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Resources and interesting links

  1. 1. Resources and Interesting Links Landed helps you manage everyday life. This Holland Guide covers topics likevisas, housing, jobs and finance. Join the Just Landed Community, get in touch withpeople like you and share your experiences. Most importantly, have fun!“The rest of the world is a big place”, say the Dutch, well aware of how small theircountry is. Although small in size, Holland has a rich cultural tradition. and click EN (top right hand corner of screen)Informative site on Rotterdam maintained by the municipality.( English language site for events, going out, restaurants etc. in the city ofRotterdam. Everything you always wanted to know about Rotterdam but were afraidto ask. Tons of tourist information. site is specifically meant for international people establishing themselves inRotterdam. of museum Boijmans van Beuningen, one of the most famous museums in theNetherlands. And its really close to our location ! Rotterdam museum close by. Held exhibitions, ranging from "Star Trek" to"Leonardo da Vinci"! See agenda for current exhibitions. of Blijdorp, one of the best zoos (if not THE best) in the Netherlands.Certainly the most beautiful zoo in our country.http://www.ret.nlThis is the site of the Rotterdam Transport organisation. Click ENGLISH in the topright hand corner to take you to the English language sub-site where you can planyour trips by metro, bus, tram.( )www.ns.nlOfficial site of the "Nederlandse Spoorwegen" (NS), our national railroad company,just click English at the top of the page, or a direct click via: to Dutch governmental institutions on the of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. These pages offerinformation about the Dutch education system and Dutch policy on education, culture
  2. 2. and science. You will also find practical information about going to school, studyingand working in the Netherlands. about the Netherlands and more. Very technical, but very complete. you like to keep up to date about what happens in the Netherlands during yourstay (and afterwards), then check out this site regularly, as it reports daily about allkinds news happening in extensive site about the history of the Netherlands and the Dutch people,excellent ! or: of the Dutch Embassy in the US. Also some very nice info about Dutchhistory. insight on the Dutch Royal Family and its members. nice site about Amsterdam, lots of interesting info, in fact the portal toAmsterdam, providing visitors with everything they need to know to travel, live, dobusiness and take in a wide variety of cultural activities in Amsterdam.www.channels.nlAnother site about Amsterdam with loads of images, a virtual tour and links to allAmsterdam has to offer. , independent online insider’s city guide toAmsterdam.Note: sites have been accessed and checked, latest update: January 2012