Delivering Social Data to Your Application
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Delivering Social Data to Your Application



NM Incite’s Social Data Feed (API) provides secure, seamless data integration into your application, dashboard or reports with unparalleled benefits.

NM Incite’s Social Data Feed (API) provides secure, seamless data integration into your application, dashboard or reports with unparalleled benefits.



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Delivering Social Data to Your Application Document Transcript

  • 1. DELIVERING SOCIAL DATA TO YOUR APPLICATION WITH THE SOCIAL DATA FEED (API)Today’s global marketers are tasked with gathering, analyzing and interpreting data from multiple sources, through differentdelivery platforms and spanning several regions, markets and providers. Not only is it challenging to manage the ‘Big Data’beast, it’s even harder to synthesize the data to uncover the insights that will impact your brand. Integrating data sources canbe critical to improving marketing efficiency in today’s social world. Integration can expedite data capture, ensure cohesiveanalysis through a channel or application that is most relevant for you, and maximize the quality of your most critical dataassets in real time. NM Incite’s Social Data Feed (API) provides secure, seamless data integration into your application,dashboard or reports with unparalleled benefits: Manage Global Markets Efficiently Trust Your Data is Clean As a global marketer, you want to establish The uncomfortable reality is that raw social media consistency in how data is sourced and analyzed, data is far from pristine. To extract maximum value whether you’re in Boston or Beijing. No matter from your Business Intelligence, analytics and when or where social conversations take place – reporting investments, you need superior data on global or local social networks such as hygiene. NM Incite applies Nielsen’s proven Facebook, Twitter, Ameblo and Weibo – NM de-duplication and anti-spam processes to cleanse Incite’s API collects and sends data from over 30 the social media data for quality integration into all markets in 15 languages, applying Nielsen’s of your external or internal data sources. This rigorous Measurement Science approach. cleansing combined with world-class filtering tools, ensures you get the cleanest, most relevant results. Experience Ultimate Data Flexibility Example: Buzz for Pampers diapers To effectively integrate social data into your application and with your other data sources, you need ultimate flexibility so you can create the reports you need. That’s why NM Incite sends real-time data in its raw form (full text and meta data) to allow you to analyze everything from aggregated message volume, to trended sentiment, to top sites and social media source type, to key emerging topics. • Access the Advantage NM Incite’s API data is sourced through My BuzzMetrics (MBM), a web-based social insights Cleansed Data MBM platform that’s optimized to pull relevant, 4,440,095 messages “He always pampers me” accurate data for you to analyze through the use of advanced keyword topics. With the API, you get access to this tool so you can create advanced Segmented Data keyword topics or choose from 2000+ pre-created 375,929 messages topics for your data calls. Then, you can apply “Use this lotion, it really pampers your baby” MBM’s custom created audience segment filters (location, demographic, language) to your calls. Classifier Applied With these features, your data calls will exclude 7,699 messages the junk and spam and will only contain the most “Pampers fit my baby very well, no complaints!” relevant data to you. KNOW THE CUSTOMER
  • 2. SECURE, SEAMLESS INTEGRATION NM Incite’s buzzmetrics -based API Delivers Precision and Quality • Seamlessly integrate NM Incite’s social media data with your internal and external data sources • Pull relevant, accurate, real-time message feeds using keyword classifiers combined with geography and segment filters • Relax with unrivaled data integrity and confidentiality: all messages are attached with encrypted security tokens • Receive data in flexible XML & JSON • Develop with any XML-enabled languages: Java, C++, Visual Basic, .NET • Maintain peace of mind with proven efficiency and reliability: process tens of thousands of daily API calls for global clients About NM Incite Global Fortune 1000 marketers rely on NM Incite solutions to discover emerging, industry-specific consumer insights and build relevant, differentiated and emotionally-engaging brands. NM Incite is a joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey & Company.NM INCITE • 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003855.888.6904 • • KNOW THE CUSTOMER