NLC Asesoria - Transfer Pricing


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NLC Asesoria, the only exclusive independent transfer pricing firm in Venezuela.

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NLC Asesoria - Transfer Pricing

  1. 1. Independent firm exclusively dedicated to transfer pricingadvisory in Venezuela. “Experience and Quality at Your Reach”WWW.NLC-ASESORIA.COM
  2. 2. Introduction Our ServicesNLC Asesoría is an independent firm We offer a great variety of professionaldedicated to transfer pricing advisory in services such as:Venezuela. The firm was founded on May Transfer Pricing Documentation27th of 2009 by Nelson Landaeta Contreras,one of the most experienced professional in Transfer pricing documentation is a key element inthe area in the country. His solid knowledge order to support the inter-company transactions withand years of experience in the area has made foreign related parties. Therefore it is very important to understand all the information that is required bythis extraordinary professional to render his the local regulation in order to minimize any risk ofservices independently to a broad variety of penalties or consequent adjustment from the taxlocally domiciled important multinational authority due from an inappropriate use or omissionenterprises requiring a truly efficient, of the information. In this sense, it is essential apersonalized and direct service. proper handling and knowledge of the information; at NLC Asesoría we will guide your company toNLC Asesoria and its founder partner Mr. comply with the precise data and information required by the local regulation.Landaeta, have been chosen among theleaders advisor in transfer pricing in At NLC Asesoría we provide our experience toVenezuela by the survey, "Euromoneys update and upgrading previously existing transferExpert Guide to the Worlds Leading Transfer pricing documentation or even produce your transfer pricing documentation, assuring that it complies withPricing Advisers" during 2011 and 2012. all the local regulations and with global policies such as the OECD Guidelines. Transfer Pricing Controversy Our Mission At NLC Asesoría, we offer our assistance in an initial phase of a transfer pricing audit process carried outOur mission is to provide timely solutions to by the tax authorities. During this phase, it is vital tothose clients requiring precise and be able to gather and formulate a coherent responsepersonalized advisory in transfer pricing considering the accurate and proper information toissues with expertise and dynamism; seeking avoid any misunderstanding or contradictions thatto create a mutual relationship inspired by the could lead to prejudice further phases of the and respect in order to obtain the bestresults in the actual business dynamic world NLC Asesoría Transfer Pricing WWW.NLC-ASESORIA.COM
  3. 3. Our Services (Continue) Assistance in the Preparation and / orIn this sense, our service will be based on the initial Review of the TP Informative Returnassistance of the process explaining the content of the (Form PT-99)study and responding the inquiries included on theinitial communication submitted by the tax authorities. At NLC Asesoría, our interest is to assure that your obligations in terms of transfer pricing adjust to theIn addition we offer our experience on these processes local current regulations avoiding later risk ofin order to jointly advice with your lawyers the best penalties due to errors and mistakes. Through ourway possible to provide our technical expertise professional career and experience we have noticedrequired during the process. Our objective is to offer how in occasions the TP informative return (Formthe best defense strategy through the presentation of PT-99) elaborated by other consulting firms aretechnical arguments as the result of our review and delivered with many deficiencies increasing the risksanalysis. for potential penalties and later audit reviews by the local tax authority. Benchmark Study In order to avoid the inconveniency aboveOpportunities of profitability optimization could arise mentioned, at NLC Asesoría we assist your companyfrom the analysis of the transfer pricing to prepare or review the transfer pricing informativedocumentation. At NLC Asesoría we offer the return (Form PT-99), assuring that it complies withpossibility to present possible business alternatives to all the requirements demanded by the localoptimize the financial results associated with the use of regulation.its resources, functions, risks, and assets, on its dailyoperations. Among the possible alternatives, we offerthe analysis of the impacts due from the variations ofthe transfer pricing and its financial consequences.In addition we could identify the possible causes forwhich your business may have being affected in termsof economical aspects and offer possible solutions inorder to mitigate such effects. We provide you withideas to improve its taxable incomes assuring with allthe requirements of the local income tax and transferpricing regulations. We provide a complete analysis toyour current transfer pricing policy and inform if it hasbeing complying in accordance to the real businessoperations. NLC Asesoría Transfer Pricing WWW.NLC-ASESORIA.COM
  4. 4. Our Services (Continue) Why to Choose NLC Workshops and In-House Training Asesoría? Sessions. There are many advantages that we canNLC Asesoría offers the best workshops and trainingsessions designed to be didactical, precise driven and offer you when you hire our services; andupdated to the current trends of transfer pricing. We we would like to share some of them:can prepare these workshops under the “in-house”mode in order to contribute to the optimization of your Experience of more than 10 years ofresources allowing us to provide you with high quality transfer pricing in Venezuela andtraining to your employees working in the tax or worldwide;transfer pricing areas of your company and thereforemaking you save money in foreign trainings sessions. Personalized attention;Our workshops are prepared based on our many yearsof day to day experience in transfer pricing. Quality and excellence guaranteed; Professional fees significantly more Development and Monitoring of competitive than the offered by the Transfer Pricing Policies. big four firms.We could help you redesign your transfer pricing Response time with more celeritypolicy in accordance to the current market conditions, compared to the big firms, thanks torisk borne and assets employed in your business our efficient and dynamic structure.currently. We could assist you on the periodicmonitoring of your financials in order to assure that Professional alliance with prestigiousyour transfer pricing policy has being implemented independent local and internationalcorrectly. We can assist you in the ways you can keep firms.track of your implemented transfer pricing policy inyour inter-company transaction with related parties International access to worldwide useddomiciled abroad in order to alert you of any deviationthat could affect negatively your financial results in databases.terms of transfer pricing. NLC Asesoría Transfer Pricing WWW.NLC-ASESORIA.COM
  5. 5. IndustriesThrough our years of experience in terms oftransfer pricing, we have performednumerous documentations and economicalanalysis for a broad range of industrieswhich we mention below: Energy; Oil Services; Pharmaceuticals; Consumer Products; Automotive; Media and Telecommunications; Distillery; Mining; Iron & Steel; Fast Food Restaurants; Geophysics; Editorial; Construction; Plastic and Glass Containers. NLC Asesoría Transfer Pricing WWW.NLC-ASESORIA.COM
  6. 6. Contact UsIn NLC Asesoría, we want to be yourprofessional service provider. If you need usto visit you or require further detailedinformation of our services, please contactus: Alliance FirmsVENEZUELA NLC Asesoría has established important relationships and joint ventures with topCaracas: Centro Lido, Tower D, 4th Floor, tax, legal and transfer pricingSuite 41-D, Av. Francisco de Miranda, El independent consultants locally and inRosal, Caracas 1060, Venezuela. the Americas, Europe and Asia.Phone: +58-212 905.8215 VENEZUELAMobile: +58-414 239.3949Contact: Lic. Nelson Landaeta C. Planincorp Consultores, C.A.E-mail: Despacho de Abogados miembrosWeb site: de Norton Rose, S.C. Baker Tilly Venezuela Barreto, Araque & Asociados INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCES Altus Alliance (Americas, Europe and Asia) Brigard & Urrutia (Colombia) EnterPricing (Argentina) Global TP Consulting BV (Holland) NLC Asesoría Transfer Pricing WWW.NLC-ASESORIA.COM
  7. 7. Some of our ClientsNLC Asesoría Transfer Pricing WWW.NLC-ASESORIA.COM