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  • 1. FAMOUS PEOPLE By Year 6-A
  • 2. The life of Octopus Paul. It was born in January of 2008. It died in October of 2010. It foretold the matchs of world championship. It weighed 700g. It was a common octopus. It lived in sea live centre. By Alex and Beltrán .
  • 3. Ana Kiro (1942-2010) She lived in Galician She was a biger singer She worked in TV meni years She name´s real is María Dolores Casanova González She was a first singer of Galician in Eurovision.She lived in Galicia. By Natalia and Alejandra
  • 4. Bonnie M. He was black. He was a music pop singer. He was very thin He died in 2010. He hair was curl . By Eva and Eli.
  • 5. Cleopatra She was a queen of Egypt. She became queen when she was 18 olds. She was born in 69 b.c. She was died in 30 b.c. She died of a snake bit. By Estela and Noa.
  • 6. He was a spain painter and sculptor He was a borm in 1881 In 1895 painted the first picture “La Primera Comunión” In 1895 Picasso went to Spain He was died in 1973 in France By Ana and Tatiana Pablo Ruiz Picasso
  • 7. Severiano Ballestero He born in 9 th April 1957 He was perfect play the golf He was a many trophy He died of a tumour brain He passed away 7 th May 2011 David and Moi
  • 8. The life of John Lennon He was a beatle. He was a musician He was born in october of 1940. He was died in december of 1980.
  • 9. Bruce Lee He was a fighter. He was a very strong person. He was born in 1940 in San Fracisco. He died in 1973. He was an actor. He had 2 sons. Brandon Lee (1965-1993) Shannon Lee (1969-) By: Agustín and Cristóbal.
  • 10. Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
    • He was a writer , poet and novelist spanish
    • 11. He wrote the Quijote
    • 12. He lived an atmosphere the poverty
    • 13. By Lara and Maria