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  • 1. Law, Criminologyand Psychologyin the CriminalJustice SystemYear 12 Summer School 2012for Partner Schools and CollegesTuesday 26 - Thursday 28 June
  • 2. Why do people commit crime?Are the causes hereditary or psychological?How does society respond to crime?How does crime fit into the criminal justice system?If you have ever wondered about these questions and you’re in year 12and/or studying at level 3, this could be the Summer School for you.Information on the Summer SchoolThe Arts and Human Sciences Faculty have designed a series of workshops andlectures to explore issues of criminal behavior, and the social and legal contextof such behavior, including how it is perceived in court.What will the summer school cover?During the week you will discover how the three disciplines of Law, Criminology,and Psychology complement each other and how these disciplines are studiedat higher education level.On the final day you will have the chance to take part in a mock trial based oninformation that has been gathered throughout the week.This course is perfect for anyone considering studying Law, Criminology orPsychology who would like to find out more about courses available, subjectmatter, and future job prospects.There are only 40 spaces available and they are expected to go quickly!Please remember that you must be available for all three days of the course inorder to take part. If you are interested in taking part, please contact: Partnership Liaison Officer (Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences) Tel: 020 7815 6173 Email: year12summerschool@lsbu.ac.uk Applications must be received by 23 April 2012