Activities for Sixth Form


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Activities for Sixth Form

  1. 1. School ofMedicine Outreach for Medicine Activities for2011-2012 sixth form & college students
  2. 2. About usThe Outreach for Medicine team at King’s College London School ofMedicine works to encourage and enable young people studying at non-selective state schools within London, Kent and Medway to study at medicalschool or to train for careers in the health service or biomedical sciences.The outreach activities are designed to familiarise local students, parents andteachers with the requirements of a career in the medical professions and tointroduce them to ways of gaining the skills and experience needed to makesuch a career a reality.Our sponsors Preparing for Medical SchoolAs part of its 700th anniversary activities, the There is no simple checklist of activities that will guarantee you aWorshipful Company of Barbers launched place at medical school but there are, however, a few things youan appeal amongst its members which has should really try and do:enabled the Company to support the outreach • Arrange work experience at a hospital or GP surgery and/orwork of Outreach for Medicine for at least voluntary work in a hospital. If this is not possible to arrange,seven years. In the Middle Ages, barbers once volunteer to help out in an old people’s home or a day centre forpractised surgery as Barber-Surgeons. The people with disabilities insteadtwo skills separated when the surgeons left in • Investigate areas of science that interest you by getting involved1745, ultimately to form the Royal College in extra-curricular activities such as our Worshipful Company ofof Surgeons. Now nearly half of the Barbers’ Barbers’ Science in Action lecture series.Company members are from medical disciplines • Find out what life at medical school is like and what it means toand the Company’s charitable activities are be a doctor today. You could do this by talking to your GP andfocused on medical education. by attending the Worshipful Company of Barbers’ Medicine Further information about the Company can in Action lecture series and Group Mentoring found on the website www.barberscompany. At these events you will get the opportunity to hear talks or from the Clerk at Barber-Surgeons’ clinicians about the realities of being a doctor and you will get theHall, London EC2Y 5BL. opportunity to speak with current medical students about their experiences. • You may also like to apply for MEDVIEW, our three-day intensive medical conference. This will give you a good insight as to what it would be like to study and practice medicine. All of the activities provided by Outreach for Medicine are designed to increase your knowledge about different scientific issues, increase your awareness about the realities of studying and practising medicine and enhance your medical school application and interview.
  3. 3. Worshipful Company of Barbers’ Science andMedicine in Action lecture series 2011-12The ‘Science and Medicine in Action’ lectures areavailable to all science AS/A2 level and access coursestudents in London, Kent & Medway. The lectures aregiven by research scientists and medical doctors and aredesigned to broaden your understanding, boost yourindependent study skills, make you think differently about scientific issues, and help you to gain insight into the wide range of different medical specialties that exist. All Science & Medicine in Action lectures take placeon Guy’s Campus, London Bridge at 5pm.Group MentoringThe aim of the mentoring scheme is to prepare you to entermedical school and ultimately the medical profession. Thegroup workshop sessions are led by staff in the medical school and are supported by medical students from theExtended Medical Degree Programme (EMDP). Theusual format is a short presentation from a member ofstaff, followed by small-group work with current medical MED-VIEWstudents. This three-day intensive course runs from 2nd-4th April All Group Mentoring workshops will take place on 2012, and is designed to give Year 12 and access courseGuy’s Campus, London Bridge at 5pm. students an opportunity to find out what life is like as a medical student and a practicing doctor. Students will take part in a number of interactive workshops, all supportedJournal Club by medical school staff and current medical students. These sessions take place monthly during the Autumn and Students will also be sent on 2 half-day placements toSpring term and are aimed at widening your awareness local GP surgeries, community health centres and hospitalof emerging events within the field of medicine. Each wards. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Med-View,month, a topical article will be circulated to all those any student wishing to be considered for a place muststudents taking part in the series, giving you time to read complete a Med-View application form which is availablethe article and formulate your own thoughts and responses by contacting the Outreach for Medicine team it. When we meet at each Journal Club session, led bymedical school staff, we will discuss and debate issues arising from the article in small groups, supported by For information on any of the events offered by Outreach medical students from the Extended Medical Degree for Medicine, please contact Dr Jane Valentine.Programme (EMDP). All the Journal Club workshops will take place on Guy’s Phone: 020 7848 6972/6968Campus, London Bridge at 5pm. Email:
  4. 4. 2011-12 Programme of eventsThe following events will run throughout the 2011-12 academic year. All events are free to attend, but you must register to be eligible toattend. Once registered, you will receive regular email updates and event reminders. Please note, you may attend as many or as few eventsas you wish, but you will get the most out of them if you attend the whole series of events. For further information, or to register to attendany of our events, contact Dr Jane Valentine by phone on 020 7848 6972/6968, or by email to Company of Barbers’ Science & Medicine in Action lecture series 2011-12• Lung Cancer: Looking for curative treatments Dr Loic Lang-Lazdunski 5 Oct 2011• Paediatric Medicine Dr Dipak Kanabar 19 Oct 2011• Accident & Emergency Medicine Dr Peter Jaye 2 Nov 2011• Addiction Medicine Dr James Bell 9 Nov 2011• Psychiatric Medicine: Are you Mad? Dr Teif Davies 16 Nov 2011• Why Obstetrics and Gynaecology? Dr Deborah Bruce 23 Nov 2011• A gas about gas: the life and times of an anaesthetist Dr Matthew Brown 7 Dec 2011• Medical Law & Ethics: Can we? Should we? Ms Carolyn Johnson 18 Jan 2012• Anatomy: Changing perspectives Professor Susan Standring 25 Jan 2012• Life in General Practice Dr Raj Mitra 1 Feb 2012• Rheumatic disease Professor Andrew Cope 8 Feb 2012• Neurology: How the embryo builds a brain Dr Albert Basson 22 Feb 2012• Epilepsy Professor Deb Pal 29 Feb 2012All Science & Medicine in Action lectures are held on Guy’s Campus (London Bridge) at 5pm.Group MentoringApart from the introductory session, all Group Mentoring sessions are capped at a maximum of 50 students per session. It is therefore advisable to register early to secure your place.• An Introduction to Medical School: what you need to know Dr Jane Valentine, Manager, Outreach for Medicine & Dr Alison Stenton, EMDP Co-Director 6 Oct 2011• Clinical Communication Mrs Bernadette O’Neill, Lecturer in Clinical Communication 20 Oct 2011• Ethical Considerations in Medicine Reverend Peter Haughton, Senior Advisor in Medical Ethics 13 Nov 2011• Study Skills Ms Michelle Robinson, Education Advisor 24 Nov 2011• Clinical Communication Mrs Bernadette O’Neill, Lecturer in Clinical Communication 1 Dec 2011• Study Skills Ms Michelle Robinson, Education Advisor 26 Jan 2012• Finance and Budgeting Ms Gretta Gavin, Student Finance advisor 1 Mar 2012• Finance and Budgeting Ms Gretta Gavin, Student Finance advisor 8 Mar 2012All Group Mentoring sessions are held on Guy’s Campus (London Bridge) at 5pm.MED-VIEW• 2-4 April 2012 (Easter break)Places at Med-View are limited, therefore all students wishing to be considered for a place at Med-View must complete a Med-View application form, available from Dr Jane Valentine. For further information, or to sign up to attend any of the events run by Outreach for Medicine, King’s College London,Outreach for Medicine, contact Dr Jane Valentine. Room 4.20, 4th Floor, Shepherd’s House, Guy’s Campus,Phone: 020 7848 6972/6968 Email: London SE1 1ULDESIGN & PRODUCTION Corporate Design Unit, King’s College © King’s College London 497 August 2009