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JavaScript applicaties voor Enterprise met AngularJS
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JavaScript applicaties voor Enterprise met AngularJS


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Teun Hakvoort Much demo – few slides.
  • 2. I’m • • • Teun Hakvoort Trainer / Consultant m
  • 3. UI UI logic logic The Idea JAX-RS
  • 4. Types of frameworks
  • 5. deployment
  • 6. Two projects Project with static Project with static content content -JavaScript -JavaScript -CSS -CSS -HTML files -HTML files What type of What type of project is this? project is this? Web Application Web Application (WAR) (WAR) with with JAX-RS services JAX-RS services
  • 7. Web Fragments • Since the servlet 3.0 specification – Web Resources can exist in external Jar files • Web archive structure: Content Web Application Content Web Application (WAR) (WAR) Static content JAR Static content JAR WEB-INF WEB-INF META-INF META-INF Classes Classes JAX-RS classes JAX-RS classes resources resources JavaScript JavaScript Static content JAR Static content JAR Other depencencies Other depencencies CSS CSS HTML HTML
  • 8. build integration
  • 9. How to develop in application server? • Every JavaScript change a redeploy? – NO! Life reload Life reload Application server Application server Node JS server for JavaScript Node JS server for JavaScript With GRUNT With GRUNT Static JavaScript Static JavaScript content content JAX-RS application JAX-RS application JAX-RS calls JAX-RS calls
  • 10. Build integration • Running by Maven • In the Maven bootstraps the Grunt build – Minimizing JavaScript files – Bundling JavaScript – Optimizing images
  • 11. Security
  • 12. Configuring services var demoModule = angular.module('demoApp', []); var demoModule = angular.module('demoApp', []); demoModule.config(function ($routeProvider) { demoModule.config(function ($routeProvider) { $routeProvider $routeProvider .when('/start', { .when('/start', {   templateUrl: 'partials/start/start.html',   templateUrl: 'partials/start/start.html',   controller: 'StartController'   controller: 'StartController' }) }) ... ... .otherwise({ redirectTo: '/start' }); .otherwise({ redirectTo: '/start' }); }); }); 12
  • 13. AngularJS AJAX: Abstraction levels • AngularJS has extensive support for AJAX – With the $http service, you can make AJAX calls – The $resource service is for making RESTful AJAX calls For addressing REST services For non-RESTful AJAX requests Not for use in production code, this used is for testing 13
  • 14. Security mechanism • Intercept every request • Check http status code • if Forbidden, redirect to login page
  • 15. Demo Security
  • 16. modularity
  • 17. Modularity Module file Module file APP config APP config Controllers Controllers DataAccess DataAccess Domain Domain
  • 18. Modularity Demo
  • 19. internationalization
  • 20. i18n • Not default available in AngularJS • Then use another framework – i18next • Are there AngularJS directives?
  • 21. i18n • Not default available in AngularJS • Then use another framework – i18next • Are there AngularJS directives? – ng-i18next
  • 22. i18n • Configure languages • JSON files for messages • ng-i18next="teksten.taak"
  • 23. Logging and exception handling
  • 24. Setup • Configure AngularJS exception handler • Create log service
  • 25. Thanks!