Usajobs application manager, notifications, veterans


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USAJOBS application manager, notifications, veterans

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Usajobs application manager, notifications, veterans

  1. 1. APPLICATION MANAGERApplication Manager and USAJOBS are the Federal job application systems of choice for the Department ofthe Navy. If a job opportunity announcement posted on USAJOBS requires the completion of an assessmentquestionnaire, applicants will be directed to an area referred to as Application Manager. In addition toguiding applicants through assessments, Application Manager provides numerous features and benefits toapplicants.System FeaturesApplication Manager enables applicants to complete, submit and track their application packages. Applicantsare guided through the process of completing the assessment questionnaire and uploading the requireddocuments. The system provides access to previously submitted application packages and displays the statusof the application in detail.Benefits to the ApplicantViewing or printing assessment responses and any of the documents submitted with an application effectivelyprepares the applicant for interviews. To apply for a new job announcement, simply reuse previouslysubmitted documents and answers to assessments instead of starting from scratch.Completing Applications with Application Manager  To complete your application, you need to create an Application Manager account at  Follow the instructions in the Navigation Box to complete the application: o Complete the biographic and eligibility information, and the Assessment Questionnaire o Upload documents – if not already attached, attach a resume and other supporting documents o Submit your answers – review and submit the final application package  To review the status of application packages, go to ‘My Application Packages’ on the main pageNOTE: The first time you access Application Manager, you will be required to enter your Social SecurityNumber and your full name. It is extremely important to accurately enter this information (if you do not enterthe correct SSN, it will affect your application consideration).October 2011 Application Manager
  2. 2. SET YOUR USAJOBS STATUS NOTIFICATIONSUSAJOBS can be set up to notify you of the following:  When the jobs you have applied for have closed  If your saved jobs are closing in three days  If you have updates to your accountWhat do you need to do to receive USAJOBS notifications?If you are interested in making one of your USAJOBS resumes as searchable for Federal HR professionals forpossible consideration, take the following steps:1. Log into your USAJOBS account at and go to My Account – Profile – AccountInformation:2. Scroll down to the Notification Settings area and check the desired settings:In general, Federal agencies are required to provide the following job application status information:  Job application receipt acknowledgement  Whether or not you met the minimum job requirements  If you met the minimum requirements, whether or not you were referred to selecting official for consideration  If referred for consideration, whether or not you were selectedOctober 2011 Set Your USAJOBS Status Notification
  3. 3. VETERAN HIRING AUTHORITIESWhy do you need to know your veteran hiring eligibilities?This information is critical because your veteran hiring eligibility (also referred to as appointment/appointingauthority), or eligibilities (you may be eligible for more than one category), will provide you the opportunityto gain employment with the Federal civilian government, to include the Department of Defense as well asthe Department of Navy, Air Force and Army.In the Federal government, hiring managers may choose various recruitment methods and areas ofconsideration. These methods are governed by Federal civilian employment law, rules and regulations.Two most common recruitment methods are Delegated Examining (DE) and Merit Promotion:  Under DE, anyone from the general public – defined generally as any U.S. citizen – may apply.  Under Merit Promotion, you must meet the hiring eligibility requirements specified under the “Who May Be Considered” section of the job opportunity announcement. Make note of another commonly used Federal civil service term: “status” applicants. “Status” refers to an individual that is a current or former employee who was appointed in the competitive service of the Federal government on a permanent basis. Here’s a screenshot of a job opportunity announcement: For this particular job opportunity announcement, applicants who are eligible for appointment under one of the identified hiring eligibilities may be considered: Current Federal employees; VEOA (Veterans Employment Opportunity Act) eligibles; or ICTAP (Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan).____________________________________________________________________________October 2011 Page 1 of 3
  4. 4. VETERAN HIRING AUTHORITIESHow do you find out about your Federal hiring eligibilities?Veterans hiring eligibilities include Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA), 30% Disabled Veterans, andVeterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA). Determine your eligibility by accessing the Department ofthe Navy Civilian Human Resources website or theDepartment of Labor Veterans’ Preference Advisor website at: you create your USAJOBS user account at go to the Profile link.Choose the hiring eligibility link to include your citizenship status and your military service. Be sure tocarefully read and provide your response to the USAJOBS hiring eligibility questions, especially thosepertaining to your military service.The below examples depict what you may expect in USAJOBS. Note that as a veteran, you will be promptedto upload documents supporting your military service such as DD 214 (Certificate of Release or Dischargefrom Active Duty), or SF 15 (Application for 10-point Veteran Preference). Be sure to obtain an electroniccopy of your documents.Screenshot Example 1. USAJOBS My Account – Profile – Hiring EligibilityScreenshot Example 2: USAJOBS My Account – Profile – Hiring Eligibility – Veteran When you answer “yes” to question #3, this area will expand to include follow-up questions, beginning with question #3.1. Determine your veteran’s preference eligibility by going to the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Preference Advisor site at Note that veterans’ preference is not the same as Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) hiring eligibility. Under certain recruitment methods - such as Delegated Examining that are open to all U.S. citizens - veterans who qualify as preference eligibles receive preference over many other applicants.____________________________________________________________________________October 2011 Page 2 of 3
  5. 5. VETERAN HIRING AUTHORITIESScreenshot Example 3: USAJOBS My Account – Profile – Hiring Eligibility – Veteran continued These questions are asked to determine eligibility under the Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA) eligibility.Screenshot Example 4: USAJOBS My Account – Profile – Hiring Eligibility – Special Hiring Options These are special hiring eligibilities/authorities. Be sure to read the definitions provided in USAJOBS for each possible selection and check all that apply to you.Screenshot Example 5. Prompt to upload your military service documents in USAJOBSNote that you may also upload or save your eligibility documents using USAJOBS Saved Documents feature.(Check out the Save Your Documents tip sheets.)____________________________________________________________________________October 2011 Page 3 of 3