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Yardlines 27

  1. 1. “The official electronic newsgram of Norfolk Naval Shipyard” September 8, 2011 School’s back in session: NNSY continues partnership with Portsmouth schools for 2011/12 academic year
  2. 2. Volunteers needed for NNSY’s Tutorial and Literacy Partnership Programs Interested in supporting the local community? Attached in this edition of Yardlines are two applications: onefor the NNSY Tutorial Partnership Program in which employees donate one hour per week (times are adjustablebased on individual schedules), and one for the NNSY Literacy Partnership Program for which employees willdonate two Saturday mornings per month. Both programs have made a tremendously positive impact on the Portsmouth Public School System, and itsteachers and students and the surrounding communities. NNSY’s tutorial engagement was instrumental in sup-porting the schools achieving state accreditation and additionally bringing numerous success stories. A day tutoring in the classroom makes a difference in the life of a child. This program continues to encourageits participants to commit to personal excellence and compel others to do likewise. For more information, contact Valerie Fulwood at 396-3814 or on e-mail at valerie.fulwood@navy.milNotice for MSM/Shop Stores In order to support end of fiscal year funding reconciliations, all MSM/shop stores (nuclear & non-nuclear)will shut down at 2400 on Sept. 23 thru Sept. 30 for routine material requirements. If you need to expend end of year funds using MSM/shop stores, it must be completed by 2400 on Sept. 23. For urgent or schedule impacting MSM/shop stores material requirements, contact (non-nuclear) Mike Lugo@ 396-5301 or Tony Smith @ 396-3141 and (nuclear) Jeff Mayes @ 396-7825 or Richard Hawkins @ 396-8886. Please plan accordingly. Deadline to prepay for CFC lunches extended to Sept. 14 Due to popular demand, the deadline to prepay for your CFC lunch special has been extended to Sept. 14. The lunch specials are: Hotdog, Chips and Drink $4.00 Hamburger, Chips and Drink $5.00 Barbecue Sandwich, Chips and Drink $6.00 All proceeds will go to charity. Avoid the long lines and PREPAY TODAY! See your department chairperson for tickets: 105-Mary Ann Skinner; 100-Vera Everett; 100PI-Angel Eastman;The 3rd Annual Apprentice 106-Allison Foytik;130-Lauren Winborn; 200-Vonetta Jackson;Association Cookout 300-Richard Peck; 300N-Craig Rush; 600-Darryl R. Dunn; 700-Mary Dorsey; 800-Gina Duarte; 900T-Pamela Bell;When: Saturday, September 17th, 920-David Jones; 930-Yolanda M. Aziz; 950-Lindsey Powell;11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 960-Mary Hoskins; 970-Sandra Lamb; 980-William Ladow; 1100-Vera Everett; 1102-Joseph B. Hoyos; 1102.65-DanaWhere: Scott Center Shelter Edwards; 1190-Cynthia Walters; 1200-Kristine Hamilton;#2 (next to Strike Zone bowling 1230-Peggy Jarman; 2300-Misty Williams; 2340-Dave McAleer;center) Military-LT Cynthia Woods; NRMD-Brian McClure; CPA- Jeff Carty; DLA-Carol Godwin.Admissions: FREE to all appren-tice association members; non-members $5