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Rethinking the Delivery and Reception of Advertising - Presentation by Chris Cunningham, Co-Founder & CEO of appssavvy at the NOAH 2013 Conference in London, Old Billingsgate on the 13th of November 2013.

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  • For spotify – consuming & discovery is the main intent for Spotify users
  • Lavine/Eric:What can we show about “Custom built, 100% viewable ads!”?Do we need “Next Steps”?Where is the “Who”?
  • Lavine/Eric:What next steps can we show?What other copy do we need?
  • appssavvy - NOAH13 London

    1. 1. rethinking the delivery and reception of advertising
    2. 2. Up and to the right: - Display-related advertising revenues $6.1B, up 9% - Mobile soared to $3B, representing triple-digit growth at 145% - Digital video took in $1.3B, up 24% Source: IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, prepared by PwC US, 2013 First Six Months’ Results
    3. 3. But… - Strong growth without any major innovation!
    4. 4. That is, until recently… - Thanks to the category of Native Advertising!
    5. 5. Here’s why! - Native advertising is reshaping the delivery and reception of advertising by putting a greater emphasis on the user experience
    6. 6. The #s don’t lie…
    7. 7. For 6 years, we’ve been focused on making advertising better. We empower brands to reach people: within natural breaks of activities when they are most receptive in real time
    8. 8. display advertising as we know it…
    9. 9. shop achieve watch play send complete invite view share purchase boost message download consume create gift buy level up collect sell receive comment visit
    10. 10. what users are doing today –– native activities gaming pinning listening sharing tweeting checking in
    11. 11. our solution • Instead of impressions, we focus on users’ native activities. • Instead of cookies, we focus on timing and context • Our platform disrupts industry standards of when and how digital advertising is delivered, enabling publishers and advertisers to leverage activity-based advertising across desktop and mobile at scale. for publishers for advertisers adtivity enable publishers to create, optimize, and appssavvy provides advertisers with a new way to monetize new display advertising opportunities, reach their target audience, delivering high- reaching people as they perform activities (we give performing (20x industry average), center-of-the- them tools to manage their inventory better.) experience display ads
    12. 12. how does adtivity work?
    13. 13. 1. Play game 2. Complete round 3. Ad displayed 4. Return to game
    14. 14. insights into people’s real-time activities allow for better advertising
    15. 15. Intelligent Audience Targeting brand objective intent why is activity performed? action what is the activity performed? object what is the action performed on? campaign goals call-to-action purchase funnel
    16. 16. top activities users performed when engaging with your ad ad experience 168 create 145 142 share music stations, status updates, photos, videos, reviews giving gift, posting photos and videos, articles, audio communicate send message, post on status, send e-mail, chat invite 1. Optimize creative & activity targeting 110 million 6 % 2. Run brand study
    17. 17. ‘Ahh Giver’ ad experience top activities users performed when engaging with your ad 1.10 % 130 CTR 2.75 % CTR 1. Optimize creative & activity targeting 2. Run brand study share 114 109 achieve giving gift, posting photos and videos, articles, audio level-up, high score, finish level, complete game play audio, video, slideshow, start level, mission, compete
    18. 18. Thank You! Chris Cunningahm e: t: @chrisappssavvy