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  • But if the papa bear was too hard and the mamma bear too soft, then the baby would just be a pansy, No brainer.
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  • 1. Goldilocksand the Three Bears
  • 2. Once upon a time there was a girl namedGoldilocks. She went for a walk in theforest. She came upon a house. Sheknocked on the door and no one answeredso she walked right in.
  • 3. She walked into the kitchen and saw 3 bowls of porridge.She tried them, thefirst was to hot, thesecond to cold, butthe third was just right so she ate it all up.
  • 4. After eating the porridge Goldilocks decided shewas tired. So, she walked into the living room andsaw 3 chairs. She sat in the first one but it was toobig. She sat in the second chair but it was still tobig. She sat in the third chair and it was justright, but as she settled in the chair broke intopieces.
  • 5. Goldilocks was very tired by now so she wentupstairs to the bedroom. She lay down in the firstbed but it was to hard. The second bed was tosoft. The third bed was just right.
  • 6. Goldilocks fell asleep.
  • 7. As she was sleeping the 3 bears came home.
  • 8. “Someone’s been eating my porridge”, said Papabear. “Someone’s been eating my porridge”,saidMama bear. “ Someone’s been eating my porridgeand they ate it all up”, said baby bear.
  • 9. “Someone’s been sitting in my chair”, said Papabear. “Someone’s been sitting in my chair”, saidMama bear. “Someone’s been sitting in my chairand they broke it into pieces!”, said Baby bear.
  • 10. They decided to look around some more. Theywent upstairs and Papa bear said “Someone’s beensleeping in my bed!” “Someone’s been sleeping inmy bed!” said Mama bear. “Someone’s beensleeping in my bed, and they’re still here!” saidBaby bear.
  • 11. Just then Goldilocks woke up and saw the threebears. She screamed “HELP” and ran out the doorand into the forest. She never return to the houseof the three bears again.
  • 12. The End
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