect, but before tossing those blank pages into the shredder.. useProducts at the Office them as notepads. If you have a paper cutter within your office you can make your own notepads.NRA is committed to saving the environment bypracticing a number of “go green” initiatives within 6. Reuse Shredded Waste Paper as Packing Materialthe organization. We have partnered with Shred it All that paper that goes into the shredder makes greatin providing our shredding services. NRA elects to packing material. NRA finds this useful in preventingpromote a paperless environment to also protect the damaged material and information to its clients.confidentiality of our clients consumers. Here aresome ways we practices “going green” within our 7. If You Have To Get Rid of Paper, Recycle itorganization: Sometimes you just have no other use for old paper, and it has to go. NRA has within 1. Keep Files in a Computer its facilities multiple shredding binsWith today’s modern that are locked to prevent removal oftechnology, paper files arereally useless, computers NRA GROUP LLC is proud of materials.have a neat filing system the positive impact it has made 8. Reuse Boxes to Store Fileswith a search feature that in saving our environment. NRA Theres absolutely no reason whycan find a file you have participates in the Shred-it you should be buying those pre mademisplaced within seconds.Most network systems have shredding and recycling program cardboard boxes to store files when shipments come in boxes every day.backup servers where even and has saved 138 trees in 2011. Most of the files put into long termif you lose the file, it can be storage are rarely accessed and dontrecovered with a little bit of need fancy labeling or bright whiteease or you are able to search boxes. If you cant reuse the box for filing, why not use isfor the file. Losing a paper file might not be so easy to as a shipping box or an office supply box instead?find. 9. Print in Black and White2. Send Emails Instead of Paper Use as little ink as possible by printing in black andEmail is a great way to communicate what you have white unless absolutely necessary. Its also more efficientto say. - and it is much faster than the traditional fax to buy a printer with separate color cartridges. This isand sending paper letters. Emailing information is a because the combo color cartridges have to be replacedgreat green paper practice, and doesnt have the same whenever one color runs out, even if the other two arerisk of errors and distortions like faxing and mailing. still full.Email is becoming more professionally acceptable, and agrammatically correct email with a company letter headis oftentimes just as appropriate as a letter would be.3. Buy Recycled PaperNRA purchases only recycled paper for its printingneeds. Recycled paper uses 55 percent less water, and 60to 70 percent less energy to produce than non recycledpaper. Imagine how many forest you could save as wellas how much paper you could prevent from ending up ina landfill. 5 © 2009-2012 National Recovery Agency. All Rights Reserved.®