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Yardlines 26 Yardlines 26 Document Transcript

  • “The official electronic newsgram of Norfolk Naval Shipyard” August 5, 2011 Get Ready for NNSY’s 2011 Combined Federal CampaignActing Shipyard Commander, Rear Admiral Joseph F. Campbell, makes the symbolic first pledge to NNSY’sCombined Federal Campaign on Aug. 4. Standing from left to right: LT Cynthia Wood, CFC Military Liaison;Dorassa Fields, CFC Coordinator; and Bobby Watkins, CFC Chairperson. (Photo by Shane Hensley, a Code1170 Photographer.)By Dorassa Fields, NNSY Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator Get ready, get ready, get ready for our 2011 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Grand Kickoff Rally! This year’s Norfolk Naval Shipyard CFC kickoff will be held on Sept. 16 at 11:20 a.m. on the Building 1500lawn. There will be live bands, singers, free popcorn, giveaways, and a cake parade. Have lunch with us ata great price as you enjoy the exciting live music and singers! Even better, you can prepay for your lunch toavoid lines, and it will be ready when you arrive. Tickets go on sale Aug. 22. See your department chairpersonto place your order! Remember, this is one way you can support our local charities. A hot dog, chips, cookie and a drink is $4; a hamburger, chips, cookie and a drink is $5; and a barbecue sand-wich w/slaw, chips and drink is $6. All proceeds go to support the Combined Federal Campaign!
  • Help the NNSY Travel Office Help YouSubmitted by Commander Michael Masla, NNSY Comptroller Code 600 requests your support in minimizing the overtime burden on NNSY’s Travel Section by submittingALL NON-EMERGENCY travel requests 10 working days prior to needed travel departure date. Too often, the travel section will request overtime in order to support what is presented as an urgent travelrequest on a Thursday--or worse, on a Friday--prior to a weekend or Monday departure request. Upon closerexamination though, what was presented as urgent travel is really routine travel submitted very late. Your support to submitting requests 10 working days in advance will eliminate many collateral problemscaused by last minute travel requests such as limited flight availability, untimely processing of cash advancesand Scheduled Partial Payments (SPPs), and an inability to respond to Defense Travel System (DTS) errorsprior to departure. We understand you may not always be able to comply with this request and we are proud of our ability to sup-port NNSY anywhere, any time and so will always try to support as best we can. That said, we CAN manage routine travel better than we have in the past. Therefore, I will direct my travelsection to return without action ROUTINE travel requests arriving with less than three working days advancenotification unless accompanied by a Department Heads special request/justification.Congratulations to Chrystal Brady!Congratulations to Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) Project Superintendent,Chrystal Brady, who was presented the Meritorious Civilian Service Award at Trophy Park on July 29 in honorof her work overseeing the largest Planned Incremental Availability and largest propulsion work package everexecuted on a carrier across all four public shipyards. Presenting Brady her award is NNSY Deputy ShipyardCommander, Capt. Robert Finley. (Photo by Tony Anderson, a Code 1170 Photographer.)
