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  • How many of you are on LinkedIn?Are your Board Members on LI?Are they actively helping to promote your NPO in their profiles?Do you participate in groups? Do you have a group?Go around the room and introduce yourself – (if haven’t already)
  • (launched May 2003)Differences: LI watercooler – FB – outdoor bbq – twitter - barFacebook seems to be geared more toward ‘civilian’ and traditionally ‘social’ population—it is a space where most of interaction is informal, great for more personal interactionsLinkedIn is a professional network for keeping up with important contacts and businesses. An information gathering toolThe average social network user is 37 years old.LinkedIn, high average user age; 44. 68% are over 35 years oldThe average Twitter user is 39 years old.The average Facebook user is 38 years old.Data source: Google Ad Planner (United States demographic data) Feb 201069% make at least $60K, 39% make over $100KOver 50% represent senior managementHighly educated, 74% of all users have a college degree, 26% graduate degreeHold influential positions (As of January 2011, LinkedIn counts executives from all 2010 Fortune 500 companies as members)LinkedIn is about professional connections – a tool for utilizing connections and making new ones.
  • Personal connections from your email listConnections through GroupsGet introductions from connections to others
  • Blog posts will automatically feed to linkedInSildes from Slideshare: my opinion one of the best: you can upload video, do a photo slide show, powerpoint presentations
  • Polls:The Polls application allows you to collect actionable data from your connections and the professional audience on LinkedIn. Instant analytics, send out to your network, great way to get people involved.Events: See what events your entire professional network is attending and find events recommended to you based on your industry and job function.Share files w/box.net: Reading List: way of showing that you are keeping up-to-date in your field, adds some personality, great to see what friends are reading, something to help connect with others.
  • Click on your name on the upper right, go to settings then in profile and manage settings >>TwitterShare only tweets with #in or #li
  • Click on your name on the upper right, go to settings then in profile and manage settings >>TwitterShare only tweets with #in or #li
  • Mobile access: Iphone, Blackberry, Palm, Android all other phones go to: http://m.linkedin.com for mobile accessBrowser button, added to your toolbar: allows you to quick search, access LI directly (IE – pc / Firefox mac & pcTweetDeck allow you access to


  • 1. Center for Non-Profit Success
    Reiko Beach The Non-Profit Toolbox
    For Non-Profits
  • 2. Questions
  • 3. What will I be covering today?
    Social Media Basics
    LinkedIn Overview
    Terms of use
    Using Apps
    Browser/Mobile tools
    Linkedin Pro
  • 4. Social Media is…
    Using the internet to share information, collaborate and have conversations
    Web tools to reach out and connect with people as you turn your connections to conversations
  • 5. Social Media is…
  • 6. Social Media Funnel
    SHARING and
    Your message comes before your audience
  • 7. Largest ProfessionalNetwork
    Over 100 million users
    Users are:
    Over 50% represent senior management
    Highly educated
    Hold influential positions
  • 8. Why should NPO’s be on LinkedIn ?
    Can find experts to help solve problems/answer questions
    Can find others that might be interested in your cause
    possible board members
    connect, recruit and assess skills of volunteers
    Promote events
    Connect with younger audience
  • 9. So How does it work?
  • 10. So How does it work?
    Get Help
    Do Research
    Stay up to date
  • 11. So How does it work?
  • 12. Terms of Use (from LinkedIn)
    • Do:
    • 13. Comply with the law
    • 14. Provide accurate information and updates
    • 15. Use LI in a professional manner
    • 16. Respect copyright of others
    • 17. Don’t:
    • 18. Create a user profile for anyone other than a natural person
    • 19. Upload a profile image that is not your likeness
  • 20. Terms of Use (from LinkedIn)
    LinkedIn may restrict, suspend or terminate the account of any User who abuses or misuses the Services.
    Misuse of the Services includes inviting other Users with whom you do not know to connect; abusing the LinkedIn messaging services; creating multiple or false profiles; using the Services commercially without LinkedIn’s authorization, infringing any intellectual property rights, violating any of the Do’s and Don’t
  • 21. LI Etiquette (netiquette)
    • Do:
    • 22. Connect with people that you know*
    • 23. Reply to messages sent directly to you
    • 24. Have a current, professional photo
    • 25. Be sure your profile is Public
    • 26. Recommend other that you have worked with
    • 27. Request recommendations from contacts (yes it is okay)
    • 28. Don’t:
    • 29. Spam email to possible connections or current connections
    • 30. Flood all your groups with “interesting” articles
    • 31. Too much Twitter
    Photo by KristianBjornard from Flickr
  • 32. Applications
    Add applications to your profile
    your wordpress blog
    slides (slideshare)
    files (Box.net)
    reading list
  • 33. Applications
    add your wordpress or bloglink blog
    slides (slideshare)
  • 34. Applications
    files (Box.net)
  • 35. Twitter
    Share only tweets with #in or #li
  • 36. Twitter
  • 37. Mobile & Web
    On your phone
    On the web: Browser Tool Box
    TweetDeck & other tools
  • 38. Pro
    Portion of Info graphic from Mashable:
  • 39. Pro
    Pro benefits:
    Contact anyone directly
    See more profiles
    Who’s viewing my profile
    Saved Searches
    Get intors to companies
    See 3rd degree names and group connections
  • 40. What Now?
    When implementing any Social Media Remember:
    • Listen before talking
    • 41. Trust yourself and your staff with Social Media
    • 42. Trust your fans and your “enemies”
    • 43. Learn by doing
  • In conclusion…
    strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts.
  • 44. Questions?
    Reiko Beach
    The Non-Profit Toolbox
    781 987 1655
    Twitter & FB: Reikob
    LI: reikobeach
    Web development, video, web strategy
    Oct 22, 2011 @ Quincy, MA
    Twitter & FB: TechDayCamp
    Twitter & FB: nptoolbox