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Champion League - Presentation by Dr. Martin Enderle, CEO of Scout24 and Marc Stilke, CEO of Immoscout24 at the NOAH 2012 Conference in London, Old Billingsgate on the 7th of November 2012.

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Scout24 - NOAH12 London

  1. 1. www.scout24.comGrowth beyond classifiedsLondon | Nov. 7th 2012 | Dr. Martin Enderle | Marc
  2. 2. Scout24 Group - at a glance• More than 13m1 unique users each • Since 2004 owned by month in Europe Deutsche Telekom• Unique brand concept with up to • 1,200 employees in Munich, 97% aided brand awareness² Berlin and in international offices• Leading marketplaces with an • Diverse team with excellent estimated € 100bn transaction digital business expertise volume • International footprint:• Constant innovations in mobile 22 countries and social media – group-wide more than 9.75m app downloads³Leadingmarket positions No.1 No.1 No.1 No.1 DE EU DACH CH Operated externally Local companies Language versions Dr. Martin Enderle | Marc Stilke 1 AGOF 2012 2 Target Group 3 Sep. 2012
  3. 3. Strategic directions of Scout24 group A B Deeper Value Chain Core Business Consolidation C D Emerging Markets & New Business Adjacent Geo Page 3 Dr. Martin Enderle | Marc Stilke
  4. 4. AutoScout24Deepening the value chain Customer touch points Car service market (DE) Private customers come to Inspection / every 10 – 25K km oil service AutoScout24 to buy or sell a car… General every 2 years inspection Serpentine belt every 40 – 60K km replacement Germans buy/sell a car 40,000 garages every 5.6 years*… Market size EUR 30bn/year** Entering the car service market generates new business by structuring a fragmented billion-€ market, so generating significant new customer touch points and deepening the AutoScout24 value chain.*Source: Focus online, Oct. 2012 Page 4** including service / wear parts / overhauling Dr. Martin Enderle | Marc Stilke
  5. 5. AutoScout24Car service portal Biggest independent car service portal in DE Make service reservations online Prices guaranteed + 1,800 garages compared Compare specific service offers per make = Creating a new market Page 5 Dr. Martin Enderle | Marc Stilke
  6. 6. ImmobilienScout24Mortgages go online – ImmobilienScout24 leads the wayMortgage distribution channels 2005-20 Websites used to search for mortgages POS Agents / Advisors Direct sales Bank‘s sales force 50,8% (Internet / Phone) Bank’s outlet 3 1 2 3 4 Banks’ 8 49,2% 12 15 websites 16 10 25 Savings 30 50% banks’ 32,8% 35 websites 10 10 Interhyp 29,4% 10 70 55 22,0% 45 36 News 14,7% portals’ 2005 2010 2015 2020 websites Dr. Klein 13,0% Annual total volume of mortgages in Germany: 180bn EUR Page 6 Dr. Martin Enderle | Marc StilkeSource: Prof. Dr. Fleischer (Munich University), W3B Survey (users that moved in the last 12 months and bought a house, flat or property and have informed themselves on the internet about mortgages / house financing), own analysis
  7. 7. ImmobilienScout24 Mortgage products along the user’s journey CompareUser Compare &intent Nachfrager Collect information vendors and select offers request offers VendorIS24 Content Calculator Reverse auction comparisonproductsandservices Interest rate info App Page 7 Dr. Martin Enderle | Marc Stilke
  8. 8. Strategic directions of the Scout24 group A B Deeper Value Chain Core Business Consolidation C D Emerging Markets & New Business Adjacent Geo Page 8 Dr. Martin Enderle | Marc Stilke
  9. 9. ImmobilienScout24Emerging Markets – ImmobilienScout24 goes Asia PropertyGuru facts Value add from ImmobilienScout24● Clear #1 in Singapore ● Financing growth (+100% in 2012)● Presence in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia ● Sharing best practice from 13 years of market● Huge growth leadership in Germany potential B2B marketing Pricing● Access to 340m people and a EUR 600m Online marketing annual real estate IT operations advertising market ● Building business along the value chain● 6 additional countries through ● Helping to mature partnerships the organization Page 9 Dr. Martin Enderle | Marc Stilke
  10. 10. www.scout24.comThank you very much!Contact:Dr. Martin Enderle Marc StilkeCEO CEOScout24 Holding
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