  • Volunteers needed for NNSY’s Tutorial and Literacy Partnership Programs Attached in this edition of Yardlines are two applica- tions: one for The NNSY Tutorial Partnership Program which employees donate one hour per week (times are adjustable based on individual schedules), and one for There will be a scheduled outage due to equipment the NNSY Literacy Partnership Program for which em-upgrade of the Sprint cell site that is located outside ployees will donate two Saturday mornings per month.Norfolk Naval Shipyard from 12 a.m. midnight until Both programs have made a tremendously positive6 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 6. impact on the Portsmouth Public School System, and During the upgrade, the cell site will be down and its teachers and students and the surrounding communi-there may be minor disruptions during this upgrade ties. NNSY’s Tutorial engagement was instrumental inperiod; however, other Sprint cell sites in the imme- supporting the schools achieving state accreditation anddiate area will provide overlapping coverage. In case additionally bringing numerous success stories.of inclement weather, the upgrade will be resched- A day tutoring in the classroom makes a difference inuled. the life of a child. This program continues to encourage It is recommended that NNSY personnel work- its participants to commit to personal excellence anding midnight until 6 a.m. on Saturday and require compel others to do likewise.constant communication to have a secondary means For more information, contact Valerie Fulwood atof communication available, such as land-line tele- 396-3814 or on e-mail at valerie.fulwood@navy.milphone or radio. myPay CAC Login is Here!Military members and DoD civilian employees can now access their personal myPay account using a Com-mon Access Card (CAC). Simply click on the “DoD CAC Login to myPay” link located on the myPay web siteat https://mypay.dfas.mil/mypay.aspx to get started. All myPay customers will still be able to access myPayusing a login ID and password, regardless of whether you have a CAC or have access to a CAC-enabled com-puter. Use this link below to watch a You Tube video about the new CAC login: http://www.youtube.com/user/wepaydodNeed to make a reservation for theNNSY Command Briefing Room?Contact the NNSY Public Af-fairs Office by calling 396-9550or e-mail NNSY_COMMANDBRIEFING ROOM on the A new Onboard video has been posted to the WebCentral homepage. Acting Shipyard Com-Global Address Listing. mander, Rear Admiral Joseph F. Campbell, dis- If e-mailing a reservation re- cusses the completion of USS Tennessee (SSBNquest, please include the type of 734) and the implementation of digital signagebriefing being held, and a point- at the shipyard with the new NNSY Access Channel.of-contact with name and phonenumber.
  • NORFOLK NAVAL SHIPYARD Tutorial Partnership Program Volunteer Application 2011-2012 School Year Please Print All Information RequestedName: Code/Shop: Work Phone:Email: Alternate Phone:Supervisor’s Name: Phone:Supervisor’s Email: ALL TUTORS will work with the students for one hour each week and/or will assist with others as needed. Orientation will be held before tutoring session ( Will notify you of date and time) th Targeted grade group for elementary will be 3rd graders; for middle school 7 graders; for high th th school 9 graders for reading, all grades for Robotics, and 12 graders for SAT preparation.Dates and Time: Brighton Elementary Tuesday at 9:00am one hour a week, CradockMiddle Wednesday at 8:00am one hour a week, Cradock Chrome Club Thursday 3:00-4:00pm and I.C. Norcom High Thursday at 2:30pm one hour a week. ( All times areadjustable to person schedule)Please answer the following questions:1. What is your current education level? GED High School Diploma Some College College Degree2. Are you a graduate of the NNSY Apprentice Program Yes No3. If yes to question 2, did you graduate: < 5 years ago > 5 years ago4. Have you ever participated in a tutor/mentor program before? Yes NoPlease indicate your grade-level/academic subject preference by checking the box to the left of the schooland grade level/academic subject. For more information, contact Program Coordinator Valerie Fulwood(6-3814,Fax 6-3130 valerie.fulwood@navy.mil) or the School Champion listed below for more information
  • NORFOLK NAVAL SHIPYARD Literacy Partnership Program Volunteer Application 2011-2012 School Year Please Print All Information RequestedName: Code/Shop: Work Phone:Email: Alternate Phone: ALL TUTORS will work with the students for 3 hour on Saturday twice a month and/or will assist with others as needed. Orientation will be held before tutoring session ( Will notify you of date and time) Targeted grade level for elementary will be 5th graders and for middle school 7th graders. All sessions will be held at Cradock Middle School from 9:00am until 12:00noon. Start Date TBD Please answer the following questions:1. What is your current education level? GED High School Diploma Some College College Degree2. Have you ever participated in a tutorial program before? Yes NoPlease indicate your grade-level preference by checking the box to the left of the school and grade level.For more information, contact Program Coordinator/Champion Valerie Fulwood (6-3814 and fax 6-3130,valerie.fulwood@navy.mil). School Grade Subject Champion th Brighton Elementary 5 Grade Reading/Math Sonya Brown w 6-5946 c 572-7378 Cradock Middle 7th Grade Reading/Math Sonya Brown w 6-5946 c 572-7378Signature: Date: