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The All New Customized Programmatic Advertising - Presentation by Benny Arbel, Founder & CEO of myThings at the NOAH 2013 Conference in London, Old Billingsgate on the 13th of November 2013.

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  • This will enable us to start retargeting users in the Facebook newsfeed – probably the most valuable source of inventory on the web, where so many eyeballs are focused on for so many hours of the day.
  • Performance data: Full set of KPIs per segment including revenue, conversions, AOV, impressions, spend, eCPC, clicks, CTR, and ROI and performance comparison across all segments.Creative data: Segment-level creative performance comparisonAnalytics and insights: Traffic source breakdown, geographical distribution, AOVs over time, top selling categories and more
  • 60 + engineers, 3+ PhDs and a dozen machine learning experts 100% proprietary platform encompassing a data mining engine, DSP, product recommendation engine, dynamic creative optimization and campaign management platformServing 5 billion impressions per month via deep inventory access (FBX, connected to over 14 ad exchanges, seats on 10 private exchanges, direct media partnerships with over 300 publishers across operating regions)280M active cookie poolAgile, advanced DSP built to optimize for various business models including CPM, CPC CPA and Cost+
  • myThings - NOAH13 London

    1. 1. The All New Customised Programmatic Advertising November 2013 Benny Arbel Founder & CEO, myThings
    2. 2. Real time ad market today Programmatic advertising and big data are disrupting the industry: Greater campaign efficiencies Improved ROI
    3. 3. The programmatic opportunity 10x 4x RTB Spend Worldwide RTB-based spending will grow from $2.7 billion in 2012 to $20.8 billion in 2017 Real-Time Bidding in the United States and Worldwide, 2012-2017 (Sep. 2013) ~2x Mobile RTB Spend Video RTB Spend Mobile RTB spend to quadruple in 2014, to reach $1.9 billion by 2016 (US only) Video RTB spend to nearly double in 2014, to reach $1.7 billion in 2017 (US only)
    4. 4. The programmatic opportunity New “kids” on the block Reportedly coming next
    5. 5. Real time ad market today However, programmatic today is a compromise Limited transparency: Knowledge is not shared with the true owners of the data Limited customization: All campaigns are treated equally; template-based automation prevalent
    6. 6. Introducing a new approach to display advertising A global leader in customized programmatic ad solutions We empower advertisers by creating data-integrated programmatic ad campaigns, driven by their specific business goals, while providing them with unparalleled insights and controls
    7. 7. Data-driven across the funnel Programmatic Prospection Acquiring new users based on real time crowd data and advertiser preferences Intent-based prospection Acquiring new users who have expressed explicit intent and resemble your top customers Pure performance Maximizing the value of your existing traffic Dynamic display Pre-targeting Look-alike targeting Personalized retargeting
    8. 8. Programmatic solutions across multiple channels Wherever your user is Display banners Facebook Mobile Personalized video
    9. 9. The end result Differentiated programmatic campaigns with unique pricing, creative, messaging and sequence for every segment.
    10. 10. Segmented retargeting campaigns Reactivation Acquisition Prospects Customization Segment Price A Incremental demand Segment Price 1st time in season customers C Dormant valuable customers Segment Price B Stock Clearance All visitors Segment Price D
    11. 11. Market Leading Transparency Segment-level audience transparency Media transparency & performance by device Cross-channel full funnel transparency
    12. 12. myThings vs. the competition Competitors : Split between upper and lower funnel solutions Expert performance ad provider The first provider to offer CPA retargeting in 2009 Established one-stop-shop Advertiser-centric offering: Programmatic direct marketing Cross-funnel Multi-channel Transparency & Control DSPs / Upper funnel providers Down funnel retargeters Shortcoming: Simplistic real time bidders and lack of proper down funnel and performance capabilities Shortcoming: Lack transparency and control, Limited customisation
    13. 13. Driving incremental sales for over 800 customers
    14. 14. Data highlights 5 billion 7 billion 300+ Personalised Impressions per month 150+ employees RTB requests handled per day 60+ Engineers including PhDs in artificial intelligence partnerships with premium media networks & sites 15 offices serving 30 markets
    15. 15. Revenue growth For the 2nd straight year, myThings is Israel’s fastest-growing technology company, according to +7,830% +23,205% #1 Israel EMEA #1 Israel TBD #11 #EMEA
    16. 16. Thank you